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Meet Kate is slowly expanding: a thousand chickens, but also new applications for the daycare center and of course in a few months the primary school that will provide high-quality education to 200 children.
This month we have lots of news to share with you. First, our president Kelly de Vries flew to The Netherlands for one month. Also, we had an inspiring Business Models workshop and are starting our chicken farm which is our third sustainability project. We also received a lot of fun and heart-warming responses to our promotional film which has been viewed almost 7000 times by now! Fantastic!

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Myrthe Oostenbach
Chairman Meet Kate Foundation

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Kelly in The Netherlands
After spending eight months in Ghana, Kelly de Vries (president) landed on Dutch ground on March 17. She will meet the new board and there are a few exciting meetings planned. More about that later!
Kelly leaves behind the projects of Meet Kate in full confidence. She proudly says: “I’m not the least worried. Together with the Ghanaian employees we built an incredible organisation over the past year, in which everyone knows exactly what to do. Of course I will miss everyone the coming month, but I am very pleased the projects are this successful and that I can visit my friends and family in The Netherlands without having to worry about Ghana”.
The Meet Kate family expands
And with no less than one thousand chickens! This month, our third sustainability project (a chicken farm) has started. Together with the daycare center and the cacao plant it is supposed to contribute to the children’s home’s sustainability. We hired a Ghanaian chicken expert to coordinate the project and care for the chickens. We rent his chicken farm for a period of two years. The chickens were bought when they were one day old and will start laying eggs when they’re six months old. The sale of these eggs (and after 80 weeks the sale of the chicken meat) will generate an income used to finance the educational projects of the Meet Kate Foundation.
Update Ghana
Building the school
The meetings for the construction of the primary school are in full swing. We start building in April!

The second period school fees of the children at the Meet Kate Children’s Home have been paid for.

The daycare and kindergarten classes are doing very well. The applications keep coming in. All our groups are full right now, so we have started a waiting list.

We also had another parent-teacher night last month. We received many positive and enthusiastic responses from parents about our education and daycare facilities.

First Aid course
Thanks to WARA (West African Rescue Association), five of our staff members followed and passed a First Aid course. In six hours time they were taught theoretical and practical skills, so they are now able to help the children in cases of emergency.
Update The Netherlands
Business Models workshop
Last week Myrthe and Kelly had a brain storm session with Yvo, Jack and Sylvia of Hot ITem. The goal of Hot ITem is to permanently improve a company’s or government’s achievements. The accomplish this by doing performance improvement projects on the intersection between business and IT. Hot ITem sponsors Meet Kate with such a project and in 10 days we have our second meeting. We are very enthusiastic and curious about the outcome!
GET Teacher Training DONE
In April, our pedagogue Noor van Hout will come to Ghana for eight months, to work on the educational program of the Meet Kate Primary School. She’ll also be giving workshops and training to our teachers and employees, on the subject of individual care and education. To finance this project, we work together with Get it Done: an online platform for small scale developmental projects. You’ll find our project here and the idea behind this form of crowdfunding is explained very well in this film. We are now at 5,8% and every contribution is more than welcome! Share this with your friends and let’s get it done!

She inspires... We invest. Get involved!
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 Let us meet you!
In each newsletter we ask three questions to one of our followers or donors. 
This time we'd like to introduce

Thomas de Peinder  

1. How did you learn about the Meet Kate Foundation?
Through the episode of 'Waar is de Mol?' with Johnny de Mol and Peter R. de Vries.

2. What appeals to you about Meet Kate?
The clear communication and the fact that it's linked to a for me familiar person: Peter R. de Vries. His daughter and he fully support the foundation.

3. What is the difference for you between Meet Kate and other organisations?
What I personally find very good about Meet Kate's projects, is that they are based on the local strength. Letting people be independent. Making sure the projects function independently, investing in long lasting and high-quality projects that are customized to fit local needs. Working with
potential talents in a good and highly reliable way. In short: it feels good to support Meet Kate!

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School from Gemert  helps school in Ekwamkrom
The Commanderij College in Gemert collected 4.000 Euro for the Meet Kate Foundation! Students organised a Christmas gala and donated its profits to Meet Kate. Furthermore, staff members could choose between a Christmas bonus or a donation to a good cause. Together, they raised this magnificent
amount which will be well spent on the construction of our primary school. Myrthe (former student of the Commanderij College): 'Last year I handed the cheque to Kelly on behalf of the school, this year I'm the one receiving the donation as chairman of the board!'

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