Smarmy Globalist Bastard Soros Revealed..................   FDA Commissioner Hamburg, Daughter of Pres of American Eugenics Society

Dear John,

    I read your days of rage email with great interest.  But, I didn't really get --- at first --- what you were saying.  Now I think I have a better handle on it, but there is one very important thing I do not understand and I hope you will be kind enough to answer this for me.

    Why, exactly(?) would Soros be doing this?

Took a while for me to respond due to multitasking on many things. Please read my response carefully and really take the time to reflect on it. If possible, please donate to IAHF via because I just gave you an hour of my time. Suggested donation $50.-$100. Help me pay my freakin' bills, eh? Costs money to fight these bastards!

Re this Smarmy bastard George Soros:

He hates America, he is a committed globalist who is trying to fuck everyone by forcing us into a global totalitarian state. He is also an ardent Obamatron. Obama was installed on us by the Bilderberg group for the purpose of collaping the dollar, which he is doing as fast as he can on behalf of his shadow government string pullers which includes NSA which jerks his strings from computer terminals inside Fort Meade. He is an MKULTRA slave who is being controlled via microwaves.

NSA has the ability to monitor his vital signs remotely 24/7/365 and to put thoughts directly into his mind via microchips and microwaves- The person who wrote this article, Dr.Kilde, was forced to run for her life from Finland because after this article was published in the Finnish Medical Journal Spekula, her house was so heavily bombarded with microwaves that if fried her laptop and she was forced to check email at the library, she could never keep any more electronics in her house after this. I have her phone number in Norway which she was forced to flee to from Finland, I also have her email address. She's got her fingers on the pulse of many things.

Soros is directly behind the Days of Rage, this has been solidly exposed  Soros is the biggest money guy behind the Obamination. The Day so Rage is intended to counteract the Tea Party and to keep the Obamination in power, they'd love to be able to trigger martial law so the Obamination can stay in power, but luckily, they dont't have the numbers to do it.. Days of Rage is a pack of communists, socialists and anarchists who actively seek to destroy this country which would directly benefit the ruling elite who seek to destroy it so that they can force us into the CFR's long planned NAU Collectivist Dictatorship with Canada and Mexico:

 The Obamination has zero loyalty to America, his mission is to destroy America and to force us into the CFR's NAU Collectivist Dictatorship. The Obamination is a cross between Adolph Hitler and Mao. He is one evil sack of shit. His FDA Commissioner is Margaret Hamburg who is the daughter of the President of the American Eugenics Society, read this and please educate all the numerous assholes in Canada who blindly and myopically back this sack of communist human shit so so many fucking bleating sheep who obviously can't WAIT to be microchipped just like the Obamination:

Tell all the morons in Canada who worship the Obamination to yank their heads out of their diseased rectums, eh? Tell them to get on my email list via so they can start unbrainwashing themselves!! Canada is an evil country, its even more evil than America!! Thats why when the $ crashes, I'm starting my own COUNTRY here in Point Roberts!!
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