This special and urgent Newsletter that follows explains the reasons why the Council, supported by the Save Mona Vale Hospital Committee, has submitted an alternative site for the Mona Vale hospital.

Please read it carefully.

From the Offshore point of view, it is vital to be able to access a good hospital in a reasonable time, either an upgraded Mona Vale hospital, or one on the Narrabeen site – certainly NOT one at Frenchs Forest.

We fought the battle a couple of years ago and thought we had won – 2 hospitals (one Level 4 at Mona Vale, and one on a new site in the Manly area) – a decision by the then Minister Craig Knowles.

It subsequently became very clear that the Government/Dept of Health Northern Region was absolutely opposed to a Level 5 hospital at Mona Vale.

So, either we give in and let the Level 5 hospital go to the Frenchs Forest site, with a very likely consequence that MV hospital will continue to be downgraded over the years, or we make a final and serious attempt to have the Level 5 hospital located in an area that is, in fact, close to the Demographic centre of the Northern Beaches area (at Cromer), and  which will become even closer in the decades ahead.  It is also at the Geographic centre. 

Now, read on – and send a submission to the Council by the 22nd February 

Email – 

P O Box 882, Mona Vale NSW 2103 

 and write a letter to the Manly Daily, stressing our concern about access, and bearing in mind that the Dept’s own standard is – access to be within 20 kms or 30 minutes.  Frenchs Forest would, in no way, meet that standard for Offshore families, or those North of Avalon. 

Any questions, ring Greg Roberts who represents the Offshore position on the Save MV Hospital committee  (9979 9599) or email

The full newsletter (PDF - 2mb) is available by clicking here



The recently released Council draft submission on health services on the Northern Beaches responds to an offer last November by the NSW Premier to consider a submission by Council before any decision is made on the site of the new Level 5 Northern Beaches Hospital. The Council has received feedback from both the Premier and the Health Minister that the Government intends making a decision on the site in early March.

 The Council proposal has the support of the Save Mona Vale Hospital Committee. The Committee believes that if the State Government won’t put the major Level 5 Hospital on the existing Mona Vale site, then the new alternate Narrabeen site proposed by the Council is THE best way ahead—for all the people and medical service providers on the Northern Beaches.

The highly detailed and expertly prepared submission is being examined by the NSW Premier, Mr. Iemma, the NSW Health Minister Hon. Mr Hatzistergos and the NSW Health Department.


Our Chairman Comments 

Parry Thomas, Chairman of SMVHC says: 

“The Government clearly favours Frenchs Forest as the future site of the Northern Beaches Hospital and it is not interested in upgrading or maintaining the existing Mona Vale Hospital site. The existing site would be unlikely to continue as a hospital and once that occurs the State Government would likely sell off the site for major development.  

I know that this new alternate site (at Narrabeen) proposal will come as a surprise to many who have fought so hard to have the major hospital located at the existing Mona Vale site. But we must all acknowledge new political realities and adjust our thinking.

We believe the Council proposal provides a comprehensive solution for health services on the Northern Beaches including a new Level 5 Public Hospital at either Mona Vale or the new alternative site at Narrabeen. 

I urge all residents who want to keep a fully functioning hospital in Pittwater to support Council’s proposal. This is sure to be our last chance before we find ourselves travelling to our nearest hospital at Frenchs Forest in the future!”


The Save Mona Vale Hospital Committee
(Northern Beaches Health Planning Group)