Republican Recount Starts Today in NH---- Ballots Stored in Unsecured Room Not Locked in Vault--- Black Ops Probably Got To them Already According to People IAHF is in Touch With on the Ground in NH Who Are Monitoring the Recount- see Updates at Ballot Boxes Not Properly Secured- SCAM of MONUMENTAL PROPORTIONS!! 


IAHF List: I've has a variety of feedback from people regarding my last email titled  ( South Carolina, Super Tuesday & Ron Paul.....Will the REAL Ron Paul PLEASE STAND UP!!! You Tube Asks Sobering Questions....

Gary Franchi, host of the Lone Lantern Radio/TV Show out of Chicago will have me on his show today where we'll both be discussing the issue of election fraud, questions many people are asking about the Paul Campaign, and related matters pertinent to my last alert. (See website below to listen via the web, or to hear the archived show if you missed it.)

I realize its a lot to try to take in, but we're not in fact witnessing an "Election" taking place, what we're witnessing is the ILLUSION that an Election is taking place- but the sad fact is that our votes mean nothing when there is no way to verify that they were counted accurately. We need Ron Paul to discuss election fraud on National TV, but there are no indicators that he will do so. He closed his office in NH and isn't doing anything to help with the recount there after having publicly announced that "no fraud" occurred there. For me, that was a deal breaker because very OBVIOUS fraud occurred there. As discussed in my previous e-alert, please watch this You Tube from Jim Condit Jr. titled "South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul"  and please forward it widely. Call Paul's campaign HQ and DEMAND that he address the issue of Election Fraud on National TV, because it MUST be addressed.

The excuse that "he can't do that because he'd be crucified in the mainstream media" doesn't hold water because no actual ELECTION is even going on- only the ILLUSION of an election, and that ILLUSION can be kept in place only by black box voting machines and the rampant FRAUD that goes with them. Come November, the Bilderbergs will install our next dictator on us, and they want us to THINK we chose whoever it is, but we will not have. They don't want us to rebel. These black box voting machines must be cast into the sea. No one should cast a ballot when there is no way to verify that it was counted accurately.

Show starts today at 4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST, but you can hear the archive if you missed it, see below.

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