John of IAHF (cap) Educates Crowd in Seattle re threat posed by NAU and by FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter 

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On November 17th, Marches for America Against the North American Union Dictatorship will be held in Atlanta GA, Frankfurt KY, Los Angeles CA, Sacremento CA, Yakima WA, and organizors in some additional cities are considering holding marches right now. These marches are being patterned after the one I was in in Seattle in August where we got this ball rolling.

The only way to stop UN Codex genocide from being forced on the USA is to defend our sovereignty in order to stop the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter wherein FDA is covertly meeting with regulatory counterparts in Canada and Mexico in an attempt to harmonize the food and drug regs between the three countries as if a North American Union were already in place.

This SHOULD make you ANGRY, and you SHOULD want to help organize a March/Rally for America in YOUR AREA just as we did recently in Seattle in August when we got this ball rolling and where I educated the crowd by giving a speech about what the FDA is trying to do to us, and why. For more info on these marches please see and 

If you need advice on how to organize your own March/Rally, please contact Jonnie Crivello from March for America, Washington at 206-926-3581 and she'll be glad to advise you. Listen to Jim Stach's radio broadcasts at  I'll be on his show on October 15th at 5pm Pacific time. Jim has had some tremendous guests on his show in recent weeks, and he's the prime mover behind the March in Atlanta.


Please take a minute to watch this you tube video of a marxist latino professor at UCLA urging revolution against the United States by the illegal immigrants now flooding into the country

The professor is part of the militant and racist group "La Raza" which is being heavily funded by the Ford Foundation, which is one of the ruling elite groups thats working overtime to force a North American Union Dictatorship down our throats.

The Neocons are threatening to destroy our access to dietary supplements via FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via which FDA is acting as though a North American Union were already in place as they covertly move to harmonize the food and drug regulations between Canada, USA and Mexico.

The Neocons are collectivists, who oppose individual rights as enshrined in the US Constitution (and in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms). They're followers of Leon Trotsky, the genocidal killer who travelled from NYC to Moscow in 1917 on an American passport armed with millions of dollars from the Rothschild Banking Family to instigate the so called "Russian Revolution" which was actuallly a coup to get the Tzars gold---- thus we see that "communism" had its origins on Wall Street. Lenin and Trotsky killed between 6 and 7 million people in the Ukraine while imposing collectivism on agriculture there between 1921-1927.

The Neocons, via their attempts to destroy the sovereignty of Canada, USA and Mexico are threatening to kill far more people than that, yet due to a near total Media Blackout on what is going on right under our noses with the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and the plan to force us into a North American Union dictatorship, most Americans aren't connecting the dots on whats happening and they need our help!

Thats why I need you to volunteer to organize a march/rally in your city or town. Do it for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and above all, for future generations!! An excellent resource to help you is Freedom Force International  I am in constant contact with Ed Griffin, the visionary who founded this wonderful organization, and on their site you'll find a lot of educational materials that you can use to wake more people up to whats happening right under our noses.

Some other valuable resources are Alex Jones website, Devvy Kidd's website and World Net Daily

If you know anyone who doesn't understand the nature of the threat being arrayed against us, please show them these films:

1. The Real Face of the European Union (Documents its Nazi Origins)

2. National Problematique- The North American Nightmare

Please let IAHF know what you are doing with this information? Please don't just pretend what I'm saying isn't true, because it IS!! I know it seems hard to believe sometimes when you can go into a health food store and get anything you want, but don't kid yourself folks- I live on the border with Canada, and the closest health food store to me is in Canada. Theres a huge number of products you cannot buy in their stores and its getting worse up there as Health Canada continues tightening the screws: Access Denied- Health Canada's Future Label for Natural Products

Harmonization of US dietary supplement laws to far more restrictive Canadian and Mexican law (where supplements are regulated as DRUGS, not as FOODS) is a recipe for disaster, yet thats whats coming our way folks unless more of you help IAHF fight back!! Despite nearly 24,000 signatures on our petition against FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, we won't get congressional oversight on this unless a lot more of you help me spread the word on this and awareness of the threat starts growing exponentially, and THAT can only happen if more of us hold marches and rallies for America.

If we can wake up enough people, at some future point we MIGHT be able to make the House Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee's phones ring off the hook with a sufficient volume of calls about FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter that they can't conduct ANY other business and THEN maybe they'll give us the oversight hearings we need to stop FDA's illegal actions. If this doesn't happen, eventually there will be war in the streets. We're getting closer to that with each passing day. I don't want to see it happen, but it will if we allow our nation to be trampled and forced into a North American Union Dictatorship.

Please donate to IAHF to help us keep this ball rolling- your donation will help us do the traveling and organizing necessary to carry this message to others and to participate in the coming march in Atlanta.

IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd,  Point Roberts WA 98281   or via paypal at