- their debut album, in it's entirety
Bad Weather California’s new album, Sunkissed is their debut for Akron/Family’s Family Tree Records label and is like a 65 Impala convertible driving down the road where the Minutemen, Meat Puppets and early Flaming Lips shake hands with your parents’ classic rock record collection, with the spirit of Juju master King Sunny Ade looking at you in the rear view mirror. It’s the soundtrack to a Summer party that’s always happening around the corner.
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Release Date: 26th March 2012
Label: Family Tree Records
01. Iʼll Reach Out My Hand
02. When You Smile
03. Stand In My Sunshine
04. Big Yellow Ball
05. Skate or Try
06. Freaks and Geks
07. Let It Shine
08. Iʼll Reach Out My Hand pt 2
09. I Feel Like Dancing
10. Iʼll Sing Along
11. Youʼre My Friend

Bad Weather California are four west coast weirdos making feel-good true-energy rock music out in the desert mountains, a punk band for the new millenia. Raised on the alt music they discovered in Thrasher magazine and gas powered generator shows in the small desert town where they grew up, they have spent the past seven years playing, touring, and searching the floors they slept on for those same feelings and sounds. Looking for them on their dusty old four tracks or alternately threatening to just plain fall apart from them right in front of your eyes at one of their legendary Denver house shows. Chris from BWC explains “as a kid, I used to have this intense nervous feeling when I would go watch punk bands play. Like anything might go down. Like it was unstable. I’m looking for that again. Striving for it”.
The album was recorded in Detroit at the home studio of engineer Chris Koltay, produced by A/F guitarist/singer Seth Olinsky.
The whole album emerged as an unintentional song-cycle revolving around the theme of the sun, but not the Sun Ra pyramid mystical paradigm - rather the sun that shines on you as you’re on your way to the beach, or sneaking out of class to smoke with your friends. This is no childish record about running around in the woods and being kids forever, though, this is actually a pretty real record, one that speaks to you as if you were there, or it noticed your light on at 9pm on a Friday night and calls to invite you to walk around the streets together all night looking for something to do. Bad Weather says their music is like “a soundtrack to a made up movie about the summer you spent skateboarding, discovering drugs, going to the beach, falling in love”.
After the Detroit sessions, the group took the tapes back to Denver and re-imagined it even further. I had been hoping Sunkissed would marry Detroit Low End to Denver High End, and listening to the final masters I see, I imagined it right. The album manages to hit and drift, clear but still magical. Don’t take my word for it; call your friends on a landline, pick them up in your car, and take a 32 minute drive to the beach or the local skate spot and hear it for yourself. And then find yourself listening again on the way home.” - Seth Olinsky 
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