Hello BodyBeats freaks!
While you are all waiting for the summer to kick in, and while some of you maybe even started to build their own Ark of Noah, we bring you some good news for the future!
News flash:
New-Wave Club night on October 26th @ Zappa!
BIMFEST 2012 on December 14th & 15th!
Full line-up to be announced in our August newsletter! Meanwhile Block the dates, plan your holidays!

Goodies for free!
For the KMFDM show on August 18th @ Zappa, the first 100 visitors with a valid presale ticket will get the KMFDM – KRIEG remix album for FREE!! So order your ticket here and now!
See you soon!
20.07 THE ultimate DIVE BOX collector out on Out Of Line!
BodyBeats Productions & Out Of Line present:

The DIVE box!

The complete works of an Electro legend are released as a classy box set in book form, hand-numbered and limited to 1000 copies and including a deluxe photo booklet with many previously unseen images! All albums and EPs, many of them long-deleted and rare, plus previously unreleased remixes, cover versions and live tracks. 148 tracks on 8 CDs – a legendary box set for a legend!
 More info & full tracklist:
27.07 Sonar & 29.07 Parade Ground @ Summer Darkness 

BodyBeats Productions & Summer Darkness present:
27.07 SONAR + many more!

+ many more!

For more info & full line-up:
10.08 The Klinik & Parade Ground @ Synthetic Beats Fest
BodyBeats Productions, Zwischenfall & Neon Welt Present:



11.08 The Neon Judgement @ Markt Rock - Leuven - B

BodyBeats Productions, Dancdelic & Marktrock present:

Saturday 11.08
@ Marktrock - Leuven - B

A 100% Free & 100% Festival!
More info:
12.08 Absolute Body Control & The Juggernauts @ M'era Luna
BodyBeats Productions presents:

@ M'era Luna Festival, Hildesheim, Germany
We are proud to announce that Absolute Body Control & The Juggernauts will play the second day (Sunday) of the International acclaimed M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim, Germany.

More info:
18.08 KMFDM + Ambassador 21 @ Zappa - Antwerp - B

BodyBeats Productions proudly presents:


This spring KMFDM will release another single called 'Amnesia' taken from their latest album 'Krank', folowed some exclusive European festival and club show! After mind-blowing at the Sinnerday 2011 Festival (Hasselt) where they surprised friend and foe, and the remember-able highly energetic show at Trix Club in 2010 it’s time again for KMFDM to conquer Antwerp ....! Supporting KMFDM on this exclusive Antwerp Club show will be the Digital Hardcore Riot Noise unit from Bellarus:  AMBASSADOR 21!
Afterparty with DJ BORG vs DJ SKULLSCRAPER (aka Dirk Ivens)
Win a free KMFDM cd?! Order your tickets NOW on

24.08 The Klinik + 25.08 A Split-Second @ Infest, Bradford
BodyBeats Productions & Infest present:
+ DJ BORG vs DJ SKULLSCRAPER & many more!
25.08 A SPLIT-SECOND and many more
@ INFEST 2012, Bradford, UK
We are proud to announce that THE KLINIK & A SPLIT-SECOND will play the international acclaimed INFEST Festival in Bradford, UK.

More info:
11.10 Ultravox - Brilliant Tour 2012 @ Trix, Antwerp

BodyBeats Productions & Trix present:
11.10 ULTRAVOX! live @ Trix - Antwerp

The synthpop band Ultravox was founded in 1974 by John Foxx, then under the name Tiger Lily, later changed to Ultravox. The on the punk-style based electronic music seemed exactly to be what many where waiting for. After John Foxx was replaced as singer by Midge Ure, in the early '80s, They scored a massive number one hit with 'Vienna', only to do this once again soon after with the song 'Dancing With Tears In My Eyes'. Since 2008, Ultravox surfaced again (with singer Midge Ure) and since the 'Reunion Tour” is rolling well bringing them on stage at the ‘Lokerese Feesten’ Festival in 2009. To prove that they are back and serious, their first new album since 28 (!) years "Brilliant" was released last May.
For those who feel the need to stretch their legs some more, DJ BORG will provide the right club classix on the afterparty! Order your tickets now on www.bodybeats.be!
26.10 New-Wave Clubnight live! @ Zappa, Antwerp
BodyBeats Productions & Infest present:
with live concerts of:

+ afterparty with

DJ BORG vs DJ Skullscraper
26.10 @ Zappa, Antwerp
And a grasp of some more things to come ...
27.07.12  Sonar & many more @ Summer Darkness Festival, Utrecht, NL
29.07.12  Parade Ground & many more @ Summer Darkness Festival, Utrecht, NL
10.08.12  The Klinik + Parade Ground + Echo West @ Sythetic Beats Festival, Bochum, D
11.08.12  The Neon Judgement @ Markt Rock, Leuven, B
12.08.12  Absolute Body Controle + The Juggernauts @ M'era Luna Festival, Hildesheim, D
18.08.12  KMFDM + Ambassador 21 @ Zappa, Antwerp, B
24.08.12  The Klinik and more @ Infest, Bradford, UK
25.08.12  A Split-Second and more @ Infest, Bradford, UK
08.09.12  Dive @ NCN7 / Kulturpark, Deutzen, D
14.09.12  The Neon Judgement @ Matrix, Bochum, D
29.09.12  Absolute Body Control @ Dark Flower Night @ Werk 2, Leipzig, D  
30.09.12  Absolute Body Control @ K17, Berlin, D                                     
11.10.12  ULTRAVOX - Brilliant Tour 2012 @ Trix XL, Antwerp, B
13.10.12  32CRASH & More @ BodyFest 2012, Stockholm
14.10.12  Sonar, Maschinenfest, Oberhausen, D
09-10.11.12 The Klinik + The Juggernauts & many more @  Industrial Festival, Wroclaw, PL
26.10.12  The Bollock Brothers + DE Brassers + The Arch @ Zappa, Antwerp, B
17.11.12  Dive + Leaether Strip @ Drom, New York, USA
24.11.12  Dive, Porta Nigra Festival / De Klinker, Aarschot, B
24.11.12  32CRASH @ E-Only Fest @ Werk II, Leipzig, D
14.12.12  BIMFEST day 1 @ Trix XL, Antwerp, B
15.12.12  BIMFEST day 2 @ Trix XL, Antwerp, B
16.02.13  The Juggernauts + A Split-Second and more @ Electrocution festival, Rostock, D
06.04.13  HENKE + More tbc @ Zappa, Antwerp, B
(More dates to be confirmed / More info on www.bodybeats.be)
So, musical & party friends, thats it for now ... But there's is still more to come!
Check our website www.bodybeats.be for more info and even more upcoming concerts!
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Thanks for your time and support!