* Perugia Press's 25th Anniversary Reading*
 We had a fantastic celebration reading and conversation on September 26. Thank you to our poets who read and were otherwise present or with us in spirit. Thank you to the audience who came to listen, donate, and buy books and to all folks who support us in these and other ways each day.

If you missed the reading, check out the recording (passcode ^.Oc6ipi).

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Thanks to Jenifer Browne Lawrence for this reading screenshot of some of the assembled poets, Founding Director Susan Kan & Editor/Director Rebecca Olander. 

* Submissions are open for one more month!*
The 2022 Perugia Press Prize contest for a first or second full-length book of poetry by a woman is open for submissions until 11/15/21.

"The Story of My Book"
Gail Thomas on Finding the Bear
Check out our blog series called "The Story of My Book," chronicling some of Perugia Press's collections through the words of their authors. The latest post features Gail Thomas on Finding the Bear, publishing while working full-time as a single parent, Perugia as a launching pad, her dog Sunny as a Reading Buddy therapy dog, and more.

Rebecca Pelky's 2021 Perugia Press Prize-winning book
THROUGH A RED PLACE is available!  
You can get your copy on sale at a 25% discount using the coupon code 25PERUGIA at the bookshop on our website through October.
Rebecca Pelky’s story-in-poems assembles the author’s research into her Native and non-Native heritage in the land now known as Wisconsin. Written in English and Mohegan, Through a Red Place reshapes itself from page to page, asking what it means to navigate place as both colonizer and colonized. An inventive collage of geography, history, myth, translation, lineage, erasure, journalism, and photography, Through a Red Place builds a map between distances and lost stories to unearth and honor the past.



Rebecca Pelky is a member of the Brothertown Indian Nation of Wisconsin and a native of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She holds a PhD from the University of Missouri, an MFA from Northern Michigan University, and is an Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Clarkson University in Upstate New York. Through a Red Place is her second poetry collection; her first, Horizon of the Dog Womanwas published by Saint Julian Press in 2020.
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