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A new year, new plans and projects and of course a new newsletter! In this first newsletter of 2012 you can read all about the plans of Meet Kate, our new board and saying goodbye to Mark van Doorn.
We also introduce a new feature in our newsletter, where we ask a follower or donor three questions.
Let’s make it a year filled with challenges and great results:
          She inspires... We invest. Get involved!
Friendly greetings from both The Netherlands and Ghana,
Myrthe Oostenbach and Kelly de Vries
Chairman and president of Meet Kate
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Plans for 2012
After a fantastic 2011 it is time to focus on the new year to come. We are facing and exciting and challenging year. Because, we are starting with the construction of our primary school. This primary school will give high-quality and personal education to 200 children from the surrounding area. Small classes, individual coaching, computer lessons and sports and games will be the main focus of the Meet Kate International Primary School.
The construction was supposed to start February 1st, but our contractor was in a car accident and is in the hospital with a broken leg. We expect to start the construction in early April. Feel better soon Robert!
Coming months we will keep you posted through our website, social media and newsletter. Curious about the plans and blue prints? Click here!
Changing of the guards
To execute all these plans, we need active and enthusiastic board members. We therefore decided to shift and expand a bit in our board. After some good interviews, we have finally completed our new board. This is the group of people that will make it happen in 2012!
Click here for everyone’s motivation and meet our board!
Kelly de Vries President
Myrthe Oostenbach Chairman
Nienke Mauritz Secretary
Jurriaan Verweij Treasurer
Muriel Koch Board member Communication
Joline Deen Board member Fundraising
Dianne Swinkels Board member Fundraising
Tom Bijkerk Board member Webhosting
Thanks, Mark!
Mark van Doorn, projectmanager of ‘Meet Kate is going to school’, has lived in Ghana for a year. He ensured that six children are able to finish their high school. He talk about his experience at Meet Kate:
“What a year I’ve had. Living and working in Ekwamkrom, Ghana, where the Meet Kate Children’s Home has been up and running since August 2010. Coming up with new projects, evaluating them, accepting and rejecting children to the Children’s Home and also dealing with all the adjustments in your personal live. I only worked for Meet Kate for 12 months, but it has given me experiences and knowledge I couldn’t have gotten in The Netherlands in 20 years. On Monday, January 16th 2012 I flew back to The Netherlands where I’ll adjust to the fast, hasty and luxurious life. This way I’m learning about two totally different worlds. I have yet to figure out which suits me best. I do know that the experience that I got from working for Meet Kate convinced me of the use of their work and makes me want to experience a year like this again.”

Mark together with his favourite girl (little) Kate
January 2012

December 2011: 132
January 2012: 133
New donors this month: 1
Donors lost this month: 0
We currently have two thirds of the finance for the school completed.
Become a donor, and make a difference in the future of 200 children!

Let us meet you!
Every newsletter we ask three questions to one of our followers and donors.
This month we meet our loyal follower:
Simone de Vries-Kramer
1. What attracts you the most to the Meet Kate Foundation?
The enthusiasm! The messages on Facebook and the newsletter are always positive. I feel like I’m personally involved. And the pictures of the children are always so adorable. I just feel very good about Meet Kate.
2. How did you come in contact with Meet Kate?
I’m not really sure how I learned about Meet Kate, but I am very happy I did.
3. What would you do, if you were president of Meet Kate for one day?
If I’d be president of Meet Kate for one day, I would want it to be on my birthday so I can hand out cake to all the children and take them to a fun place where they can play all day. They would have to sing for me, of course. It would be so much fun!
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   Annual report 2011

The annual report with all there is to know about 2011, is online in Dutch, and can be downloaded here, the English version will follow soon. The annual financial report of Meet Kate Netherlands is expected to be finished around May 2012 and will be added to the same link.
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