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April 2019 EXTRA
April News - Amazing Kickstarter Rewards
Hello everyone
Just to let you know that we've just launched a brand new kickstarter to help us pay for the filming of series 15 of RHLSTP and the 25 videos that we've done so far this year.
If successful it will also guarantee at least another 25 snooker podcasts and another 25 stone clearing podcasts
There are some great rewards including some filmed snooker, a filmed documentary about stone clearing, all the backstage videos from this series of RHLSTP, t-shirts, signed balls, stolen cursed stones and a chance to sponsor the podcasts!

We massively appreciate the support you've given in the past and hope you'll like these podcasts enough to make a small contribution OR you'll like the rewards enough to make a larger one.
You won't be able to get these rewards anywhere else, so if you're kicking yourself fro missing out on those great Cool Kids T shirts from last time, don't make that mistake again.
Plus you can always ebay some of this stuff and maybe make a profit from feckless idiots who miss the boat!
To make a contribution large or small in return for all these podcasts - check out our kickstarter page HERE
And some new podcasts have dropped this week
Stone Clearing
Chapter 18 was recorded this morning and is now up HERE
Frame 86 was recorded last night and is now up HERE
A really brilliant podcast with David Morrissey went up on Wednesday
Listen to it HERE
Watch it HERE
Thanks for your continued support.
Richard Herring