Today it's March the 12th. Today YAST releases a new single!

Artist: YAST
Single: I Wanna Be Young
Cat#: arweb 151
Label: Adrian Recordings



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April 26th YAST releases their self titled debut album world wide. No one will be disappointed.

The album is a small bag of candy, it is especially noticeable when you break it apart and present the songs as a string. "Believes", "Strangelife" and "Stupid" has the pearls been called so far, and we see no reason to stop delivering the sweets. Here we present new single "I Wanna Be Young".

The song has already been written about by The Guardian with the words:
”Don't be fooled by the jangly guitars and hushed vocals, this new single from Sweden's Yast masks a hatred for the young”.

…and surely there is some truth to it. The singer Nopan says about the song:
"I have always been hanging out with people who are older than me, and it makes you get a certain role. More undemanding. But in recent years it has been hard to dodge the fact that there are younger people than myself and I do not really know how to behave around them. Instinctively, I hate them, but I guess I have to start getting used to them. I do not know how common it is with life crisis by the age of 25 but I do not think I will tackle mine so well. "

The song comes with 4 amazing remixes.

Night Works Elixir of Youth Mix
Night Works is Gabriel Stebbing from UK, which released his debut album on Rough Trade, and that we have seen in the amazing pop band Metronomy. You will definitely hear more of Night Works in the future. Right now he is raving around the internet with his resent single “Long Forgotten Boy” most frequently in the Erol Alken remix. This remix was premiered over at The Line of Best Fit.

DÖDEN has long been YASTs dark companion. Here he really surpassed himself. This is DÖDENs best remix up to date. DÖDEN is releasing his debut EP "Elephants EP" the 6th of March on 12-3 Recordings. Swedish Public Service PSL descibes the remix as a "sad rave clown".

Aster's Holly Grail Remix
Nothing is cooler on the disco scen in Europe than the label Hivern Discs in Spain, they release John Talabot among others. They also released Aster.

Bam Spacey's Young Cuts
Bam Spacey is all over the internet. The internet waves are hitting the Malmö- beach where he just sits and lets it wash over him. Already acclaimed in The Fader, The Line of Best Fit among others. This remix is premiered at XLR8R. |
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