* 2024 Perugia Press Prize is OPEN *

Publication of the winning manuscript comes with
$2,000, author copies, and other support from the press.

Our honorarium has increased beginning with this submission cycle,
due to generous support from the Mass Cultural Council.

We look forward to reading your work!

Emerging BIWOC Poet Spotlight

August 2023 Poet: Lauren L. Wheeler

Valencia Street on a Summer Night

The howling of boozehounds
outside the bar across the street
blends with the ear-splitting yodel 
of police cars and fire trucks speeding
to the latest Mission catastrophe.

I would close the windows, 
but it’s hot in here. The air should be Republican,
it’s so oppressive. In the kitchen,
the fan squeaks near the ceiling, useless and 
archaic as a butter churn, rotary phone, Victrola.

It’s so hot and only getting hotter. 
By the time the mosquitoes arrive,
all whirring cellophane wings,
I’m just a pile of sounds beside you,
moans and purrs and cries wrapped in skin. 

The night sighs as red digits switch places,
ushering in the morning’s music:
garbage trucks, the alarm’s faint bleating, 
and, occasionally, the chirp of a lone bird. 
From In Between Places (Nomadic Press, 2022)

To read more about this poet and her work, check out our blog.

* The Book Eaters: Available for Pre-sale *

* Perugia Poet News *
"Self-Portrait as the Cornfields" from her collection 
 The Book Eaters up at Four Way Review (listen to the poet
read the poem as well). Two other poems from the book, 
 "Blueprints" & "A Cord to Bind Us," are up at Diode

Carolina Hotchandani will also be taking part in many
fall events in support of The Book Eaters. The first one is
Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago on September 9, where
she'll present at 12:30 pm with Dr. Taylor Byas, Elizabeth Joy Levinson, and José Olivarez, emceed by Ignatius Valentine Aloysius. Next she'll be at Morningside University at noon on September 13 in the "Writing Day" event series.
 "Seed of Mango, Seed of Maize"
from her Perugia book Beg No Pardon is featured
by the Academy of American Poets at

"After a Massacre" up in Letter Reviewwhich won
Joint Third Place in the Letter Review Prize for Poetry.
"Once I hid behind a tree and watched a mime" 
in Issue 11 of Guesthouse.
Perugia poet L.I. Henley was featured by Bess Winter,
Assistant Managing Editor of The Cincinnati Review, 
 in “The Doll is the Third Space”: An Interview
with L.I. Henley on Poetry and Paper Dolls." In it, fellow
Perugia poet Jennifer K. Sweeney​ calls Henley's creation of
dolls to mirror books she loves (including Sweeney's latest, Foxlogic, Fireweed), "a slow labor of responding."
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