It's been a quieter month for me and I have started Body Pumping, which I thought I'd been doing for years. But March sees the return of LIVE RHLSTPs and some frankly amazing guests.
The big name stars sold out before I could even reveal their names to anyone but the monthly badgers. If you're not one already, this is just one of the many benefits. This video explains everything and also shows what you could win in the end of month draw. Sign up NOW and your name will be in the hat for this and all future draws.
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Richard Herring
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Here are the current line-ups for the London run

March 9th Sir Michael Palin and Aisling Bea SOLD OUT
March 16th Nish Kumar and Ian and Barry from the Parapod LAST FEW TICKETS
March 23rd Isy Suttie + TBA
March 30th Ben Shephard from Tipping Point + TBA
April 6th Lolly Adefope and Adam and Joe SOLD OUT
I am aiming high with those TBAs so worth booking ahead if you don't want to miss out AGAIN! I think they will sell out to badgers as soon as they are announced.
And can't believe there are still tickets for the Tipping Point showdown. There could be blows exchanged.
I'll be back at the Leicester Square Theatre on Mondays in October and November too.
I am working on guests for the sold out Birmingham and Norwich gigs too.
And there's an extra special RHLSTP with James Acaster taking place at the blumin O2 on March 24th. It's for O2 mobile customers only, but if you are one of those try and win free tickets by signing up via your Prioirty app. Details here
Be great if it was in the main room, but it's in the bar where O2 customers get to hang out before the proper gigs. But it still counts!
It will appear on all the usual feeds in the same week as recording, so no one needs to miss out.
Hopefully some more RHLSTPs around the country will be added to the roster soon.
We're currently putting up two podcasts a week to get through the tour backlog. George Monbiot and Paul Sinha are going up this week. General consensus is that the current run of podcasts are amongst the best we've done. If you haven't heard of some of the guests please take a punt. You won't be disappointed.

It's happening again. March 8th is almost upon us and I am gearing up to do my regular trawl of Twitter to find the people asking when international men's day is and then telling them when it is (no spoilers).
I have decided to make this the last year I do this (at least so thoroiughly), so this is my last chance to complete the mission and make money for the brilliant charity Refuge.
I will be live streaming a significant part of the day on Twitch, like some kind of a Limmy. You will be able to see me at work and observe my mental  breakdown as well as (I think) donate money for special gifts and mentions and I suspect there will be some forfeits and rewards if we hit significant milestones.
You will be able to tune in to watch via my channel which I believe will be here
Or if you don't want to see my stupid face but would like to make a donation via Tiltify- head here.
We raised £150,000 two years ago and £130,000 last year and it'd be great to go out with a bang and beat those totals. So feel free to stick some money in NOW.
I can't work out if it being on a Sunday will make things easier or trickier, but you'll be able to join me for several hours if you want to find out.
I recorded my fourth episode of Pointless Celebrities in February. My partner was Les Dennis who had lost twice before. Could we break the curse? Or would it be 7th time unlucky?
I'm also recording an episode of The Chase in April. I am going for the big money. Unless I wimp out.
There is another secret project that I am not allowed to mention yet, but hopefully I can by next time I email you.
Just ordered a new filter for my fridge. We'll see how I do on getting it in on 10th March.
I've started writing the internet version of my sitcom "Everything Happens For No Reason." I am not sure when we will record this, but aiming for the end of the year.
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