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I'd like to preceed my more serious message by prefacing it with this humorous satirical "news piece" from the Onion: I hope you laugh as loud as I did! We all need stuff like this to stay sane in the face of the madness unfolding around us.

Diebold has released the election results early, and reports on it
On a more serious note (followed by Uplifting Practical Solutions)-
Last year and the year before I made trips to Washington DC in an attempt to push for congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico, and IAHF now has nearly 24,000 signatures on this petition
We now have even MORE evidence that the world ruling elite are attempting to rapidly deconstruct America in order to force us into a North American Union Dictatorship patterned after the fascist European Union: Both the Vancouver Sun, and the Ottawa Independent Newspapers are reporting that Canada and the USA have signed agreements to allow each others military troops onto each other's soil in the event of "civil unrest":
Could our would be overseers have a sequel to 911 in mind for the near future? If they do, would it be possible for all of us to head it off and to give them pause by mass forwarding this information and by proactively taking countermeasures intended to safeguard our cherished freedoms?
Captain Eric H. May is a former Army Intelligence Officer, and he expresses reasons for believing that the "sequel" to 911 could happen next in either Chicago, Houston, or Portland Oregon. Please read, and mass forward this article of his:
False Flag Prospects, 2008 -- Top Three US Target Cities
Two weeks before Katrina hit New Orleans, I'm quite sure that if you had forwarded this sort of info to the people of New Orleans, most of them would probably have brushed it aside as the paranoid ranting of an imbecile, but in the aftermath of the government generated genocide we all observed unfold in that city where FEMA murdered people in a slew of different ways, I would hope that this sobering warning I'm issuing here would not be so blithely pushed aside.
My father was born in 1917, and when he was 12, the stock market crashed in 1929- so I grew up listening to all of his many stories of growing up during the Great Depression. At the dinner table, he would tell and retell his stories til we got so sick of listening to him that we'd joke by saying stuff like "Dad! Thats number 17, I've already heard that one 57 times!"
He would tell us that the reason he told these stories so many times was that although he HOPED we'd never have to go through anything like the Great Depression, he had the feeling we would probably have to, and he wanted us to be ready, and to pick up on the signs of trouble brewing before it came.
Back in his day, people were far closer to the soil. The family next door to my father's house raised chickens, and they shared their eggs with our family. How many of you on the IAHF list are either raising chickens or have neighbors who are?
How many of you are either growing vegetables or have neighbors who are? We're far more removed from the soil today with the family farm almost being a thing of the past and far fewer people knowing how to garden and to can vegetables- so this situation we're all in does bear some reflection and scrutiny. It pays to be PREPARED, for anything that might happen.
I know some of you live in or around Chicago, Houston, and Portland. I hope all of you in PARTICULAR will forward this message VERY WIDELY in your area, but the same holds true for all of us anywhere in the USA and Canada because soon we could be plunged into darkness.
Soon, there could be another false flag "event" because Bush just might want to be dictator for life, and he and Cheney are twisted enough to do literally anything, at any time. Whatever happened to those 4 missing nuclear missles that mysteriously disappeared from Minot Airforce base a short time back? 
Could the Neocons be planning on blowing these up in different parts of the USA in order to trigger Martial Law? I wouldn't put anything past these diabolical murderous criminals, look at what they've done with depleted uranium ordinance in Iraq which has a halflife of 4.5 million years:  "Remains of Toxic Bullets Litter Iraq"
1. Go to your bank and close any savings account you might have: invest in gold and or silver as well as in things like organic seeds and basic necessities, stuff you could use and barter in the event of a societal breakdown. Only keep enough money in a checking account to cover your basic needs because there could easily be a run on the banks soon following some unforseen catastrophic event. Our financial system is teetering on the brink of total collapse and if you don't get your money out of the bank, you're going to wish you had because when the crash comes, and it will, your cash won't be worth diddly squat. 
Should be a no brainer to see this given that the price of oil keeps going up, and the purchasing power of the dollar has gone into such precipitious decline. A good company to buy gold and silver coins from is the Camino Coin company in Burlingame CA: 800-982-7070
2. Discuss whats happening with everyone you know, friends, neighbors, and family members. Develop contingency plans in case you need to flee where you are. See the websites below for more info.
3. Continue doing anything you can at the LOCAL level to counteract and oppose the New World Order. I ask you to do this because I have learned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to try to do things like stop CODEX or the REAL ID ACT at the International or Federal levels.
The Pharmaceutical industry and other corporate fascists simply has their talons too deeply into the politicians at those high levels for us to be able to stop them there, which is why I am teaming up with my friend Genita Petralli, President of Green Body and Mind, to try to turn the City of Santa Cruz CA into a Psychiatric Drug Free Zone: 
Genita is a dynamic organizer, she's an orthomolecular practitioner and she has some momentum behind her project which is why I decided to join forces with her, and we welcome your assistance! Please sign her petition on her site and read about her wonderful plans.  
I need donations to get down to Santa Cruz CA for a couple weeks to help her, please see info below on how to donate. After we succeed in Santa Cruz, we intend to roll out this program nationwide with statistics to back our contention that its effective and cost effective. If enough of us work together at the local level this way, we can stop CODEX dead in its tracks, and really give the NWO pause on ALL their evil plans, including the plan to microchip us all: !
1. Will You Survive the Coming Financial Crash?
2. Links on Survival
3. Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of Country Living:
If You Appreciate This Information & Would Like to Help IAHF Assist Green Body & Mind Please send your most generous donation to: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal at  This is the BEST way to stop CODEX!!  Please snowball this alert after first remembering to delete the unsub link at the bottom so that no one clicks on it which would unsub you! If you want to discuss anything I'm saying here, please call me at 800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time.