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You will be shocked and outraged at Health Canada when you learn of their MURDER of 2 consumers of EMPower Plus, a dietary supplement that helps people with mental illness. Health Canada has attacked True Hope, Inc. the manufacturer of this product and they're embroiled in a pitched legal battle against them.



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Americans/Canadians: Why this is important for us: Bear in mind that FDA is trying to harmonize us to Canadian dietary supplement law which is far more restrictive than ours as part of ushering Codex in via the planned North American Union. That is why I need your help to sign this petition for congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada/Mexico:
http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232 (see http://www.nocodexgenocide.com for more details)

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Health Canada Officials to Be Imprisoned For Criminal Acts Against Truehope Inc., and For Murdering Consumers of EMPowerplus ???


Health Canada Officials:

How do you intend to get out of THIS one, eh???
The Vitamin Consumers of the World are ENRAGED!!!! Do you have your bogus alibis straight?

In 2003 Health Canada began an illegal campaign to shut down medical progress in the form of a nutrient supplement called EMPowerplus. David Hardy and Tony Stephan (Truehope) had developed the product over a five year period as a result of the suicide death of Tony's wife Debbie Stephan. The supplement EMPowerplus was being used by over 3000 Canadians and had proven to be beneficial in assisting many of these individuals with the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder and Depression.

People were finally finding relief, some after as many as twenty years of suffering in and out of hospitals and institutions. Health Canada agents from the Inspectorate and upper administration closed the borders to Canadians receiving the product in an attempt to shut down the company. Previously Health Canada's Joan Korol of the Inspectorate Branch acknowledged that the borders should not be closed to the product, patients would need their medications (see attached email obtained through access to information). Yet the same agent some time later reversed her decision. The Canadian Mental Health Association expressed grave concern, Members of Parliament intervened, the public was angered, the media questioned Health Canada's tactics and their agenda.... all to no avail. Health Canada refused to listen.

Health Canada's only response was setting up a 1-800 "crisis line" to tell Canadians that they would not get the supplement and to go back on their drugs and back to their previous existence of hopelessness from whence they came. Court documents have proved that from the top of Health Canada's administration to the bottom, they knew and understood that innocent people were being crushed by their actions.

Court heard as a result of Health Canada's actions - Two youth including a 14 year old Alberta girl suicided, others were hospitalized, all the while Health Canada ignored their pleadings and begging for the help that they had been receiving from the supplement and its program.

Calgary Herald

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Ron LaJeunesse, executive director of the Canadian Mental Health Association's Alberta division, says he knows many people who have been essentially cured of mental illness after taking Empowerplus.

"It's going to result in dozens of suicides. I know of two already," he said. "If there's no opportunity for people to take it, at best we're going to see some mental patients going back to hospital. At worst, they'll die."

Health Canada has hidden the secret of this terrible persecution of a group of helpless individuals. Ordinary people, members of our society, citizens of a country of constitutional rights. Last week the Honorable Alberta Provincial Court Judge Gerald Meagher ordered Health Canada to reveal the contents of the Crisis line. This after Health Canada had told the court that the documents were "undiscoverable" and could not be found. Within one hour of the court order the documents appeared. The 1-800 Crisis line record has betrayed a mindset of a merciless and ruthless bureaucracy. A shameful act was perpetrated on a group of innocent persons in our country. A people that should have been able to rely on its government for help.

We will begin to reveal the contents of this record of injustice.

Coming is the new website www.healthcanadaexposed.com

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