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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
May 3, 2011
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 12, Issue 576


Finally here is the May PON, a little late and apologies to all those expecting to have their notices out by the 1st.


  • Gwyn's Calendar
  • Additions to Scotland Island Website
  • Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade News
  • ANZAC Day Address
  • Gone Fishing Gallery Update
  • L. Duck Launch Postponed
  • Asparagus Out Weekend
  • Scotland island Players
  • David Wardman Workshops
  • Local Council Notices
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Watermarks
  • Author Talks
  • Fireshed Dinner
  • Census Recruiting
  • Wanted
  • Pump Out
  • House Sitter Wanted
  • For Sale
  • The Local Contact Guide
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  • Gwyn's May 2011 Calendar 

    To download a full version (A4 size) of this months calendar, ready for printing,  just click on the calendar image.

    You can contact Gwyn Perkins by email at g.perkins@gwyn.com.au

    The file is quite large and in PDF format. To view PDF documents you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.
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    May Poster


    New on Scotland Island Website!
    The website now displays Upcoming Events on Scotland Island.

    Check it out to learn what’s happening on the island: http://www.scotlandisland.org.au

    Anyone holding an event is invited to contact us – see the Upcoming Events section and click on ‘contact us’.

    Coming soon to the website: A listing of services and trades; SIRA page.


    SIRFB News

    The Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade (SIRFB) is involved with numerous activities, from responding to smoke sightings and boat fires around Pittwater and beyond to attending fire calls, storm damage and assisting with medical evacuations on the Island.  Each month we plan to highlight something of interest to the community and now it’s cooling down we thought we’d start with Winter Fire Safety.

    Winter is when many fires occur in the home.  Here are a few tips to keep your home safe:
    • Have suitable smoke alarms installed throughout your home and test them regularly
    • Never, ever leave cooking unattended
    • Ensure the chimney is clean, especially before the first fire of the season
    • Check electric blankets for damage or frayed cords before placing on the bed
    • Keep curtains, tablecloths and bedding away from portable heaters
    • Clean the lint filter on your clothes dryer each and every time you use it
    • Never leave burning candles or any other open flames unattended, and always extinguish before going to bed
    • Only use fuses of recommended rating and install an electrical safety switch
    May events at the Station – everyone welcome:

    • Sunday, 1 May               9am-12noon      Brigade Training
    • Tuesday, 3 May              7.30pm             Public Meeting about Medical Emergencies
    • Wednesday, 4 May         7.30pm             Brigade Meeeting
    • Saturday, 8 May             7.00pm              Winter Dinner – get Curried Away!
    8, 9, 14, 15, 28 & 29 May – Community First Response Ambulance Training

    Also, the fire boat is having a major upgrade and a new motor installed and will be returning to the Island soon.

    For further information, call us on 9999 4404, check the website www.sirfb.org.au or www.rfs.nsw.gov.au or pop into the Station.


    23rd ANZAC Day Address - Church Point 2011
    by Peter Hemery

    _MG_4900.jpg _MG_4859.jpg _MG_4871.jpg

    Good morning.   As a former resident of the Western shores of Pittwater, I am privileged to be invited to give the 2011 Church Point Anzac Day address.

    In 2010 Ian Leslie OAM, gave us a moving account of his family’s experiences in a prisoner of war camp in Java for the duration of WW II and extraordinary insights into his outstanding career in broadcast journalism in peace time and in war time around the world

    Following on from Ian’s address, I wish to acknowledge the work of Australian War Correspondents and their involvement in reporting on conflicts, and sadly often sacrificing their lives in war torn countries. As recently as last Thursday we learnt of the loss of two senior War correspondents in Misrata,Libya. Over 300 Australian War Correspondents served during WW2 and I understand only 150 returned, a 50% fatality rate.
    Reporting on conflicts began as early as 500 BC. We know the story about the messenger running from Marathon to Athens with news of the Athenian victory in the Greco/Persian war. Now we have ‘on the spot reporting’. We hear and see daily reports from Afghanistan, Libya and the African continent. War correspondents with great courage, bravery and passion put their lives at risk to bring us news from the battlefields around the world

    For a small nation AUSTRALIA has produced a significant number of distinguished war correspondents, commonly known as ‘Warcos’. Amongst them were Allan Moorehead and Chester Willmot two of the best known reporters of the Second World War.

    _MG_4863.jpg _MG_4881.jpg _MG_4885.jpg

    My father, Peter Hemery, was also a well known ‘Warco’ in WW II.  He began his career in broadcasting after he joined the ABC in Melbourne in 1939.
    In 1942 he was appointed war correspondent with the army for the ABC and BBC. En route to Malaysia, he landed in Darwin just 5 days before the first bombing raid began on 19th Feb 1942. For the next 6 months he covered all campaigns from the Northern Territory and Northern Australia.  Darwin suffered 64 air raids over 18 months from the 19th February 1942 to the 12th November 1943,

    The government reported that the official death toll during this time was 243, however the private secretary to the Administrator of the NT estimated the death toll to be as high as 1000; a figure, now recognised, to be a more accurate estimate of the loss of life.

    For years war correspondents from many allied countries had been struggling with how best to work with government laws relating to censorship

    My father was incensed by the Australian government’s cover up of the extent of damage and loss of life during the Japanese bombing of Darwin.
    In frustration, he returned to Sydney, to expose the sanitising of his reports, which he believed prevented the Australian public, it’s right to know the full story of the devastation he had witnessed. This led to threats of imprisonment for challenging the governments censoring of his reports.

    With the threat of imprisonment hanging over his head, father hitched a ride with an American Air Force cargo plane to New Guinea where he covered all major campaigns in the Pacific for the ABC, BBC and International News Service of America. He took part in every landing during the South West Pacific Campaign working with the front line troops. The noise of the guns and the aircraft engines, the extreme heat and the dust, were a constant challenge to produce recordings fit to air.

    In 1944 he returned to Australia, enlisted in the RAAF and was appointed Public Relations Officer. His war service encompassed every major campaign in the Pacific. He was awarded the Asiatic-Pacific Service Ribbon, by General Douglas Macarthur, for his long and meritorious service in the South Pacific arena with U S troops.

    During his reporting of the South Pacific Campaign with the American Air force he used a portable wire recorder to record his interviews. The wire recorder was the forerunner to the I Pod’s of today. After the war Father ‘borrowed’ this recorder from his US mates and brought it home. With this new technology he established the Macquarie Newsreel on Sydney radio 2GB in 1946.
    His wire recorder now resides in the Australian War Memorial in Canberra along with his war time films, reports and records.  
    Widely reported in the newspapers was his mission over Tokyo, on the 10th August 1945.
    At 8.15 am on the 6th August 1945, the Enola Gay dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. This was followed by the bombing of Nagasaki on the 9th August which led to the surrender of Japan on 15th August, 1945 

    My father along, with fellow Australian Bill Meredith, was on board an American  Boeing B29 Super Fortress, on a massed U S bombing raid of the  main army arsenal in Tokyo; one of the most heavily defended areas on the Japanese main land. He gave a graphic description of the scenes of absolute destruction of Hiroshima in the aftermath of the atomic explosion.

    Whilst returning to base, the B29 crew witnessed a US Submarine surfacing in Tokyo Harbour to pick up an American pilot who had been shot down by anti aircraft fire. While the submarine waited for the pilot to bring his life raft alongside, they casually shelled shore installations asking the B29 pilots to describe the fall of their shells.

    He relayed his experience as the only RAAF Officer to fly in a B29 air raid over Tokyo.

    _MG_4896.jpg _MG_4868.jpg _MG_4905.jpg

    Remarkably, my father survived his wartime experiences and went on to build a successful career in radio broadcasting, and significantly he introduced  “On the spot interviews” and created the Macquarie News Reel, using the wire recorder. Some of you may recall this programme; it was the beginning of talk back radio.

    Ironically, he was killed in the USA whilst flying his light aircraft in preparation for the London to Darwin Air Race in 1968 at the age of 55.

    In recognition of the sacrifices made by our war correspondents and our service men and women, and the impact their duties have on them and their families; I leave you with this thought on courage and bravery written by Rick Slater in his ‘Voice of Fear’ and I quote,

    “When soldiers go to war they don’t fight because they hate what’s in front of them, they fight because they love what is behind them’
    When they return, the defences they created to protect their loved ones are the same defences they must lower to return TO them.

    For THIS, we thank THEM!

    THANK YOU!                                          Peter Hemery      25 April 2011

    Peter hemery's Bio can be downloaded here

    These photos and more by June Lahm can be viewed in our Online Galllery here....


    Gone Fishing Gallery Update

    Update image
    Click the poster download the flyer or click here


    L. Duck Launch Postponed

    L.duck 1

    Due to the bad weather and high seas we have been having for such a long time, the L. Duck has not as yet flown from the nest. That is, she is still in Brisbane ! As such, we have postponed the launch. we are expecting her sometime next week.

    L.Duck 2


    Asparagus Out Weekend

    The third Asparagus Out Weekend event was held at the Pittwater YHA over the first weekend in April.

    30 volunteers took up the offer to be bed and fed at the hostel and joined members of the local Morning Bay Bushcare Group to achieve and amazing result.

    65 bags totaling 800 kg of Asparagus cores were taken out by National Parks.

    A Pittwater Natural Heritage Association (PNHA) activity in partnership with Pittwater YHA, NP&WS, Pittwater Council & sponsored by the Hawkesbury – Nepean Catchment Authority with funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for Community Programme.

    The team
    The team
    Pittwater YHA meal
    Pittwater YHA Meal
    Anne Reeve
    Anne Reeve
    Jane's big smile
    Jane's big smile

    Scotland Island Players

    a work of fiction, and a highly comic farce, concerning:
    An Island couple                      Michael       played by Gordon Floyd
    and                                         Cindy          played by Cheryl Wagner
    A Bays couple                         Robert        played by Matt Bowden
    and                                         Juliette        played by Lyn Savage
    A cleaner                                Heather       played by Kez Borthwick
    A woman from Mona Vale        Chantelle     played by Jessica Thompson
    Devised and directed by Bob Bolton
    The  play deals with infidelity, it's consequences, (especially unexpected ones) and the working out of adjustment strategies.  Of course, there are misunderstandings, mistaken identities, awkward developments, and lots of fun
    Last two weekends in May, Friday and Saturday night in the Hall, bookings at Scotland Island Lodge, and PMC Hill

    Drawing Workshop & Watercolour Painting Workshop

    woodypointDavid Wardman is holding workshops in both drawing 29th May and watercolour painting 19th June
    Both workshops are suitable for beginners or those wanting to gain more insight and experience.

    Each one day workshop is an intensive but highly enjoyable process aimed at raising the skills and confidence of the participant.

    please refer to www.madparrot.com.au  for more information  or phone 9999 5944 or email; david@wardman.com.au a more detailed information page will be sent to each participant.

    Wardman drawingThere is a limit of 8 paticipants for each workshop - places are secured by payment in full $95.00 (each workshop)

    David is a self taught watercolour artist A design graduate (London) he has worked as an illustrator in architecture for about 30 years, working in watercolour.

    He has given talks at Sydney College of the Arts, UTS and Sydney University.

    There is a large collection of his sketches and drawings in the Mitchell Library.


    Local Council Notices
    Indigenous Events in May
    The Manly-Warringah-Pittwater Aboriginal Support Group is holding two events in May in Pittwater.

    On Monday 9 May from 7.30pm indigenous film-maker Frances Peters-Little will present her film Vote Yes for Aborigines at Mona Vale Memorial Hall.

    Frances is a historian and musician and made the film in 2007 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of indigenous people being given the vote in 1967.

    Vote Yes for Aborigines revisits those involved with the 1967 referendum and the social attitudes and influences that led to the event, featuring former Prime Ministers, politicians, historians and campaigners. The campaign culminated in one of the most overwhelmingly positive votes in any referendum in Australia’s history, with 99% of voters saying ‘yes’.

    The film is approximately one hour long and following the screening, Frances will answer questions from the audience

    On Sunday 29 May the Aboriginal Support Group will mark one of the most solemn dates in the indigenous calendar – Sorry Day – by a commemorative walk from the Tramshed Community Centre car park at Berry Reserve North Narrabeen to Bilarong Scout Hall at Bilarong Reserve, off Wakehurst Parkway.

    Following the walk the community are invited to a BBQ with indigenous dance and music to remember the Stolen Generations.

    For more information about both the events please visit the group’s website at www.asgwp.net

    Vanessa Walsh, Manly-Warringah-Pittwater Aboriginal Support Group
    Ph: 9970 5456


    Law Week 2011 - Tuesday 17 May



    Letters to the Editor
    To Pittwater Councillors, SIRA & Scotland Island Cyclists,

    In the quest for secure bike parking at Church Point my attention has been drawn to the presently derelict Bennetts Boatshed at the eastern end of Church Point car park. I note that it was about to be demolished in November but an objection from the Church Point Reserve Association stopped this. I am sure they wouldn't object to it being rejuvenated into a secure bike parking facility on similar lines to the one provided by Manly Council in the Whistler Street car park. This is a large cage within the car park (under cover) with key access for cyclists who pay a deposit for the key plus a quarterly rental charge. Inside the cage are 30+ bike racks so cyclists have double protection if they choose to chain their bikes to the racks. The last I heard there was a waiting list for the Whistler St facility and Council were considering enlarging it. Pittwater Council could recoup the cost of renovating the Bennetts Boatshed from key rentals. We had 26 Scotland island cyclists who indicated their willingness to rent the proposed RTA lockers at $50 per quarter. It appears the present boatshed is 7.5M x 3.6M & I'm not sure how many racks it could hold but probably at least 20.

    The shed is ideally located adjacent to a bus stop. Many SI cyclists have told me they would use their bikes much more instead of their cars if they had secure bike storage on the mainland. Think of all the greenhouse gas that would save. Some of us might even sell our 2nd car.

    How about it Pittwater Council?

    John Thixton
    President Manly-Warringah/Mosman Bicycle User Group
    Spokesperson Scotland Island Cyclists (self-appointed!)


    Funnel web Spiders          spider

    I found one of these Funnel-web Spiders in my front yard this afternoon.  If you are able to SAFELY  put one of these LIVE  SPIDERS into a sealed container with some moist cotton wool and a breathing hole in the lid....please deliver to

                                                        Ant-eater Pest Control,
                                                        32 Roger Street,
                                                        9939 8208
    They will then transport the spider to Gosford Wildlife Reptile Park, who will regularly milk it  for it's venom and then send on  to the appropriate laboratories to make anti-venom serum for sufferers of this spider's bite.

    .......Phillippa Thomas


    Calling All Caterers, Purveyors of Fine Foods and Refreshments Vendors

    Watermarks is on again this year!
    September 24th and 25th.

    Mark it on your calendar…

    Would you like to get involved?

    •     Hold your own food and/or drinks stall?
    •     Help out with serving at other people's stalls?
    •     Make some delicious treats and deliver them to another site for sale on the weekend?
    •     Open your home as a one - off local restaurant?
    •     Help out as a volunteer?
    In September 2009 the first Watermarks event was a big success, with around 2000 people attending. This year the turn out is expected to be even bigger, so if you think you would like to be a part of the catering this year, please email Kath Anderson on kathando@yahoo.com, or call me on 0405 097 424.

    And remember that there are a few well experienced chefs and caterers around the Pittwater who will be most willing to help out with suggestions and advice. 


    Author Talks at Mona Vale LibraryPoster
    My Heart Wanders
    By Pia Jane Bijkerk

    The author takes us on her journey as she leaves a comfortable life in Sydney to follow her dreams, living firstly in Paris, and then on a houseboat in Amsterdam.

    This is a reflective memoir that speaks to the ‘wandering heart’ in all of us.

    Pia Jane Bijkerk is an internationally acclaimed stylist, photographer and author specialising in interiors, still life and food.

    Click Flyer to download PDF version
    Date: Thursday 26 May 2011
    Time: 6.30pm
    Venue: Mona Vale Library 1 Park Street, Mona Vale
    Cost: $7.50 Adults $5.50 Concession - Pensioners and Students (passes must be shown)
    Phone: 9970 1600
    Bookings essential!
    Payment within 3 days of booking


    Fireshed Dinner - Curry Night
    Saturday May 7 from 7pm



    Opportunity Knocks - Census Team Recruiting
    The next national Census of Population and Housing will be conducted on the night of Tuesday 9 August 2011. The Census aims to accurately measure the number of people in Australia on Census night, their key characteristics, and the dwellings in which they live.

    To assist in the preparation and operation of the Census, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is recruiting an army of over 29,000 Collectors nationally.

    Quality Collectors are vital to the success of the Census and the ABS are looking for people from all cultural backgrounds who are passionate about their local community and want to earn some extra money as well.

    Collectors, particularly those with bilingual skills, help to capture a full and accurate picture of
    Australia’s diversity.

    If you are interested in a flexible short-term position, please apply online at www.abs.gov.au/census
    or call 1800 420 182. Applications open 9 April and close on 5 May 2011.

    Collectors undertake the delivery and collection of Census forms from all houses in their allocated area, including helping householders complete their forms where necessary. Most Collectors will be responsible for around 500 households in cities or about 200 households in regional areas.

    Collectors must work from home, use their own telephone or mobile phone for Census purposes and have use of a car which can be securely locked. Collectors must provide secure storage in their home for up to 6 packs of Census material (less than 1 cubic metre).

    Collectors need to be available from 1 July to 8 September 2011. During the peak collection and delivery phase, Collectors must work weekdays and weekends, including evenings up to 9 pm.

    Collectors earn around $18 an hour and could expect to earn a total of between $1,300 and $2,800depending on their area. Travelling, incidental and motor vehicle allowances are also applicable.

    Applications for Collector positions will be assessed against the following criteria:
    • Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, who is at least 18 years of age
    • Availability to work during the period 1 July to 08 September 2011
    • Hold a current driver’s licence, have use of a secure vehicle and a home telephone
    • Good communication and liaison skills with the ability to apply strong Interpersonal skills in potentially challenging situations
    • Ability to read a map and perform clerical functions
    • Physical ability to walk for extended periods, negotiate stairs and difficult terrain
    • Ability to maintain the security and confidentiality of information collected
    • Ability to represent the ABS in a professional manner

    Place to Rent

    Family with two young girls (1 and 4) returning to Sydney from the UK after 6 years abroad.  We would like to experience living on Scotland Island before buying and becoming part of the off shore community.

    Ready to rent from mid June and the only requirement is a preference for 3 bedrooms.

    Please contact karaegerton@gmail.com or patrick.egerton@ambienceentertainment.com

    Help Wanted!!
    Anyone with a few hours to spare on a Tuesday morning to help sort fruit n vege service on the island
    is desperately wanted!
    Your time will be rewarded with a standard bag (3-4 persons) of fresh and delicious fruit and veg.
    Anyone interested should contact Justine 0413 724 113 or 9997 8364.


    On Site Sewage Pump Out
    Its time for our on-site sewage to be pumped out and we are looking for fellow islanders who wish to do the same.

    We hear the costs reduce significantly the more houses they do at one time.

    Please give us a call if you are interested. The more the merrier....if such a thing exists in regards to poo!!

    Johnny from 68 Thompson Street MB: 0418 408 894


    House & Cat Sitter Wanted

    I’m looking for someone to house-sit and look after my two cats for four weeks from end May.  Suitable for couple or single, no kids or pets. Near Carols Wharf.

    For more info call Jen 0411405335 or email jabawoc@bigpond.net.au

    For Sale
    Free Metal shelving system suitable for workshop, 1,23mt high x 2.4 mtrs long, it does come apart in 3 sections if desired, Free to good home, collect from Morning Bay

    Also Pine cladding for internal building projects, 5 mtrs long approximately 10 sheets, price negotiable, collect from Morning Bay,

    Rowena 0404 046 256 or 9979  5466

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    Elvina Escape - B & B at Elvina Bay - Alison Newham 0423 598 760
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    Pittwater Youth Hostel  - 02 9999 5748  www.yha.com.au/hostels/details.cfm?hostelid=31  
    Nila Chambers - Celebrant (marriages, funerals etc)  Discount for all offshore residents. 9999 2445
    Offshore IT Computer Services  - Contact Robert  0427 890 357 or 9999 2942
    Handy Service - "No job too small"  - Call Alan 0447 775 541

    Island Classes (Fitness, Dance, Art etc)
    Pilates, Meditation and Group Fitness with Patrice -  0406 483 036 patrice.corrie@gmail.com
    Anusara Yoga -  Thursdays -  0421762236 dominiquemarill@gmail.com or floydcbg@ozemail.com.au
    Art with Max - Watercolour classes. Phone Max on 9997 4527
    Art Classes- drawing and painting in oils, acrylics and mixed media- Marion 9979 3993 or 0431 457 431
    @ Nathalie's Table - Cooking Classes - Mediterranean cooking fortnightly - Nathalie - 9999 4449

    Gurdjieff / The Forth Way - Call John on 9979 5584, Marion on 9979 3993 or Anne on 9999 3478
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    Offshore a capella choir –  Saturdays at 2:30 pm, SI Community Hall. Call Gordon on 9997 2035.

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