It’s a big night for Buffalo Sports, and the Harp will have both games on!
Sabres vs Bruins – puck drop at 7:00pm
Bills vs Seahawks – kickoff at 8:30pm
Since there’s an overlap in the games, here’s how we’re approaching the TVs/Audio for tonight:
up til 8:20pm – Sabres Focused: most TVs on Sabres/Bruins with audio, a few TVs on MNF pregame
after 8:20pm – Bills Focused: switch projectors and most TVs over to MNF, switch audio to MNF, leave a couple screens throughout bar on Sabres/Bruins
As there is a hockey game across the street, parking will be expensive, so we encourage everyone to take the T/commuter rail. Excited to see you all for a big night of Buffalo sports!
Going to the Sabres game? Be sure to head back over to the Harp to catch the second half. Here’s to hoping we can go 2-0 tonight!