Issue 5   July 2012
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First off I have to say that I LOVE Alice's cane for using up 
leftovers!  It is so clever and 
adds such a wonderful random pattern that no planning could ever duplicate. So this was my way of using Alice's cane and changing it a bit to see what happens - I exStroppelated.  =)
    The red bracelet at the right and red cane below was my first experiment.  I made two Stroppel canes - one red, one blue - and cut out a diamond shape from both.  The red cane I cut from the middle and the blue cane from anywhere with a pattern I liked.  I wrapped the blue diamond in a layer of gold, reduced it slightly, rotated it 90 degrees and placed it where I removed the diamond from the red cane.  Viola!!!
   The blue cane I shaped into a square and then cut diagonally.  I then stacked rotated the two triangles into a diamond shape and reduced them until I could cut them in half into a square.  Reduce the square until you can cut it into 4 sections and then rearrange the sections into a pattern you enjoy.  This is the pattern I chose.  The bracelet was created by mirror-imaging the sliced together - but you could create a zig-zag pattern as well.
June PCAGOE Challenge
 The July PCAGOE Challenge theme is "Extruded." What a fun challenge!  Extruding clay has come a long way from the days of making your hands sore with the old silver extruders.  My Makins Extruder is a blessing and has allowed me to play with some beautiful techniques that I'd never have tried with my old extruders.  Check out these Salt & Pepper Shakers by Lisa Rapp!  They are made with simple extruded snakes that are pinched and bent to simulate knitted stitches!  I gotta try this - I've seen some absolutely brilliant items created with this technique! The challenge starts July 1 and goes through July 7, so don't forget to vote for your chance to win a prize from the generous donations of our members!
   This is my entry - one of my guitar tins made with a extruded "Klimt" background. The outline of the guitar was created from a rope of extruded gold as were the strings and the other features. They were placed on a canvas of liquid polymer and manipulated into the design and baked. The inside of the guitar 
was inlaid after baking using a 
background of extruded klimt cane with coordinating colors. After sanding the surface smooth, I added an additional layer of liquid polymer to seal the inlay and fill any gaps. It's a fun little project made with lots of extruded fun. =)  This pen is a matching "Klimt" pattern.
Custom Designs
    It is always a bit of an honor and a challenge when you get that message in your inbox asking about custom designs.  This one was fun.

    The customer wanted drawer pulls for her custom laundry room.  The room had tile that was white and cream.  She asked about putting laundry related shapes on a white and cream checked background.  I started out with my extruder again - making white and cream square logs that I stacked together with "grout" in a tan color to add separation and interest.  I then created 3 canes - a clothes hanger, a clothes pin, and a jug of bleach. I covered the pulls in a base layer of clay to make a
smooth bed for the pattern sheet.  That sheet started with thin slices of my checkerboard cane overlaid with thin slices from my laundry room canes.  The final pulls were sanded and buffed to a glossy shine.
    I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of them in place on the cabinets that I can share in my next newsletter!
    If you're interested in any custom items for you home, please feel free to contact me!

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Thank you!
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Deb Hart
Hi and welcome to a little piece of my world!  My name is Deb Hart, but most of you have known me for years now as Deb Tuchsen.  February 3 marked a wonderful change in my life as I married the man I adore, Brian Hart,  and it's been part of the wonderful path my life has taken in the past year.
I grew up on a farm in Minnesota as Deborah Kay Schumann - oldest daughter of 6 girls.  You can still see a lot of nature and country in my photos and creations.
I have degrees in Psychology and Chemistry from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, but spent most of my 4 years there working also tutoring photography and working for the college yearbook.
I have 3 beautiful children, 2 loving adorable stepchildren, 3 cats, 1 dog, and not enough sanity to handle most days, but I enjoy the ride.  =)

Now is the time to start planning ahead for those extra special holiday gifts. You can choose from a wide variety of drawing/art options in my artfire shop like the baby picture above or a customized Mother's or Grandmother pin from my Etsy shop like the one below.  
I'll be starting a 20% off promotion with the coupon code SUMMERINJULY on June 15.  Look for me to be adding my fall and holiday items!  I'll also be adding some more tutorials in July for those of you who can't make it to my classes and some great customizable school spirit items for the fall sports season! 
Please contact me if you need something in a hurry!  Thank you!
Summer Clay Classes

Rainbow Stripes Earrings
July 16 2-4pm
July 23 6-8pm
These are fabulously colorful and simple!  They are made from a simple block cane of stacked sheets of colored clay that is sliced thin and wrapped around a tube of clay.  I'll be teaching how to create your cane, form the beads, and then assemble your earrings.  If time allows, I'll demo some other fun uses for your cane - like candy striped tube beads!
Stripes and Pinwheels
July 17  2-4pm
Need an elegant, modern bracelet to go
with your new outfit?  This class shows how to make some very, very simple square beads in your favorite color combinations.  I'll show you how to put them together into a simple bracelet with some basic jewlery making techniques.
Fangs & Claws School Spirit Cha-Cha Jewelry
July 18  2-4pm
This is a great class to sink your teeth into!  How many schools out there have animal mascots - tigers, lions, bears, dragons, you name it!  With a simple striped cane, I'll teach you how to make fabulous claws & fangs that you can coordinate with your school colors for jingling school spirit fun!  It's so simple - make one for all your friends!
Floral Filigree  
July 19  2-4pm
Doesn't this look hard?  Not so!  This is a simple application of any petal cane that only takes a steady hand.  I'll be teaching how to use a simple Skinner blend to create your unique petal cane that you can then use to make fun filigree flowers!
School Spirit Paws
July 20  2-4pm
July 16 6-8pm
Need a fun way to raise some money for your class project?  Make simple paw jewelry in your school colors!  It's an easy design and has wonderful applications.
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