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  July 2013
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Appliance Repair Pricing Systems: Comparing Flat Rate vs. Time and Materials
Most people are familiar with the “time and materials” method (TMM) of calculating the fees for in-home appliance repair, but a method called the “flat-rate system” (FRS) is gaining in popularity around the country. Many folks wonder how exactly the FRS works, and if one of these systems is better than the other.  Today, Wife-of-Samurai, aka, Mrs. Samurai, is gonna break it down for you, and go over the pros and cons of each appliance repair service pricing system.
A warning about buying cheap appliance parts from Amazon or Ebay
Like to shop around Amazon or Ebay for cheap appliance parts?  Did you know that you may be buying either cheesy Chinese knock-off parts or used parts?  Do these parts come with a one year replacement or refund warranty?  No?  Hmm... did you know that all parts purchased at are new, OEM parts that can be returned for a refund or replacement for 1 year, including electrical parts like circuit boards that have already been installed? Yeah, I know, it's insane! Yet, some people think they're being clever and saving a couple of shekels by purchasing parts through Amazon or Ebay. Here's a typical story of how that works out for people...
What looks different about this cheap Chinese replacement motor for a Kenmore or Whirlpool dryer compared to the OEM replacement motor?
Cheap Chinese-made dryer motorClick the image for larger view and the answer!
Hamburger Salad
Hamburger SaladHere's a great, quick meal that's perfect for summer. It requires only brief cooking (or grilling) and benefits from the fresh, local produce that's available.
This is more of an idea than a recipe - a tasty and easy variation on the "cooked meat on a green salad" theme, such as taco salads or grilled chicken caesar salad.
The general idea is to top a green salad with seasoned hamburger meat. The salad part basically mimics the toppings that you would put on a burger - lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, pickles, and cheddar. If you have any leftover bacon, then by all means crumble it up and put it on! Then you top it with cooked hamburger meat - either cooked in a skillet or grilled as patties then crumbled - and dress it with mayonnaise and ketchup or mustard. When I first heard of this, I wasn't sure what I would think, but it is DEE-lish!
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