Simon & Garfunkel: The Sounds of Silence.........Ron Paul....................John Hammell (Cap) At March for America, September 2007

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Have you ever had the satisfaction of testifying in a government hearing in which a public official acted like a Nazi, and you had the chance of reciting Mussolini's definition of FASCISM to the sonovabitch? Well I had that chance on Wednesday of this week and it was damn satisfying! (Fascism = Corporatism)

On Wednesday I testified before the Whatcom County Hearing Examiner against a proposed Verizon cell phone tower that our local Parks Board here in Point Roberts wants to ram down our throats in order to get $1000./ month revenue from Verizon. They want to locate this tower right next to our only school, in a Public Park. An unconstitutional Federal law called the Telecommunications Act of 1996 blocks citizens from attempting to defend either their health, or the environment when making any argument in objection to the siting of a cell phone tower.

As an electrosensitive and chemically sensitive person, I had no CHOICE but to air such an objection and Federal law be DAMNED!!! The Hearing Examiner clearly didn't want to hear what I had to say and tried to silence me, but I kept right on citing fact after documented fact about how the FCC is operating off 30 year old outmoded safety data, and I also cited numerous aesthetic concerns. I ended my presentation by presenting him, the County Planning Commission and the County Council with a written copy of my comments, and a book that backs my concerns. Others in our group made their own equally impassioned pleas, and we also raised numerous procedural objections and presented a solid argument that if a tower MUST be built, it should be put on a DIFFERENT site, further from the school, on land not zoned as Park land.

We expect a decision within a couple weeks after the County Council renders a ruling, and when the dust settles on this battle thats been going on now for over a year, we hope we'll have successfully tossed a spanner into the works to monkeywrench the fascists plans.


A prisoner, staring out from inside a prison cell, holding onto the bars. A baby, standing in a crib, holding onto the bars. A citizen, canvassing his town, going door to door, urging support for a political candidate, participating in the system for purposes of monitoring it out of distrust.

These are images of sovereignty, of people sticking up for themselves, striving to better their lot in this world. The early bird gets the worm. Just as the world doesn't owe any of us a living, FREEDOM isn't something we can just expect to have automatically, its something we must FIGHT for, every day of our lives- especially when we can discern an effort to take it away.

During the Vietnam war, musicians such as Simon & Garfunkel set the tone for a counter culture movement against the war machine, against the military industrial complex. Their lyrics were, and still are haunting. When I think of Ron Paul's bid for the Presidency, for some reason I can hear the words and melody of their song "The Sounds of Silence" echoing through my mind, especially when I think about the times when I was driving down I-5 through Bellingham and saw Ron Paul supporters standing on an Overpass, silently holding Ron Paul Signs and Banners- a scene thats being repeated all over our once great nation by a grass roots army trying valiantly to save us from our planned destruction.

This You Tube brought tears to my eyes  Please keep watching it after the first segment on it ends, if you keep watching, theres more. Please watch it, feel inspired, and get involved in the fight back to defend health freedom and ALL of our freedoms.

Sunday December 16th is the Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, and on that date thousands of Freedom Loving Americans will donate once again to Ron Paul's campaign via (See details about the Tea Party here:

Filmmaker Kevin Miller just did his part for the cause by excerpting this interview he did with Ron Paul discussing health freedom from his film "We Become Silent"  Please view it and urge others to! We're hoping Ron Paul will do a TV commercial to discuss the threat posed by FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter and Codex- and theres a better chance he might do that if lots of us go to this link because if we can point to a huge number of views, it might help us communicate our message to the campaign.

I feel very motivated to do things for Ron's campaign in part because I've got a ton of documents from the FDA through the Freedom of Information Act which proves that they're harmonizing the food and drug regulations with Canada and Mexico as part of an obvious effort to deconstruct our nation and to force us into a North American Union dictatorship modelled after the EU dictatorship.

On Saturday night, the eve of the Tea Party, I'll be working with the Vancouver BC Canada Ron Paul meetup group to plaster the downtown core of Vancouver with Ron Paul signs and banners in an effort to get media attention and to awaken more people including the huge number of Americans and American tourists who are always in Vancouver. Around the nation and the world similar campaigns are underway- and I urge you to join them.

When I was a kid growing up in New Jersey, I used to spend a lot of time visiting Jockey Hollow National Historic Battlefield, the site of a famous Revolutionary War battle where Washington ambushed Cornwallis's army of British regulars and Hessians as they were attempting to travel from Philadelphia to New York to resupply the starving garrison there.

Sometimes I feel motivated in our battle today by the memory of that place. Those who love freedom can't afford to forget about the sacrifices made by those who secured our liberty in the first place as they gave everything they had to defeat the British army, which at the time was the greatest army in the world.

They were farmers, fighting in their own back yards, defending their lives, their families, and their homes. They were clad in rags, and had to make every shot count, firing from the trees. They survived starvation, and very harsh winter weather living in small log huts that provided very little warmth or insulation, and they gave this cause of freedom everything they had.

As Christmas, New Years and the winter solstice grows near, we can all see the writing on the wall if we fail to take this ONE LAST CHANCE to save our country, to defend our access to dietary supplements and indeed- to all of our freedoms.

Please folks, join me in donating to the Ron Paul Campaign on Sunday December 16th and get involved in your local Ron Paul Meetup group if you're not already!! Its fun, you'll meet good people from across the entire political spectrum. We must get this great man into office. The writing, is indeed on the wall for our nation if we fail.

Please also donate to IAHF to assist us with this health freedom work.

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For Freedom and Prosperity in the New Year,

John C. Hammell, President