(L-R Activist Greg Pallen with Film Maker Michael Murphy at Georgia Tech University Prior to an Interview That Will Be Shown in Murphy's Upcoming New (Third) Documentary on Geoengineering (Chemtrails):
"An UNconventional Shade of Grey"-- IAHF Urges Everyone to Buy an Advance Copy To Support the Completion of This Third Film- See the Trailer For It & More Info Below as Well as NEW INFO on How to Detox to Protect Yourself

IAHF List: Once in a blue moon a giant walks amongst us, a larger than life person with balls of steel who is not afraid to die, if need be, for the cause of freedom. 

Film maker Michael James Murphy is such a person, and I urge all of you to join me by supporting Michael in the completion of "An UNconventional Shade of Grey", his third documentary film about geoengineering/ solar radiation management ("chemtrails") which we must complete as far in advance of the upcoming UN Summit on "Climate Change" as possible to raise conciousness regarding UN genocide and the fraudulence of their "global warming" dogma.
Please go here to watch the trailer for "An UNconventional Shade of Grey" and please become one of Michael's "funding angels" or at the very least, please purchase an ADVANCE COPY of this as yet unfinished film to help Michael have the funds needed to complete it!
Michael is literally risking his life to make his films, and the best way we can all protect him, and keep him from being turned into a grease spot by the jackals is to massively get behind his efforts! Please urge everyone within your sphere of influence to join you in support of this badly needed film!
This whole week spray planes have been chemtrailing the piss out of Point Roberts, and I have been ingesting EXTRA SULFUR to protect myself. Below you will find a SPECIAL JUNE DETOX REPORT that goes into more detail on the need to detox than I've ever provided in an alert!
I also have been wearing  a respirator when I cycle, and I've been taking EXTRA measures to DETOX because the spraying here has truly been HORRIBLE lately! The sky is blue early in the morning, but by 9:30 am every day its been nothing but chemtrail haze. The lines criss crossing the sky by 8 am spread out until they just about white out the sun, its creepy and surreal!
I encourage you to join me in flipping the bird to the genocidal killers who seek to cull the human herd by emulating my level of detoxification and by joining me in educating everyone around you.
I sometimes randomly approach strangers in parks and at the beach and strike up conversations about this.... please do the same! (If you click on that last link you can see the detox products I use along with sulfur because they work synergistically with it for ADDED PROTECTION! I don't want to get full blown Morgellons disease, we have all inhaled the weaponized parasites created in a bioweapons lab, but we won't get the full blown Morgellons disease that is currently KILLING Joni Mitchell if we do enough to detox! (She is on life support and is not conscious and probably doesn't have much longer to live, please join me in praying for her.)
Cultural Anthropologist Margaret Mead once said back in the '60s: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Well right now, TODAY, you and I get to have our chance to be amongst the people who can change the world by joining forces with this courageous film maker to ASSIST HIM in having the funds necessary to complete this badly needed film, so it will expose the attempted genocide coming out of the UN's upcoming "Climate Change" Summit in France in a few months. Murphy is bound and determined to STOP THE SPRAYING, and if enough of us stand by his efforts, we just might have a chance! In the meantime, however, we must continue taking countermeasures to detox! 
I encourage you to buy 10 or 20 lbs of Sulfur and get the discounts so you can share some with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers as you educate them at the same time! Encourage more people to sign up for these e-alerts and call their attention to my archives HERE! Let them know they can receive them by signing up HERE!
A cleanse (detox) is the proces of extracting, neutralizing, and eliminating built up waste, pharmaceutical drug residue, heavy metals, mucous, pus, toxic chemicals, poisons, or any harmful residues from your body. This waste can be in your fat, muscles, organs, cells, even within the varius spaces between the organs of the body.

One of the greatest ways to prevent, and even heal disease, is to keep ahead of the game by periodically assisting the body in eliminating this built up toxic waste. That's a detox.

The bottom line is that modern life and modern living have overloaded, overworked, polluted, irritated, inflamed, scarred, clogged, constipated, degenerated, and diseased all of your body's elimination organs and systems (especially with chemtrails raining down tons of toxic heavy metals, mycoplasma, ethylene dibromide,molds,viruses, and weaponized parasites that we're inhaling into our lungs....

This has caused a slowing down effect of your body's elimination of toxic waste, and caused it to be backed up and deposited (and even STORED) in your body- overworking and depressing your immune system and lowering your disease resistance.

This unavoidable toxicity underscores the serious importance of regular and routine cleansing, detoxification and toning of these precious elimination organs and systems.

(With chemtrails added on top of all the OTHER toxic burdens we carry, most of you aren't doing enough to detox. Using sulfur twice a day is just the bare minimum a person should do to keep ahead of the onslaught, I strongly recommend ALSO utilizing Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, these specific instructions for doing a bowel cleanse, Super Food Plus (the world's best super food powder), Echinacea Plus tincture, and Magnascent iodine.

Your liver is your blood filter. Every second of every day it filters, traps, neutralizes, kills, and eliminates poisons that you inhale, ingest and absorb. From common poisonous chemicals in the home, workplace or even on your dinner plate to prescription drugs residues, air pollution, chemtrails, and worn out blood cells, there are literally millions of toxic trash bits circulating all over your body that your liver has to defend you against.
Every organ in your body DEPENDS on your kidneys staying clean, healthy and strong. Clogged and sluggish kidneys impact every system in the body, because your kidneys are such a key part of delivering essential vitamins and oxygen to the cells, along with getting the waste and toxins out.
Herbs are the safest and most powerful way to support your kidneys and urinary tract. They work mostly by increasing your flow of urine, which naturally flushes and cleans your urinary tract.
Your BOWEL is the LARGEST elimination organ in your body. It is the major way waste gets out of your body. A constipated, swollen bowel can put PRESSURE on a nearby area, causing an almost ENDLESS list of ailments like abdominal discomfort, allergies, asthma, backaches, constipation, cramps, depression, fatigue, food cravings, headaches, hemorrhoids, indigestion, insomnia, irritability, memory loss, menstural problems, nausea, poor appetite, prostate trouble, skin problems, sexual dysfunction and WEIGHT GAIN.
This is why the FIRST STEP in any health program is cleansing and detoxifying your bowel!! You can do this, as I did last summer causing a 70% increase in my energy level after jettisoning decades of deeply impacted shit that not even colonics could get out of my bowel, by following this Quickstart protocol of famous herbalist Richard Schulze as I did with great results!
The most odiferous, foul smelling turds that have EVER exited my body were flushed out via this incredible cleanse and I could not BELIEVE how much BETTER I felt with these toxins that had been putrifying for decades in my colon GONE from my body! To do this cleanse you need to follow THIS QUICKSTART PROTOCOL and utilize Intestinal Formula #1 and Intestinal Formula #2
They work together synergistically as a one, two PUNCH, like ROTO ROOTER for your colon, and this will help the SULFUR to work even BETTER!! You can't put a dollar value on your health! Good health is your FOUNDATION for whatever you aspire to do with your life, so don't let the Rockefu_ _ers give you Morgellons disease via weaponized parasites, mycoplasma, and toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us via chemtrails or take you out via any other means!
Don't waste another SECOND of your life allowing your colon to contain horrible putrifying TOXINS that CIRCULATE in your BLOOD throughout your whole body putting you at RISK of getting CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, etc....
We take far better care of our CARS with regular oil changes, and tune ups, but why is it that we neglect to provide at least that SAME level of care for our bodies?
I can guarantee the ruling elite do cleanses like this, they know how to insulate themselves from the effects of what they are doing to the rest of us as they pursue their Transhumanist genocide agenda as they seek to take over this planet for themselves and their progeny.

(I urge all of you to take the time to watch Skizit Gesture's You Tube Channel where she provides in depth information on Morgellons disease, explaining in detail how all of us have inhaled weaponized parasites that were created in a bioweapons lab for the purpose of biologically chipping us, destroying our health and to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs, mind controlled New World Order slaves.
No one will get full blown Morgellons disease if they make an effort comparable to my own to detox. You can match my effort if you go on to read the more in depth detox info above. Those most at risk of getting Morgellons have Lyme disease, and other medical problems that compromise their immune system.
In my NEXT e-alert, I will provide still MORE new detox info. The NEXT one will focus on the Liver and Kidneys.....
Until you get it though, you could be starting on your bowel cleanse, doing so will help you lose weight, and protect yourself from every degenerative disease in existence. Doing so will be your INSURANCE POLICY against ever getting full blown Morgellons disease which is currently KILLING JONI MITCHELL. She is on life support systems in a hospital in Los Angeles where she is not able to communicate. She won't be around much longer. She is on life support systems in a hospital in Los Angeles where she is not able to communicate. She won't be around much longer....
will YOU?
The elite have made no bones about their intention to radically cull the human herd. They've been very open about their intentions, carving them into solid granite with the Georgia Guidestones, and they also telegraphed their intentions via this document that was leaked to the front page of the NASA website in 2001 but it was only there for about 45 minutes before being yanked. That was just long enough for our side to grab it though and preserve it in cyberspace, HERE.
Please don't allow yourself or anyone in your family to become a statistic, take the time to read Schulze Quick Start Bowel Cleanse info info very carefully, then take steps to implement it,.....when I did that cleanse last summer my energy level shot up by 70% and I went from needing 8-10 hours of sleep every night to only needing 4. 
I got far more energy that I put into cycling, hiking, sailing and other recreational activities that I enjoy and that I need to be able to pursue in order to handle the psychological rigors of providing people with information like this that isn't always easy to digest on an emotional level.
The only way I can handle looking as closely into this New World Order stuff as I do is that I eat only nutrient dense foods, no junk, I drink sulfur water religiously twice a day, I use my other products too as I find they work well synergistically with sulfur and I get enough exercise every day so that I can sleep well at night, regardless of how emotionally impacting stuff I learn, and pass on, might be.
Our bodies are finely tuned machines, we need to treat them like Porches, not like junk cars, yet far too many of us treat our cars far better than we treat our bodies, then we wonder why we get sick!!
Together we CAN monkeywrench the N.W.O.s genocide and world control plans. I began this alert by telling all of you about my buddy Michael's latest film, "An UNConventional Shade of Grey" I hope this alert helps Michael get a few thousand dollars so he can complete this film. If you have deep pockets, please consider being one of his angels and lay a few grand on the effort.
At the very least please spend the $24.95 to order an advance copy the way I have.
I have HOPE any time I think about people like Michael who are in the trenches fighting for us all the way he is. He is one of my Sulfur Wholesalers and uses sulfur and my other products himself for detoxification purposes.
If any of you qualify to be a wholesaler, and would like to help me distribute the world's best sulfur to the masses so we can drive Big Pharma out of business, please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time. To be a wholesaler you need to have a way to move sulfur, and you need to make an initial wholesale purchase of 50 lbs. I have have a growing number of wholesalers who are alternative medical practitioners, but I also have people who are good at building websites, and I have some that do radio shows.
Please email your qualifications to wholesale sulfur to me at jham@iahf.com and we can follow up with a phone conversation. I provide a turnkey business opportunity, and you'd really be helping everyone around you at a very dark time in history.
Things might sometimes SEEM hopeless, but they AREN'T!! We have never had a better chance to expose whats going on than we do right now, so we are not powerless to fight back!
Sometimes it seems like "evil is winning" but that is highly illusory. As FDR said in his famous 1933 Inaugural Speech during the height of the Great Depression, "The only thing we have to fear, is FEAR ITSELF!!"
The best thing about sulfur is that it neutralizes acid caused by STRESS helping us to feel far more CALM and GROUNDED even as much SEEMS very dark all around us!! as much SEEMS very dark all around us!!   By taking charge of our health, by commanding our day, no harm can come to us, especially if we pray!! We have a Creator who loves us, and we are never alone!