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April 1, 2017

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April Sales!
Mother's Day
Fragrance Sale!
The following
"Candy" fragrances
are $1.00 off per 16oz bottle!
choose from the following fragrances:
*Bubble Gum
Smells just like Bazooka Bubble Gum!
Melt-in-your-mouth, smooth & sweet... a favorite childhood flavor turned aroma!
*Candy Cane Type
A classic peppermint with a sweet twist! You'll want to hang this one on the tree.
Buttery, rich, creamy caramel! You can actually smell how thick and gooey this is! Also great for mixing.
*Caramel Walnut (BCS)
Warm, creamy caramel is blended with rich walnuts and a touch of sweet vanilla to create this incredibly edible fragrance!
*Chocolate Covered Berries
Great for Valentine's Day or any gift giving occasion! Rich, dark chocolate smothering juicy red berries!
*Cinnamon Red Hot
A "hot" Valentine's scent! Just like the candies!
*Cotton Candy
Light and sweet, like the carnival treat... this one will melt in your mouth.
*Chocolate (FCC)
Succulent chocolate fragrance.
*Homespun Sugar (BCS)
If you like sweet, this is the FO for you! Notes of sugar, coconut, plum, rose, hyacinth, vanilla and sandalwood.
*Toffee Maple Crunch (BNL)
A mouthwatering blend of rich maple and velvety vanilla with notes of sweet orange combining with cinnamon, clove and hints of coconut. Maple, vanilla, anise, coumarin and myrrh add to the richness of this fragrance.
*Whipped Cream (BCS)
Move over Cool Whip! This luscious, creamy whipped cream is pure heaven! Tested and throws great in soy! Perfect for whipped wax topping on food candles too!
Sale ends Sunday, April 30th
at 11:59pm cst!  
  ~The Bitter Creek Book of the Month!~
The "Creating an Herbal
Bodycare Business" Book
is 20% off!
This inspiring book offers profiles of successful entrepreneurs in many areas, including aromatherapy and herbal body care, plus advice for marketing a product, employing others, and much more.
Author: Sandy Maine
Paperback / 160 pages
Sale ends Sunday, April 30th
at 11:59pm cst! 
 ~NEW Products!~
 White Paper Shred
 Pink Paper Shred
Purple Paper Shred
Red Paper Shred
 Black Paper Shred
Gold Elastic Cord
Silver Elastic Cord
Paper Soap Bar Bags
We have recently introduced
 an assortment of 
Brand New Items 
    to our product line!   
NEW colors have been added to our
Paper Shred line!
Ideal for Gift Baskets & Gift Bags!
NEW 36yd. rolls of
Elastic Cord!
Perfect for Air Fresheners,
Beading & Decorating!
NEW Paper
Soap Bar Bags! 
Fits a soap bars up to
2.5" in diameter perfectly! 
Keep an eye out for more
fun NEW items on our web site! 
  ~Plug-In Tart Warmers!~
Plug-Ins Tart Warmers
are 15% off! 
A variety of colors to choose from!
Sale ends Sunday, April 30th
at 11:59pm cst!
 ~Spring Overstock Sale!~
Irish Mocha 
Save even more with our Overstock fragrances
this month! 
The following fragrances are
$2.00 off per lb!
No Limit!
Choose from the following Fragrances:
*Beautiful Type Click here to shop!
*Escape Type Click here to shop!
*Gift Basket Click here to shop!
*Hearts & Flowers Click here to shop!
*Irish Mocha Click here to shop!
*Jlo Glow Type Click here to shop!
*Maple Honey Bread Click here to shop!
*Picnic in the Park Click here to shop!
*Romance for Women Type Click here to shop!
*Sage & Pepper Leaf Click here to shop!
*Tommy Girl Type Click here to shop!
Sale ends Sunday, April 30th
at 11:59pm cst!
  ~Cookie Cutters!~
All Cookie Cutters
are 15% off! 
Cookie Cutters are a great tool for making Aroma Ornies!
Sale ends Sunday, April 30th
at 11:59pm cst!
Butterfly Cookie Cutter 
 ~Flavor Oils!~
Flavor Oils
are 20% off!
Any Size & Any Quantity!
Choose from the following Flavor Oils:
*Vanilla Flavor Oil
*Rootbeer Flavor Oil
*Mega Melon Flavor Oil
*Bubble Gum Flavor Oil
 Sale ends Sunday, April 30th
at 11:59pm cst!
Customer of the Month!
All online orders of $50 or more are automatically entered each month to
win $10 in BC Bucks!
 This Month's Winner is:
Alice Muir
Company Holiday Announcements!
*Holiday Closing*
Bitter Creek Candle Supply, Inc. will be cloing early at 12:00pm cst.
Friday, April 14th
in observance of the Good Friday Holiday.
The entire Bitter Creek staff
would like to wish everyone a very 
Happy Easter!
Do you have a creative and original "Tip of the Month" to share? Send it in to and you could Win $25 in BC Bucks!
Sale Code & Details
***Must enter code "APR17"
into the comments section of your shopping cart (not the coupon code box)!
 Discounts will not be automatically calculated by the cart on these sales, but will be calculated by our office and reflected on your invoice.
Sales end Sunday, April 30th 11:59pm (cst)!
Happy Shopping everyone!
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