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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
August 10, 2011
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Florence Terrace Roadworks Update

Council are planning to rectify the damaged section of Florence Terrace as well as correcting some minor drainage repairs at the location of the landslip. We are planning to conduct this repair early next week. 

Due to the very narrow section of roadway and the tight area that is available for work to take place, we have no option but to close off this part Florence Terrace for the duration of the repairs (meaning no vehicles will be able to pass through our job site).

We anticipate the works to last up to two weeks weather permitting. However we will endeavour to make allowances for pedestrian traffic around the site whenever possible.

James Phan
Senior Works Engineer
b: 9970 1346
e: james_phan@pittwater.nsw.gov.au

Florence Terrace Vegetation Collection

Due to the closure of Florence Terrace during the vegetation collection, material will be collected MONDAY, AUGUST 15.

Could affected residents please place their vegetation, as described in the waste calendar i.e. bundled and in hard-sided containers on the roadside by SUNDAY, AUGUST 14.


Please ensure you  follow the guidelines for types of vegetation acceptable and appropriate bundling of materials. Download the Waste Calendar here.

Curlew Article in Pittwater On-line News
Hi Everyone,
Please find attached an article published in the Pittwater on-line newsletter. Apologies to photographers and artists for the incorrect copyright and attribution labels. They were not adhered to.


Local Council Notices
Chooks in Reserves

Within bushland, chooks should be contained on the owner’s property and not be left to roam in

Chooks reduce the biota of the soil micro organisms and native insects within bushland thus reducing insect species. In addition, chooks forage for insects and create areas of cleared ground cover which, incrementally, has a detrimental impact on the health of the bushland system.

On an irregular basis they can eradicate Tradescantia or Wandering Dew from sites where this is a

Relevant Legislation
Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 - Schedule 2
Poultry not to be nuisance or health risk:
  • Poultry must not be kept under such conditions as to create a nuisance or to be dangerous or injurious to health
  • Poultry yards must at all times be kept clean and free from offensive odours
Poultry not to be kept near certain premises
  • Fowls (that is, birds of the species Gallus gallus) or guinea fowls must not be kept within 4.5 metres (or such greater distance as the council may determine in a particular case) of a dwelling, public hall, school or premises used for the manufacture, preparation, sale or storage of food.
  • Poultry (other than fowls referred to in subclause (1) must not be kept within 30 metres of any building referred to in subclause (1)
  • The floors of poultry houses must be paved with concrete or mineral asphalt underneath the roosts or perches. However, this subclause does not apply to poultry houses:
           (a) that are not within 15.2 metres of a dwelling, public hall or school, or
           (b) that are situated on clean sand
  • Poultry yards must be so enclosed as to prevent the escape of poultry.
State Environment Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 Subdivision
21 Fowl and poultry houses requirements (effective Jan 01 2011)

It is recommended that you:
  • Consult with your neighbours before obtaining any poultry
  • Do not keep roosters due to likely noise nuisances
  • Store poultry feed so as not to attract vermin
Karin Nippard,
Bushland Management Officer
9970 1363 or 0417 040 945

Wood Collection from Elizabeth Park article

The Wood collection article posted last week was attributed to Cass Gye. This was incorrect, the article is from Pittwater Council

Contact Karin Nippard
Bushland Management Officer
9970 1363 or 0417 040 945

Letter to the Editor
Ref; - Deadwood removal - Counterpoint.
The selective removal of only the most combustible materials from the Island diminishes the fire hazard which in turn reduces the need for backburning (scorched earth policy) and ensures the survival of  the very species  mentioned including human habitat.!!

Surely the hollow, rotting material so important to the ecosystem is left as this is no use for firewood. Standing deadwood open at the top is exposed to the elements and no good for nesting sites.

Birds and other tree dwelling creatures have no interest in these as there is an abundance of living trees full of holes much better suited to their needs.Standing deadwood also attracts whiteants and who wants to share their living space with these. As we all know there is an abundance of European rats on the island and these aided by generations of straying domestic pets have ensured the annihilation of any native animals at ground level. Systematic removal of undergrowth including lantana (with all the right intentions) is instrumental in denying small birds and mammals protection from predators as they are exposed with nowhere to hide -- unless we regard being trapped in a hollow log an advantage.
Allowing highly combustible fuel to build up and than burning the entire area to prevent bush fires is like fighting for peace --- there are no survivors among the very species we are seeking to protect in such an event .
I love my Greenies but hysteria and extremism are to be condemned. Look at the big picture guys and consider the options :
--Selectively remove the most combustible materials or "Nuke" the entire landscape?- Which do you consider is going to do the most harm??
Humbly yours
Ray the Vet.   

“Enhancing the Relationship with your Child”
– a workshop for every parent
What do you want to improve this year?

Imagine deepening the connection & communication you have with those you love most – your children.

Are you feeling bold enough to go after more HAPPINESS in this lifelong relationship?

You will learn to:
  • Communicate from a present & authentic place
  • Create more meaningful time with your child
  • Increase the celebration of your child
  • Learn how to lessen YOUR button pushing. (We all say our children intuitively know how to press our buttons!)
  • Decrease your stress at home
  • Take home a new set of practical tools you can use again and again
Click Image to download flyer
Date: Sunday 14th August
Cost: $70
This event is part of the Scotland Island Conscious Parenting Day starting at 9am in the Hall.

The Workshop will start at 2pm, finish at 5pm @ The Scotland Island Community Centre
Just up from Tennis Wharf Scotland Island
Registration is essential as places are limited
Tanya Costin : 0418 209 956

Oxfam Trailwalker: Friday 26th August
I need your help!


Oxfam TRAILWALKER is arguably the world’s greatest team endurance challenge.
Luckily, you don’t need to physically be a part of this event to make a significant contribution.  After all, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to walk 100km in 30 hours through rough terrain.

However, I am part of a team who are doing just that and we need your help.
Please sponsor me and help raise funds to support the fight against poverty and injustice. There are so many who are in desperate need, not least the people of East Africa who are facing desperate food shortages following the worst drought in 60 years. We’ve committed to raise a minimum $1000. 

This event started in 1981 as a military training exercise for the elite Queen’s Gurkha Signals Regiment in Hong Kong and has since grown into one of the world’s leading team endurance challenges. Oxfam Trailwalker is a global event, taking place annually with 15 events in 12 countries.

Please click on the link to donate:-

 Thanks for your help!
 Cliff Neale (on the top of the island)

Home on Scotland Island to house-sit or rent for Christmas week 2011

Our big family is flying in from Darwin and Adelaide

House trained, happy and neat.

Gorgeous reliable people to feed your pets, water your plants for a week over Christmas

Can you help?
Phone Juliette and Guy 99792411

House Swap
UK - Dec to Jan 1012

A large house in an old High Street in a small town called Amersham, an oasis of old England 30 miles NW of London, 45 mins on the frequent trains so no need to hire a car.

The house has 3 double bedrooms, 1 twin bedroom and a single, 2 bathrooms, dining room to seat 10, 12 at a pinch, kitchen, living room and large walled garden. It would suit a family from Pittwater coming to join family here with not a lot of space, which is why I am interested in the idea in reverse.

I would be interested in a swap from 15th December 2011 - 15th January 2012.

Margot Hutcheson

Rental Property Wanted
I am trying to find a rental property for my father in the local area.

He is after a small flat with plenty of light . We would consider a larger property if a boathouse happens to be available. I live in Church Point so somewhere on the general vicinity would be ideal.

Alison Swindells

Private Berth for Rent
Former residents of the island have a berth in a private marina in Newport.

Originally used as a commuter berth, it will take a 20’ -26’ boat.
Has underground private parking and security gated access.

Mark & Ivone Smith

For Sale
YAMAHA 25 HP four Stroke Outboard Engine
Forward steer, electric start, electric tilt, complete with throttle controls, steering cables, fuel tank and line, and battery

Very Good Condition $2200 ono
Call 0405 097 424

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