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Crucible Co-Sponsored by Wonderfest
Monday, January 14th at 7PM

After Michael Crichton, but before Andy Weir, there was - and is -- James Rollins. This New York Times #1 bestselling author has been featuring cutting-edge science in his novels for 20 years.

In his latest pulse-pounding thriller, Rollins explores how groundbreaking research in artificial intelligence may shine light on the Spanish Inquisition and medieval witchcraft. But how? Only the mind of James Rollins could conceive this!

Police Craft: What Cops Know About Crime, Community and Violence ADAM PLANTINGA
Police Craft: What Cops Know About Crime, Community and Violence
Thursday, January 17th at 7PM

Veteran SFPD officer Adam Plantinga had a sleeper hit with his first book, 400 Things Cops Know. Now he's back to impart more hard-won wisdom in Police Craft. He gives an inside view of the police officer's job, from handling evidence and conducting interrogations to coping with danger, violence and death. Not hesitant to confront controversial issues, Plantinga presents the police officer's views on police shootings, racial profiling, and relationships between police and the community ― and offers reasoned proposals on what the police and the public can do better. Hard-boiled, humorous, and compassionate, Plantinga wrestles with the complexities and contradictions of a job he loves.

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The Eulogist TERRY GAMBLE in Conversation with Martha Conway
The Eulogist
Tuesday, January 29th at 7PM

The Rule of Law
Wednesday, January 30th at 7PM

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