Sunday June 6th 2004

9.30 am in the Community Hall



9.30                                 Tea/Coffee + Registration + New Members

10.0                                 Welcome, Previous Minutes, Treasurer’s Report, Other Business



q     Emergency Water – Important Changes and Responsibilities to access water. Progress on upgrade of lines. 

Water and Sewerage program progress.

q     Roads and Drainage – Report on Catherine Park Stormwater Drainage Grant work.  Results of the Bill Rooney commissioned Report on the next major area – Carols to Bell.

q     Communication – Report  on our new Website, and the PO Electronic N/Letter.  Also exciting new pilot project with Council to put high speed broadband on the Island.

q     Public Wharves SI – Changes to tinnie tie-ups at wharves by Council

q     Community Vehicle – Report on usage.  Is the new CV meeting the Island’s needs?

q     Waste Management – getting rid of green waste before the next Summer bushfires

q     Catherine Park – Update on – Playground/Facilities/Infrastructure.

q     Bush Regeneration - Report

q     Church Point Precinct – Finalisation of Draft Masterplan of Precinct, Public Wharf and ‘Pasadena’ progress, Store/Post Office position, Car Park position(Cost/Leasing/Availability).


Election of Office Bearers for 2003/2004

President                                           Vice Presidents (2)

Secretary                                           Treasurer

Committee Members                       RFS Representative

Land Care Representative              Community Vehicle Rep.

12.15                            Close


Note:  Nominations – please consider nominating yourself and/or others to the Committee.  The Position of President becomes vacant and will require filling.  Residents are welcome to join the Committee and/or the various Work Groups.