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In less than a month the exhibition and conference Smart Cities will open doors during 7-9 March in Sofia, Bulgaria.
In this newsletter we would like to introduce several of our exhibitors - Energomonitor /Czech Republic/, Ecube Labs Co. Ltd. /South Korea/ and Intracom Bulgaria, who offer energy-monitoring, waste management and city resource management solutions. Another focus will be a mobile laboratory for measuring air quality by the Energy Agency of Plovdiv and the conference presentation by Big Data Value Association.
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Do not forget the Smart Cities Conference on March 7! See more here.
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Contact: Ms. Ivelina Yordanova   +359 32 512 902  sales3@viaexpo.com 
Interview with Mr. Jakub Marek, Sales Director, Energomonitor - complete energy-monitoring solution
This is your first participation in Smart Cities, please tell us more about your company and what you are going to present during the exhibition.
Energomonitor's mission is to provide a complete energy-monitoring solution. A complete hardware components solutions for getting the data of utility consumption, temperature and other important environment values. And real-time data visualization through a designated online application providing the users with management and reading tools to understand their house & business environment to the full extent. Find out more here.
Interview with Mr. Bryan Choi, Global Business Development Manager at Ecube Labs - IoT waste management and logistics solutions
Ecube Labs Co. Ltd. will participate for the first time at the event. Please tell us more about your company.
 Ecube Labs is a provider of smart IoT-based waste management and logistics solutions that help cities and waste collection industry reduce operational costs by up to 80%. Our integrated line of products includes solar-powered waste compacting bins (Clean CUBE), wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors (Clean CAP) that can be fitted to any type of container, and a real-time monitoring and data analytics platform (Clean City Networks). 
Already represented on five continents through metropolitan cities, municipalities, and waste related organizations, we are in the process of aggressively expanding our coverage around the world. Our headquarters is based in South Korea and our current distributor network covers more than 53 countries worldwide.
Intracom Bulgaria offers smart cities solutions for managing city resources
  What is your company activity and who are your target clients?
Intracom Telecom is a global telecommunication systems vendor with over 35 years of experience in the telecom market.
We have a strong regional presence throughout EMEA with operations in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Russia, the CIS and Asia-Pacific and export to over 70 countries.
Entering the Smart Cities era, we invest in intelligent smart city solutions that contribute to energy savings, while also building a future-proof open platform for revenue-generating applications and services to the citizens. Read the rest here.
Innovative center for integrated air quality management - Energy Agency of Plovdiv
   At this year’s edition of the Smart Cities exhibition, a mobile laboratory for measuring parameters of the air quality will be presented. It is a part of an innovative center for research, analysis, observation and modelling of the urban air quality, energy consumption and GHG emissions. Learn more here.
Conference presentation from Big Data Value Association - The Big Data Revolution in Smart Cities: Data-driven Digital Single Market and Smart City Economics
  This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of current initiatives at EU level that are working on creating a Digital Single Market for Smart Cities, including solutions to address the challenges associated to the integration, management and monetization of data. Find out more here.
Sponsor of Smart Cities 2017
  ETRA is a business group that offers technologically advanced solutions for an optimal management of the services to people. More about ETRA here.
Media partners of Smart Cities 2017
  TD Installations - the Bulgarian professional magazine for building installations, equipment and tools
TD Installations magazine is written on the basis of professionally oriented articles with practical references, for the needs of the professionals in the building investments, design and construction of building installations and equipment, tools and materials for them. Find out more here.
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