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IAHF List: Supposedly "scientific" studies such as the French Suvimac
study, (ably exposed for its fraudulence below) are being used in
large numbers right now via media attacks against the dietary supplement industry as "justification" for blocking our access. The world's FDA's are coordinated at the top by a UN entity called ICDRA which often coordinates bogus studies such as the Suvimac study, and they also coordinate press releases about them via such outlets as the FDA Press Office which pumps articles about fraudulent studies such as this out to all the wire services from which they're spread via the mainstream media globally. Please forward this to more people.

Mention is made below of a free book called "The Collapse of Medicine" on Bill Sardi's website. Sardi's book is an excellent expose of this sort of thing and should be read by more people. Also check out these thought provoking articles on Sardi's site "Open Letter to the Natural Products Industry" http://www.askbillsardi.com/sdm.asp?pg=news&specific=66
and "With Coral Calcium Scam Exposed, Will Sea Silver Be Next"?
http://www.askbillsardi.com/sdm.asp?pg=news&specific=64 I don't agree with everything Sardi says, but his ideas are carefully considered and well worth reading.

From: "Emma Holister"
To: "John Hammell"
Subject: Nutrithérapie
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 16:33:08 +0100
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See here below what the people in the French HFM and supplement industry have to say about the Hercberg toad (French and English):

Le Dr responsable est le Dr Serge Hercberg
Les dosages utilisés sont ridiculement faibles et correspondent aux ANC
Vit E - 12 mg en réalité il faudrait 260
Vit B1 - 1.5 mg 100
Vit B6 - 2.2 mg 100
Vit B12 - 3 micro grammes 100
Vit C - 80 mg 3000
Le tout synthétique of course...
Il faudra avoir beaucoup de chance pour que le Dr Hercberg ne s'en serve pas pour dénoncer l'inutilité des "méga doses" qui sont en fait les justes dosages physiologiques.
Les ANC visent à éviter les carences aiguës mais se moquent des niveaux qui confèrent une santé maximale.

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To: Emma Holister
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Subject: Re: etude douteuse?


The SUVIMAX study is that I can call a no value study.
It is driven by Dr HERCBERG, which is a man entirely related with agro alimentary firms. You can find the list of these firms on http://istna.melody.fr/sites/suvimax/ All these firms pay for the study, that is a demonstrarion that this study is industry dependant. Question is : Is Dr HERCBERG an independant researcher?

The amount of the five selected nutriments, Viamins E (30 mg) and C (150 mg), bétacaroten (6mg), Zn(20 mg) and Se (100 µg), are just above the ANC levels, that is far below values recognised as really protecting our immunity.

There is an important result to be confirmed: Selected French people do not eat the amount of nutriment as required in the French ARC (AQR). So, improvement due to supplement could have some visible results, but it is not a valuable demonstration.

A remark : the selection of the patients do not reflect the mean of the french poeple, as, for the placebo people, there are less cases of heart deasises and cancers as in the whole population ...

And the conclusion driven by HERCBERG, as proposed at TV yesterday : There is no need of supplements , a good nutrition is enough... What a lie! As it demonstrtes that french people cannot eat the nutriment amount proposed in the protocol.

The most dangerous point : this man successed in convincing the french officials that he must drive the french nutrition programs...

You can read the opnion of Thierry SOCCAR, his most contestative journalist, in www.lejournalsante.com/Nutriments/

For us, what a pity ! HERCBERG is not a "sous-marin", he is like a cancer.


An other comment on SUVIMAX : do you imagine the amount of money, from the CNAM, and INSERM, which are governement paid, and from the supporting firms, money which is misused in the SUVIMAX study, as the results are all but new... but are "FRENCH". And the last communications from HERCBERG show that it now became an opposite to the all food supplements. He added also that food supplement are dangerous, whitout any demonstration...Due to his new responsibilites, he can very often delivers this message to the news.
So is a cancer ...

Have a nice reading of the Bill SARDY book.

Sorry, I make a mistake onhis family name;, SARDI,
You will find his website at the end of his book : www.askbillsardi.com

Please, read this book, I think it can be a good way to contest the collapsing official medcine and its wrong support, the pharmacochimic trusts, if we generalise suchan approach.

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