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May 22, 2019 Recap Issue
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Dance Quote:

Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather to all who can read it.

~ Martha Graham
(1894 - 1991)
Photo by Ramon Humet


Team 2019
Non Profit Board of Directors:
Valerie Feit (Chair)
Michelle DeBlasi
Jerry Goldman
Nicola Creary
Shireen Dickson
Kevin Farley
Mahayana Landowne
David Leventhal
Greg Miller
Philip Ribolow
Erik Bryan Slavin
Steering Commitee:
Greg Miller, Executive Director
Henya Emmer, Parade Production
Janelle Issis, Parade Programming
Darya Mars, Project Manager
Alan Wright, Grandstand
Gabriel Kutnik, Grandstand
Carlye Eckert, Education
Jamila Holman, Festival Production
Sherrell Whitmore, Festival
DJ McDonald, Curatorial
Jessii Parham, Team Coordination
Rebecca Myles, Media
Audrey Ross, Media
Doug Kowlessar, Finance
Natalya Grigoriev, Finance (CPA)
Brian Austin, Creative
Jason Parrish, Creative
Chauncey Dandridge, Social Media
Honorary Committee:
(Power Team & Grand Marshals)
Bill T. Jones
Baayork Lee
Louis Mofsie
DJ Dara
Camille A. Brown
Mickela Mallozzi
Rafael Espinal
Doc Martin
Maurice Hines
Frankie Bones
Mestre Joao Grande
Rosie Mendez
Garth Fagan
Carmen de Lavallade
Robert Battle
Mary Verdi-Fletcher
Rekha Malhotra
Savion Glover
Jawolle Willa Jo Zollar
Hex Hector
Jacqulyn Buglisi
Baba Chuck Davis
Louie Vega
Ashley Tuttle
Elisa Monte
Bill Shannon
Trevor Hochman
Peter Zehren
Samir Bitar
Mel Alvarez
Jonathan Peters
Charles Reinhart
“Billy Elliot” (Joseph Harrington)
Kat Wildish
Amy Marshall
Jellybean Benitez
Elizabeth Zimmer
Ellenore Scott
Don Campbell "Campbellock"
Morocco (Carolina Varga Dinicu)
Luis Salgado
Kool Herc
Danny Tenaglia
Djoniba Mouflet

Advisory Board:
Jeanne Fleming
David Katz
Teddie Kern
Anil Kumar
Joseph McElroy
Tasha Blank
Sponsorship Team:
Greg Miller
Lauren Williams
DJ McDonald
John Dalton
Nikki Creary
Phil Ribolow
Parade Production:
Henya Emmer (Production Lead)
Janelle Issis (Programming Lead)
Meke Brown
Rhina Valentin
Jerry Goldman
David Sanders
Alan Wright 
Silvian Martinez
Zahidel Alvarado  
Frank Bator
Hal Lamster
Alan Wright
Gabriel Kutnik
Julia Johanson
May Kesler
Aaron Chase
Carrie Hawks
Wandalynn Miftahi
Alyssa Hampton
Daniel Kahn
Diane DeJesus
Phil Ribolow
Meke Brown
Sharon Folkes
Zakeya Warren
Adele Godfrey
Julian Sanjivan
Festival Production:
Jamila Holman (Production Lead)
Sherrell Whitmore (Assistant Lead)
DJ McDonald (Curatorial Chair)
Mona Freeman
Paula Lederman
Eva Sol
Shannon Norman
Sheila Jamison
Lorant Duzgun
Keith Porter
Johnathan Cedano
Ameca Holman
Franci Medrano
Alex Florencio
Jose Rivera
Jackie Cohen
Donnie D'Amato
Francisco Tavernes
Educational Outreach
Carlye Eckert (Chair)
Jacque Colburn
Caryn Cooper
Shireen Dickson
Jamee Schliefer

Doug Kowlessar (Chair)
Darya Mars
Natalya Grigoriev
Elizabeth Zaklama

Victoria Behr
Carmen Casado
Jerry Goldman
David Leventhal
Paul Llewellyn
Kaye Scholer LLP

Greg Miller
Alan Wright
Brian Austin
Jason Parrish
Media & Promotions Team:
Rebecca Myles
Audrey Ross
Nhadyr Reyes Cardenas
Chauncey Dandridge
Josef Pinlac
Ali Coleman
Michelle Deblassi
Kevin Farley
Shiela Jamison
Special thanks:
·New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
·NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo
·Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer
·City Council Member Carolina Rivera
·NYC Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl, Assistant Commissioner Kathleen Hughes and Program Officer Alana Dapena Fraiz
·Community Boards 2 and 3
·NYC & Co Foundation
·NYPD Lt Christopher Cheng and Sgt Patrick McGuire, 9th Precinct Det. Jaime Herandez
·NYC Department for the Aging
·New York State Council on the Arts
·Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
·NYC Parks & Recreation Director Claudia Pepe, District Supervisor Terese Flores, Deputy Director Venus Melo (Citywide)
·NYC Dept of Sanitation Superintendent Joseph Signoril  
·NYC Dept of Transportation Event Coordinators Michael Callery, Ivory Henderson-Robb and G.I.S. / Events Coordinator Shuan Bruney
Dance Parade
graciously acknowledges
our 2019 Sponsors and Partners:


To our beautiful dancers and supporters:
THANK YOU!  Our team is overjoyed at the outpouring of love, energy and artistry from the 10,000 dancers who embodied 100 unique styles of dance down Broadway and across Saint Marks on Saturday, and, according to today's New York Times, "uniting in a groovy, spinning and foot stomping way". 
Joining fellow Grand Marshals Bill T. Jones, Baayork Lee and DJ Dara, was Louis Mofsie who led a Unity Dance to start the parade on Broadway, a former Native American trail.
We are indebted to our passionate team of 150 strong "movers and shakers" who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make our 13th annual parade and festival a huge success and to the eclected officials, NYPD, Departments of Parks, Sanitation & Transportation, sponsors and over 150 photographers and media who covered the event.
Stay tuned for the results of the Photo Contest and the community vote for the 2020 theme!

Greg Miller
Executive Director
Dancer: Director Greg Miller at the 13th Annual Dance Parade 5/18/19, photo by Totally Cool ® Richard Renda
10,000 dancers lit up New York City!


Dancers: Bolivian Caporales, Photo by Scott Lynch/GothamistGothamist
Original art by ANDREA SELBY captured the Ribbon Cutting UNITY DANCE!

Artist Andrea Shelby's rendition of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony under the theme "Movement of the People" for the 13th Annual Dance Parade Saturday May 18th, 2019. Included in Shelby's original artwork is the Native American Unity Dance, an abstract of the Land Acknowledgment read by Dance Parade Curatorial Lead DJ McDonald.  More of Selby's artwork can be viewed on her website and this original art can be purchased by writing
TEAM work made the DREAM work
                                         Parade Production Lead        Team Coordination Lead.    Jamila Holman, Festival Coordination Lead
The fabulous Team Dance Parade, is made up of passionate lovers of dance who came out for 6 hours shifts to organize and represent.  Everyone involved were eligible for a t-shirt, crew food and free entry to the After Party with DJ Jedeye Jaxx at Nublu.
Congratulations to the 4 Dance Parade and DanceFest Production Team raffle ticket winners: Rhina Valentin, Ella Holman, Seva Epstein and Sue Lee -- You all have won a pair of tickets to the hit Broadway Musical, The Prom!
The Prom: "Big Broadway Stars. A Small Town. And a Love That Unites Them All."

As the parade ended at Avenue A and Saint Marks, DanceFest began from 3-7pm in
and around the lush greenery of Tompkins Square Park. Click here to see the full lineup.

Each year Dance Parade attracts hundreds of photographers of all ilks to capture the magic found when 100 unique styles of dance and cultures are all presented in the same place.
They love the energy, movement and color found among ancient cultures and highly ambitious artists. This year we will add a new category, “DanceFest” which follows the parade in Tompkins Square Park.  For each category, Dance Parade and DanceFest, we will award 3 winners with Broadway show tickets, tshirts and other commemorative items!

photo credit: Mark Sklawer

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Fitting 100 Styles into 20 City Blocks

Photo by Nina Westervelt for The New York Times
By Siobhan Burke, May 21 2019
If you happened to be walking down Broadway near 21st Street in Manhattan on Saturday, you might have noticed some colorful pedestrians: a man in a floral top hat; a woman in a billowing green robe; friends in bright dresses braiding one another’s hair.

Final preparations were underway for the 13th annual Dance Parade, which sends about 10,000 dancers spinning, leaping, stomping, roller-skating, stilt walking, cartwheeling and otherwise grooving past Union Square and through the East Village each spring.

Dance Parade Inc., founded in 2007, is a nonprofit that brings educational programs to schools and senior centers year-round. But its largest event by far is this parade, which culminates in an afternoon of performances at Tompkins Square Park. (Read more...)

Ruschell Boone from Spectrum News NY1 covers our COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS

This season Dance Parade provided 18 schools and community centers 10-20 week dance residencies through which participants learned a style of dance which they presented in the parade and festival. 
Click here to watch Spectrum News NY1's Ruschell Boone's coverage of Annette Dejesus's Salsa class at the Clearview Center in Bayside Queens and Sarah An's Hip-Hop class at PS34 in the East Village, Manhattan.  In a Native American Seed Planting land acknowledgment ceremony, Sarah's class danced at the Campos Garden to honor the Lenape people, the original inhabitants of Manahatta which was what Manhattan was once called.
Why we DANCE

We represent all dances, including yours. Our 80+ unique dance styles are the world’s largest display of cultural diversity. We keep historical dances alive, like Armenian Folk dancing and Bolivian Caporales, and showcase new dance forms like Litefeet, Waacking and Brazillian Zouk. We unite cultures and generations, introducing teenagers to tango, clubbers to square-dancing, and seniors to hip-hop.
We send certified teaching artists to schools and community centers. Participants discover they can communicate vital feelings and ideas by dancing, and gain insight into other cultures. We support emerging dance groups by reaching broad audiences and document their artistry, which they use for fundraising and promotion.

Dance ​expresses identity – yours, mine, and ours together. Dancing rejuvenates our bodies and minds, motivates us, and we share joy. Dancers master new skills, personal and interpersonal, developing self-esteem and community pride. We put creativity in motion, with performances, classes, costumes, parade floats, and our Dance Police (NYDP) — who playfully ticket “bystanders” for not dancing.
Our root is social justice. Our rhythm is unity. In the 1800’s, ballroom dancing was deemed devil’s work. In the 1920’s, New York City enacted the Cabaret Law to stem interracial dancing in Harlem Jazz Clubs. Nazi Germany banned “anarchistic” Swing Dancing in the 1930’s. Even recently, in 2006, a New York State Supreme Court ruled that, unlike other forms of art, social dance was not a constitutionally protected form of expression. We stand for all dancers, including you.
We dance.


SUPPORT our Mission and get PERKS!
Our Mission is to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunities to experience dance, and celebrating diversity of dance in New York City by sponsoring a yearly city-wide dance parade and dance festival.


Photo credits: Yuyao Ling (left), Shireen Dickson (right)

Dance Parade really needs your support and any help you can give us is appreciated. At Dance Parade, we are grateful for every tax deductible donation no matter how small.   
Here's how to donate:
   · Make check payable to “Dance Parade” and mail to:
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