Reveal Art & Track listing for Third Album
Do Whatever You Want All the Time 

freefall skydive into the wonderful, crazy, whizzed-up world of Ponytail.” BBC
“These lunatics seem to think this is pop music.  They might be right.” NME
“The best thing to come out of Baltimore since The Wire’ Uncut
We Are Free is proud to announce their first release of 2011 with Ponytail's third full length, joyously titled Do Whatever You Want All the Time - a phrase taken from Molly's free-association-stage-banter – on 11th April.

Oh boy, will it make you smile. 

After some personal hibernation time the Baltimore quartet went back into the studio with J. Robbins to lay down their most sophisticated recording to date... The dazzling cover art was designed by EYE of the Japanese rock band Boredoms.

Do Whatever You Want All The Time
Release Date: 11th April 2011
1) Easy Peasy
2) Flabbermouse
3) Honey Touches
4) Beyondersville// Flight of Fancy
5) AwayWay
6) Tush
7) Music Tunes

 “They will leave you nothing but deliriously happy” NME

"a sense of joy that's nothing short of infectious." Pitchfork

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