July, 2017
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Colon Cancer Alliance - Nashville Undy/Run/Walk 
Words from Wade
Asking for Fan Help -Lyric Project
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For details for all, including maps/directions, go to
July 29 - Fayetteville, TN
Aug 3 - La Crosse, KS
Aug 5 - Nashville, TN UNDY 5K
Aug 5 -  Smiths Station, Alabama
Aug 18 - Carrollton, MO
Oct 13 - Prescott, AZ
Oct 14 - Thibodeaux, LA
For appearance details, go to the Tour page of wadehayes-woww.com. You can even get a map link that will guide you to a venue when you enter your own starting point.

Nashville Undy/Run/Walk
Wade in swag Wade says, "I’m a proud ally of @CCAlliance! Join me on 8/5 at Shelby Park for the #Nashville @UndyRunWalk!  Register today! http://bit.ly/2vtRgX1."
Come on out and participate with TEAM WADE.  When you register, you can take a $5 deduction with the code word TEAMWADE (no space).
The event takes place in Shelby Park, part of the Nashville Greenway, alongside the Cumberland River. It's a really nice place to be on a Saturday summer morning. You could participate in the 5K run or the 1 mile walk.
If you can't be with us, I hope you will donate to this very special cause, the Colon Cancer Alliance. You can do that on the registration page also. Any amount is helpful. And you can do it anonymously if you want.
Sure hope to see you out there.
~ Helen
PS. In November of 2014 Wade was the Colon Cancer Alliance's Hero of the Month

Words from Wade
Helen - Where can they find the new album other than download sites? any brick and mortar places?
Wade - Only place I know is my store. 
I’m glad to have a new product out there and I listened to it today for the first time in a while and there’s some stuff on there that I really like. I’m proud of it. Of course, I hear every little thing that I think is not perfect. The songs I did covers on I really like a lot, especially  trading licks with Brent Mason on that Merle Haggard song. I love the Conway Twitty song. (Julia)  It’s always been a favorite of mine.  (HN Note - Brent Mason is rated the number 1 session guitarist in Nashville.)
People are interested in the back story of a song. We’ve heard the backstory of “I Wish I Still Drank.“ Would you tell it for those who haven’t heard it yet?
A song writer friend of mine told me that story. That actually happened. He did that back in his wilder days. And LeRoy Parnell was with him when he did it. I was telling the story about that song at a writer’s night with LeRoy and he looked at me and said “I was There!” He played the slide on it at the writer’s night and I said, “Man, you’ve got to come play that on the record.” And he did. It kind of made it come full circle on that story - the second verse. I got the title idea from these guys at one of the honky tonks at sound check time. Guys coming in for a beer at the end of their work shift. One of them actually said, “I wish I still drank.” It was a fun song to write. I enjoyed that. I actually tried to get the guy I wrote it about to write it with me, and I played it for him and he said, “That’s already finished. What are you talking about?” 
One of my favorite songs on there was an idea I got from a very good friend of mine who reminded me of a song that I had written years ago and wanted me to record it.  (chuckle) You know I’m talking about you. I’m so glad you suggested it. I’d totally forgot about that song. I went back and tweaked a few lines and recorded it. And its one of my favorite tracks on there. The publishers that I’ve played it for - that is their favorite song on the record.  (HN Note - He’s talking about the first track, “Can’t Get Close Enough to You.”)
Tell us about the hymn (hidden track 11)  that you did acoustic - “In Christ Alone.” Was it recorded on the first guitar you ever had? (HN Note - That was the case with “Just As I Am.”)
No, in fact, I used a couple of guitars. One of the guitars is really special to me - it’s the kind that Willie Nelson plays. It’s the classical part. That’s a song we do at my church. I had never really heard it before. I went online and started finding different versions of it. Then I kind of did my own version of it, kind of things I’d heard and then putting my own flair to it. Lyrically, that song is perfect. It’s one of my very favorite songs we sing in church. It’s dear to me. I love it. 

Asking for Fan Help - Lyric Project
There are several sites for finding the printed lyrics of a song. Postings of lyrics for Wade's first 4 albums are readily available. Probably submitted by his label. I'd like some help with typing up lyrics for his last 3 albums to be posted. We'll start with "Place to Turn Around" and work our way to the other two. If you'd let me know which one you could work on, that would be great. wadehayesnews@comcast.net  
We'll get the lyrics ready and submit them to the sites.
1. Good Day to Go Crazy
2. The Best Part
3. God Made Me (to love you)
4. What's a Broken Heart For You
5. Right Where I Want You
6. I Want To
7. She Knows Me
8. Every Time I Give the Devil a Ride
9. I Wouldn't Know
10. Place to Turn Around
11. Drinkin' Thing
Many thanks!

Review of the new album, "Old Country Song"
Cheryl Harvey Hill - Nuts About Country web site
Review and Video Interview
Mary Kay - Country Music Matters
There's some great interviews out there.
Inspiration Junkie Video - on YouTube  the picture is Wade and Randy Lanham performing The Old Rugged Cross.
Recorded live at the Theatre Workshop of Owensboro in Owensboro, KY.
Good Reads:
2017 Country Music Cruising with Wade
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What an anthem for for making the most of this short, precious life on earth. Wade nailed it. It's one to live by.  Go Download!

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