Release date: May 4th
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Artist: Boeoes Kaelstigen & Tonedeff
Title : Thorp (We Own the Night)
Type : Single
UPC/EAN : 7393210936294
Catalogue number : arweb 123
ISRC : SEVUE1100801
Label : Adrian Recordings
Cover art: Martin Löfqvist.

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Thorp was once an instrumental techno track with some portions of electro in its blood. No one thought Thorp would turn out like anything close to its current shape. Since the song was found and picked up by the world famous New York rapper Tonedeff - everything changed. 
Tonedeff spent an entire weekend combing through every image ever posted on – drawing inspiration from the countless photographically captured moments of drug-addled, fuck-ready, party people who only exist at the center-of-the-universe.
When he found the beats from Swedish minimal trance/techno duo Boeoes Kaelstigen, he knew how to transform this vibe into a neon drenched dance floor.
This one’s for those of you who enjoy drinking your liquor straight, ‘making a night of it’ and not stopping till your clothes are drenched, your ears are ringing and you feel guilty about what you just did.

Presenting: Boeoes Kaelstigen enhanced with over 9000 syllables per second.
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