Volume VI, Issue 10                                                         November 15, 2012

Please help make this Thanksgiving
a little better for so many in our area
who have lost so much in the storm.

Donations to The Foodbank of New Jersey
stay here in New Jersey where the
help is still needed now.

 In the Spotlight:
As a new attraction in 1981, Chicago Shootout was Great Adventure's third shooting gallery, this one featuring a 1920's gangster theme. Over time the shooting gallery was converted to competition games, then a virtual reality theater, back to a shooting gallery, and back to midway games again.  

  In The Spotlight:
One of the most unique architectural features in the park was a covered bench with ornate ironwork. The bench was part of the park from 1977 until the end of the 2011 season when it was removed to make way for the new Sky Screamer ride.

 In The Spotlight:

Cookies and candy have long been popular treats at theme parks, and in 1980 a cookie shop called "Kiss My Cookies" was added to Great Adventure. The shop would go on to become Jersey Shore Candy and is now the Coca-Cola Freestyle location.

 In The Spotlight:
Remote control cars and boats were a long time attraction at Great Adventure, with several sets located throughout the park. One of the most unique installations was a set of boats with a car track around them which was added on the site of the Condor ride after it had been removed from the park.
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