Confirms Release Date For Debut s/t album on Hardly Art & Share Cover Art

Imminent UK Dates with Jenny & Johnny

MP3 / Video (Dir. by Brady Hall) - "Never Come Around" HERE

La Sera is: Katy Goodman (bass, vox), Jenn Prince (guitar, vox) and Jonathan Weinberg (drums, vox, keys).

Katy Goodman's DIY-style bass playing and drifty-faded vocals in Vivian Girls have sent waves of adoration rippling throughout Brooklyn's pop punk circuit. Her newest band La Sera showcases her signature style, bringing her talent for creating dreamy pop songs even more to the forefront. La Sera just finished a west coast tour and had a smashing time at CMJ.

After touring the world with Vivian Girls, releasing a handful of records to much excitement, and starting the Wild World record label with her band mates, Goodman started exploring other outlets. She played in the short-lived dream-pop band All Saints Day in the spring of 2010 who released a self-titled limited-edition 7" of spectral tunes on indie label Art Fag earlier this year.

In February 2010 Goodman started working on some fresh material that inspired the formation of her brand new band, La Sera. Her inspiration sprung from an attraction to early pop hits from the 1950's and ethereal choral vocals. The new songs contain warm celestial-pop melodies that echo with the dreamlike effect of a church choir and effuse a softer, less aggressive sound than the Vivian Girls.

Recording with a tambourine, guitar, and layers upon layers of heavenly vocals, she started sending her songs to filmmaker/music producer Brady Hall (the director of Vivian Girls videos "Moped Girls"  and "When I'm Gone"), who immediately wanted to collaborate and dove into re-recording her rough material himself. After hearing his finished work, Katy flew to Seattle and the two recorded all the vocals, mixed the songs and filmed two La Sera music videos at Brady's home studio.

The eponymous La Sera is the result of these sessions. With a dozen fresh tracks, the album muses on death, love, and love lost within the span of two minute choral pop blisters. The phantasmic quality of Goodman's voice takes hold of the contradictorily upbeat "You're Going to Cry," while "Dove Into Love" seems to send time into drifting slow motion, enveloped by a wave of guitar strums. The lilting and delicate "Hold," meanwhile, tells the story of two people hugging each other to death.

Hardly Art will release the s/t full-length on 14th February 2010.
The limited 7" for "Never Come Around" is OUT THIS WEEK on Hardly Art 

22-Nov London The Nest with Cave
23-Nov London Brixton Windmill
24-Nov Birmingham Academy 2 with Jenny & Johnny
26-Nov Newcastle Academy 2 with Jenny & Johnny
27-Nov Glasgow Oran Mor with Jenny & Johnny
29-Nov Dundee Fat Sams with Jenny & Johnny
30-Nov Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire with Jenny & Johnny
01-Dec Manchester Ruby Lounge with Jenny & Johnny
02-Dec Wakefield The Hop
03-Dec Leeds Brudenell Social Club with Jenny & Johnny
04-Dec Norwich Arts Centre with Jenny & Johnny
05-Dec Northampton Roadmenders with Jenny & Johnny
06-Dec Bristol Start the Bus
07-Dec London 93 Feet East with Jenny & Johnny
08-Dec London Bush Hall with Jenny & Johnny
09-Dec London Brixton Mass with Jenny & Johnny
10-Dec London Luminaire with Jenny & Johnny

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