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Volume 1, Issue 9; November 2000



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Save Mona Vale Hospital

Did you know that on the 2nd December a health summit will be held to make a decision on the future closure of Mona Vale Hospital? An action group of concerned Pittwater residents has been formed to fight for the retention of the hospital. All residents will receive an information package from Northern Sydney Area Health Service (NSAHS) towards the end of November – please study it carefully to see how it effects our hospital and return your feedback form and a letter voicing your concerns. Very important information about the health summit can be found by clicking here. (You will need to be connected to the internet to read it.)

Scotland Island Fair

Join us all on Scotland Island for our annual Fair on Sunday, 26 November 2000 from 10.00am til 4.00pm. There will be over 40 stalls this year with a variety of arts, crafts, clothing, Christmas gifts, toys, books, hot and cold food, massage and lots more. For the kids there will be a jumping castle, face painting and games to play. Offshore artists will be exhibiting sculpture, photography and artwork and local bands and dancers will be entertaining us all day long.

This fantastic day out is an annual event organised by a group of volunteers from the Island and is a non-profit event. All monies raised support local Scotland Island and Western Foreshore community groups.

Parking is available at Newport and Bayview, where transport to the Island is available from 10.00am. Ferries will depart from Newport Public Wharf (at the end of Queens Parade, next to the Newport Arms Hotel) and the large Pink Water Taxi will depart from Bayview Public Wharf (next to Bayview Marina). A return fare to the Island on either the ferry or the water taxi is just $7. For those using public transport, catch a bus to Church Point and catch either a water taxi or ferry from there. Bring a picnic blanket and all your friends and family and join in all the fun and festivities. Don’t forget your sunscreen. For further information regarding the Fair please contact Jenny Winterton on 02 9979 3777.

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Fire Season - what can you do?

Maintain a fuel free zone around your house. Clear any cardboard boxes or other recyclable paper material  from under your house  Keep your winter wood pile away from your house. Clear dead leaves and branches from gutters. Check that taps, hoses, pumps etc are ready for use and that your water tank is always full. Keep flammable liquids away from your house. 

Ring 000 to report any fire. Plug downpipes and fill gutters with water if fire threatens. Place buckets of water with wet towels in them around and outside your home to put out spot fires. Listen to the radio for information about a pending fire. Ring (02) 9898-1111 for fire restriction information

Register your email address with Pittwater Council

Scotland Island residents are invited to register their email address with Pittwater Council in order to directly receive relevant regular items of interest (e.g. Notices of public meetings) To add your name to this register simply click here and add a comment that you wish to join the register.

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I Loved It! - As You Like It- a review

The Scotland Island Players excelled themselves once again with their recent production of Shakespeare's gender-bender love comedy 'As You Like It' under the outstanding directorship of Rod Charls. Duke Senior, played with his usual aplomb by Bob Blackwood, is living in exile in a commune on Scotland Island while his brother Frederick, played by Ian McMinn, has usurped his inheritance. Rosalind (Sama Ky-Balson), Duke Senior's daughter is banished by Frederick and travels to Scotland Island with her cousin Celia (Rachel Carter). Posing as Ganymede (a man) Rosalind encourages Orlando (Dylan Thompson) to pretend to make love to her/him as if she were his Rosalind. 

Everyone seems to fall in love at first sight. Touchstone (Scott Schjolberg) falls for Audrey (Cecilia Valenzuela) Phoebe (Becky Worth) for Silvius (Tristran Unwin) and Oliver for Celia. The final scene climaxes with the nuptials of several happy couples and the miracle of Frederick giving back his power to Duke Senior who confers it on his son-in-law Orlando. 

The whole cast and crew do a superb job. Dylan Thompson and Sama Ky-Balson are excellent as Orlando and Rosalind. Larnce Hawkes and Daniel Ricketts excel as Orlando's brothers Oliver and Jacques. Barry Haycock as the loyal retainer does a great job of this part and of another as a drunken vicar. Scott Schjolberg  is a wonderful Touchstone while Ian McMinn very successfully plays three parts. Rachel Carter makes a marvellous Celia. The rest of the cast are equally superb in adding to an enormously successful production.

The staging, set design, costumes, lighting and music all added to the success of the performance. I can hardly wait until the next Scotland Island Players production. A full pictorial record of the play can be found by clicking here

Review written by - Anne Hathaway :) 

The local guide

As our newsletter continues to grow (now more than 300 readers) we are including some links to other nearby organisations and events that may be of interest. If you would like to contribute, please send a message to the electronic newsletter's editor.

Government Organisations:

Local Transport:

  • Buses and Ferries: Sydney Buses and Ferries
  • Water Taxi: Pink Water Taxi
  • Church Point Ferries (02) 9999-3492
  • Scotland Island Community Vehicle 1800-069-592
  • Land Taxi Manly Warringah Cabs (02) 9997-9111

Airlines, Buses and Railways

Tides for this week and month:

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Join the Scotland Island Residents Association

You can now join SIRA by clicking here. Please print the page you see and return the completed form to SIRA at this address:

The Treasurer, SIRA, PO Box 70, Church Point 2105. Please NO CASH. If you wish to pay in cash, contact the treasurer, Shirley Page on (02) 9997-1875 to arrange collection/delivery.

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