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President Trump Won by 80% According to Secretly Watermarked Official Ballots Proving the False Ballots.
David Eells - 11-6-20
It was a Landslide win for Trump !!  Thanks to the prayers of faithful people to our Merciful God…
Just received this:

***Must Watch Video*** Thurs. 5 Nov. Dr Steve Pieczenik: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qK3yQHHoHEA&feature=youtu.be) youtube quickly took this down so here is another address: https://visionlaunch.com/breaking-bombshell-did-democrats-fall-into-a-trap-set-by-trump-watermarked-ballots/  
During the 2020 Presidential Election Quantum Financial System Blockchain Watermarked Ballots were part of a huge Trump & Military White Hat Sting Operation. The Sting took place in twelve key battleground states where 20,000+ National Guard were deployed. The Alliance made sure that every official voting ballot had a watermark that couldn’t be seen. As votes were put into the system, the Quantum Computer verified if the ballot was valid or not.

Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election by 80%.

The Democratic Cabal was caught red handed.

Mass Arrests have started.

At this moment the B|iden Crime Family & ballot fraud co-conspirators were being arrested & detained for ballot fraud. All were now headed to GITMO as election interference went before the Supreme Court.

Charlie Ward: “It wouldn’t surprise me if we had a NESARA announcement before Christmas and we have a new presidential election within 120 days.”
On the Restored Republic: Believe in the Alliance’s Plan to take down the Cabal that has been in the works for over 20 years. President Trump was in complete control. Trump won the election by 80%. Mass Arrests have started on over 209,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office. Sit back and enjoy the show.

A. Thurs. 5 Nov. 2020 Charlie Ward: Charlie Ward has worked and been friends with the Chinese Elders for over 15 years. A lot of Ward’s info came from what he called the Four Walls of Power, which included the Chinese Elders, Alliance, Trump White House and Trump Redemption Team.

Update on Election, Charlie Ward: Charlies Important Webinar Update on the Election!  (David: Overlook his New Age unitarian theology)

1. Every official voting ballot has a watermark that can’t be seen.

2. As votes were put into the system the Quantum Computer system verified if the ballot was valid or not.

3. Trump won by 80%.

4. The Cabal was caught red handed.

5. The election fraud was going before the Supreme Court.

6. Five states had more people voting than were registered to vote.

7. The Restored Republic Common Law won’t have political parties, but each region will be represented by individuals.

8. Charlie Ward: “It wouldn’t surprise me if we had a NESARA announcement before Christmas and we have a new presidential election within 120 days.”

9. Charlie Ward: “The D|eep S|tate Communist Demons have been Check-mated by the mighty Alliance Chess Masters. Q and the Alliance have told us seven ways to Sunday that people who were still in sleep-walk mode, who were still mesmerized by propaganda of the D|eep S|tate Fake-stream Media cannot be told. They have to be shown. We knew that the Chinese Communist Democratic Party would try and steal the election because they knew they couldn't win it. We knew because Juan O'Savin (JF Kennedy Jr.?) told us, that there were traitors in both the Democratic and Republican Parties and that when this was over, after the arrests of the treasonous and seditious Cabal, those two parties would be decimated.”
David:  On the night of the 3rd as I thought on the election results coming in and knew the cheating was going on I felt the Lord was saying to me to not worry at all about this.  Letting them show all their illegal acts to throw the election was planned to show the people who has been lying to them from the beginning. The whole nation was now going to see that these criminals have been putting their people in office.  The anger against the Deep State will be everywhere, exactly what must happen to overthrow them. In 2016 there was just such a scam going on but it was mostly overlooked by this administration; why?  They wanted them to be at ease to do it again.  Plus when it goes to the Supreme Court they will overthrow the Lefts plan.  And it will not be able to be hidden by the criminal Main Stream Media.    
When I got up I told all this to Michael Hare. And now the watermark revelation above has come out and it is awesome!
The Deep State is desperate to save their own skin.  Expect, plagues, earthquakes, hurricanes, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Anarchist, Radical Islam, etc. attacks against the nation.  The Communist Chinese and Soros, etc. are bankrolling these and the Main Stream Media. These and all of the politicians who took bribes and sacrificed babies to their Lord Satan will be discovered.  This faction against the US and the Church will be well known.
A portion of the our broadcast on the following day; the 4th.
Sign of the Fallen Tree
David Eells 11/4/20
A few days ago I went up on the top of the mountain where I live and I noticed a large oak tree that was severely rotted at the base of the trunk up to about 10 feet.  It had been struck by lightening years ago before I moved here. I decided it needed to come down for it was a threat to my house just below. (Then the Lord started showing me a parable about this tree that amazed me.  God takes credit for the lightening all through scripture. Job 36: 32  He covereth his hands with the lightning, And giveth it a charge that it strike the mark.  33  The noise thereof telleth concerning him, The cattle also concerning the storm that cometh up. So Father had struck this tree and it has been dying ever since.)
As Michael, Brandy, Greg, and I, looked at the tree to see how to take it down safely we saw it looked very dangerous since there was only a small portion of the trunk that was still alive and it was all on one side. The rest was rotten.  The whole heart of the tree was dead.  When we cut it we weren't sure which way it would twist and fall. (The Lord showed me that this tree was the faction whose heart was dead towards him and it was a threat towards David’s house and had to come down.)
The piece of the tree at the trunk which was still alive was only about 2 inches thick and had bark on it and was strong enough to hold this large tree up.  Cutting through this with a chain saw was extremely dangerous even with a rope on it.  There was no way to know what the bottom of the tree would do. So we made a notch in the rotten part but not all the way to the good part.   We had a 100 foot 1 inch nylon rope on it and hooked it to the tractor farther up the hill and were bumping it but the tractor tires were slipping in the leaves so I removed the leaves with the front end loader but the tires still slipped in the loose earth. So we put a one ton come-along on the rope which we tied to another solid large oak and stretched it bow string tight.  So we thought on whether we should cut a little more and Michael felt the Lord was saying we should not cut any more of the tree so we just stopped for the day and prayed and left it in the Lords hands.
During the night I felt the Lord was showing me a safe way to cut the tree by getting a larger come along on the rope and cutting part way through the middle of the good part of the tree and putting a wedge in the crack to tip the tree away from the house. Also I thought that the bottom of the tree could skip off the trunk and head for the house below so I felt to cut the good part above the level of the notch to hold the trunk from going that way.  So I told Michael the next morning what I believed the Lord wanted us to do.  He asked the Lord who told him to “Do what David says”.
This was now the day before the election where the faction in government was facing off with Cyrus and we are faced off with the faction against our Church. So we put the plan in action and did all of the above with a 4 ton come-along bow string tight we made our cut and inserted the wedge and drove it in very tight. Michael made the notch in the dead part of the tree a little bit bigger sloping the bottom cut away from the house with the saw and we drove the wedge tighter until we heard cracking noises. Then we all went away from the tree to the come-along and kept tightening until it continued to crack and fell. Well, you may say the war was over but not quite and it is not quite over at this time of writing on the morning of the  Nov. 4th political and moral scene.  Trump is right, he won and with a landslide but the left is cheating and it has been reported all over the net but the tech companies take it down as fast as it is put up.
So the big oak fell but the top of it lodged in the fork of another oak so it was half way down and still dangerous. The high part of the good part of the stump was holding it so it didn't skip towards the house, and the rope held it securely so it couldnt go towards the house. All the safety features worked just perfectly but the tree was held fast in the fork.  I thought that this was a sign that this tree was not to fall until the next day, which was voting day and so it did.
So the next day we adjusted the rope to hold the tree fast in this position as Michael cut the lower fork which was dead almost off. He was protected by another tree that kept the dead side of the fork from coming towards him. Then we come-alonged the bottom of the tree off the stump and it dug into the ground as we expected. Then we come-alonged the fallen trunk until it fell to the ground breaking the dead fork off as it fell.  And this was on voting day.  I believe this all is sign of a war to bring down the faction and the Red Sea begins now.
Let me explain a little more about the tree. This heart dead tree went up to a fork. The limb that leaned towards the house of David was green with leaves.  I believe that this portion of the faction will be saved.  The other fork which balanced the tree away from the house was completely dead.  In other words there are elect people of God on the green side who will turn back to the house of David as our dreams have shown. And the forever dead side are sons of perdition who like Judas have killed themselves.
Now we are at the morning after the election and all appears to be up in the air even though we know President Trump won. I believe the war that is coming will bring down the faction in the church by the hand of the faction in the government and President Trump and team will bring them down with the help of the Man-child reformers.
I believe the Lord has shown us that the DS has been blackmailing P. Trump with threats against the lives of the American people to stop the new economic system which cuts them out. Another was to bring down the grid, which plan failed when the teams were arrested just before they could accomplish their evil.  Another was to use DEW weapons to cause earthquakes which they did, to threaten larger ones which we have dreams of. Another was to loose the new plague our dreams say was tested by them and is ready. Another is to bring Hurricanes, some of which they have.  I believe in the war ahead we will see these things and more. Claim Psa 91 and Passover !
Brandy:  I tried to put together some links or stories on voter fraud evidence for David to use but there is an active suppression of news regarding this. Twitter has shut down accounts or added a disclaimer to every tweet suggestion fraud.  I looked for videos showing voter intimidation or suppression. They appear briefly on Twitter but are taken down and they don't even appear on Youtube. I went ten pages down on Duck Duck Go and still could not find anything other than anti-Trump stories. 
David:  Twitter had dozens of complaints of voter fraud were witnessed that sounded reasonable.
Start thanking God who is the real hero in all of this.  He had mercy that we dont deserve.
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