"The Axis of Blood"

CD Digisleeve

SK'R026-CD - 2015

6 panel digisleeve with a 20 page booklet

Listen the new track : KAOÏST SERPENTIS.

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Eighteen years ago, some underground activists under the name OSCULUM INFAME released one of the most controversial yet generally applauded album ever spawned in France. Dor-Nu-Fauglith has since remained a landmark of European black metal, perfectly blending melodies and harshness. With success came controversy, from the band’s own statement to the (in)famous lyrics of ‘Kein Entkommen’, Osculum Infame was quickly surrounded by a smell of sulfur.

Even after their split, Osculum Infame left a bloody and disgraceful mark on the face of clean & politically correct black metal we all know. A putrid scar to remember that the Devil’s music has NEVER been supposed to become acceptable.

The speculations went on, and so did the hunt by modern fascists “de la pensée unique” (whose methods and acts made them far closer to their enemies than they imagine, but don’t tell them…). Now Osculum Infame rises again. Here at Battlesk’rs we are proud to give our support to them, as we have done with the successive releases of the 7” ep Quwm (2010),  Consuming the Metatron (2012) and now its epilogos, the successor to Dor-Nu-Fauglith, their 2nd full-length opus: “The Axis of Blood.”

Maybe it’s time to answer some questions once and for all. Are Osculum Infame NS for real? Or was this just some juvenile provocation? Does Satan prefer white people? Or maybe we don’t care at all. Maybe we’re just fed up with all your stupidity, your endless and sterile debates, your childish beliefs, your fathomless ignorance. Maybe we laugh at you, whoever you are and whatever you believe, when you lose your time with pretentious message board masturbations. Maybe we want to see you all burn in the flames of ovens built for Humanity’s holocaust. And then we’ll rejoice upon the ashes.

Whatever. What we deem important is to release not only quality albums, but mainly to support upright bands and artists, who have a vision, who bear the Flame, who don’t care of your pathetic morals, your empty and gregarious perception of what is good and what is not. We live in a time of political correctness: “We are all Charlie”. We are supposed to respect your dumbness. We are supposed to show our asses on social medias, and look at yours.

No. Fuck that. We’ll follow the Left Hand Path eternally and spill acid and vermin upon your dreams of a better and healthier society. Ignominy in all shapes will always have more appeal to us than whatever kind of “progress” you’ll strive for. And bands like Osculum Infame will always have our support. Whoever you are, you know nothing. Whatever you think, we spit on you.

“Osculum Infame is not a political band. Osculum Infame is worse. And whatever, Osculum Infame fucks you all.”

And so we do.


N. Kapalika and Eklezjas’tik BerZerK, on behalf of Battlesk’rs, May 9th of the year of disgrace MMXV.

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