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Time to reserve your place for the 2010 Wade Hayes Friends Fest - June 11 - Friday - Nashville, TN - Copper Kettle - 8 am - 10 am.
~ Full Breakfast ~ Acoustic performance by Wade ~ Meet and Greet
Information for registering is included in this news letter. WOWW subscribers are Wade's front line fans. You get the first chance at the reservations. We expect to sell out.


.. You can order the new album, "Place to Turn Around" NOW from the web site. Wade is still personalizing.

* WADE HAYES APPEARANCES - (Details at the end of the newsletter)

.. Feb 18 - Thu .. TN, Brentwood .. Judge Beans BarBQ - Third Thursday
.. Feb 20 - Sat .. KS, Pittsburg .. Twisters .. 10:30 pm
.. June 8 - Tue .. TN, Nashville .. Nashville Navy Show .. Limelight (new) (ticket ordering info in this WOWW!)
.. June 11 - Fri .. TN, Nashville .. Wade Hayes Friends Fest .. Copper Kettle (new) (ticket ordering info in this WOWW!)
.. Sep 18 - Sat .. TX, Tyler .. Benefit for Parkinson's Disease
.. Nov 18-21 .. Cancun, Mexico. Country on the Beach (change in date)


.. Coffee, Country and Cody
If you missed the Cody show on WSM-AM , I've set up a page for WOWW! subscribers only. It is not linked to on the web site.

.. Wade Hayes' Friends Fest
It's time to make those plans and register for the 2010 Wade Hayes' Friends Fest. A WOWW! subscriber may reserve a place - plus an additional one for a guest.
The price is $25 for each person attending. The space is limited - better make your plans early.

You can reserve your place ONLINE at


OR if you'd rather MAIL IT in, be sure to include this information:

Your e-mail address (it must be on the list of WOWW! subscribers)___________________

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$25 for each person attending (money order preferred)

Send to:
WOWW! News/Helen Neal
P O Box 148274
Nashville, TN 37214

If you are snail mailing, you can e-mail me to hold your place on the list. I'll do that for a few days. The e-mail address for the Friends Fest is:


.. Tour, News (Cody show follow-up), Gallery

.. O'Bryan's page

Formerly this domain pointed to wadehayes-woww.com. Tommy Lemon, long-time friend of Wade and professional webmaster, now has an official site for Wade. He will be using the wadehayes.com domain. The two sites that I do - http://www.wadehayes-woww.com and http://woww-pics.com will continue.

If you're going to the Pittsburg, KS show (2/20) or live in the area, here are the request lines for 3 of the country stations in the area.
Pittsburg is 124 miles south of Kansas City; 30 miles nw of Joplin, MO; 106 miles west of Springfield, MO
Make requests - see if the station would like a telephone interview with Wade.

KKOW FM 96.9 -Pittsburg, KS- Hot Country KKOW 96.9 The Kow
Requests: 620-231-4969 OR 417-782-6969

KKOW 860 AM -Pittsburg, KS- Classic Country
Requests/Trading Post: 620-231-7229

KIXQ 102.5 FM -Joplin MO- KIX 102.5
Requests 623-1025 ; TEXT


The Country Music Hall of Fame is one of my favorite spots in Nashville for good entertainment. On the morning of February 5th, the Coffee, Country and Cody morning show on WSM-AM 650 was broadcasting from the Ford Theater in the Hall of Fame. Usually, to see this show, you stand outside a glassed in booth in the Magnolia Lobby of the Gaylord Hotel. So it was extra nice that on the morning that Wade was to be there, we could sit down in some nice front row seats in a lovely theater setting.

You could say the morning was 'brisk' but it was downright cold (20s) and the wind was whipping up some long dead leaves as we came around the corner of the museum. We were there a little early - doors weren't opening for the public until 6:50, but a very kind attendant let us in around 6:30. Did I say we were the first ones there? But the 3 of us were soon joined by others. And audience members kept arriving all through the show.

Wade came in from backstage with a cup of coffee in his hand, sat on one stool, put his coffee on another and noticed that hosts Charlie Mattos and Bill Cody had Starbucks. That's the setting for his comment that he was envious. Bill and Charlie are truly supporters of Wade and his music. They commented on the show during the days earlier in the week about Wade's talent and how he was one of their favorites. And one of the last comments that Bill made on the show before Wade's last number was "What a talent!" From Bill, a Country Music Hall of Fame DJ, that's a great endorsement.

If you want to hear the show, follow this link (for WOWW! subscribers)

.. It would help me greatly if you'd check in to the subscriber page and enter your zip code. I've tried to update some of them, but it's a long, long process. Again, many thanks if you can help us out with that. Just enter your e-mail address at: http://ymlp192.com/signup.php?id=gwsqbmgmgj

* ON THE 'NET - Archived - Check the Links page

Album Review - "Place to Turn Around"

Review by Mike Sudhalter on the Country Standard Time site.

Review by "Occasional Hope" on the My Kind of Country (MKOC) site.
Add your coments, please.

YouTube Video from Bandera, TX show - "Don't Stop"

.. the9513.com (new)
What is country music? Wade Hayes and other artists answer the question.

.. New Official Fan site pages for Wade on Facebook
...... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wade-Hayes/155553154486

.. Official Wade Hayes Facebook Friend's Page

.. Check the links page for past events that you can still locate on the web.
...... http://www.wadehayes.com/wadehayeslinksan.html



.. Please update your subscriber info. This information will be used only by Wade's management team for the furthering of Wade's musical career. (That team includes Wade, his management company and the editor of WOWW!)

We're asking for: First Name, City, State, Zip Code
(I'm trying to add zip codes to what I already have - if you have the time to check in and add your zip code, I'd sure appreciate it.

Also (these are optional) Last Name, Cell Phone Number (Only if you'd like to receive future text messages), Favorite country radio station

Updates can be entered at this site. Just enter your e-mail address:

Many of you have already responded. Thanks a bunch!


You can order Wade's new album NOW. We've been able to get most orders out within 10 days. Personalization may take a little longer.

Here are the tracks to be included on " A Place to Turn Around"
* God Made Me to Love You
* So What's a Broken Heart For You
* I Want To (written by Emerick/Cook)
* Right Where I Want You
* Drinking Thing (Gary Stewart)
* The Best Part
* She Knows Me
* I Wouldn't Know
* When the Devil Takes a Ride
* Good Day to Go Crazy
* A Place to Turn Around

Nine of the tracks are written by Wade. He's followed the custom of including an older, traditional song as he did on his other albums. Wade did most of the guitar work - both acoustic and electric.



Wade will continue to personalize. Your personalization info should be entered on the check-out page. We are using PayPal to process orders - credit cards and e-checks. You do not have to be a PayPal member to order on the PayPal page. It's our way of making certain that your information is entered on a secure site.


.. Booking Information - Refer talent buyers to Wade's management

Mike Robertson Management
Phone: 615-329-4199
Fax: 615-329-3923
E-mail: assistant@mrmmusic.com

.. Supplemental Booking - Texas and Louisiana
Mike McCary



.. An official Wade Hayes Myspace page! Wade's management set it up for him and
will handle the details.
Five songs are posted on the MySpace page - Old Enough to Know Better," "Wichita
Lineman," and "A Good Day to Go Crazy." "The Day That She Left Tulsa" "She Knows
There are no other OFFICIAL Wade Hayes pages on My Space.


.. Official Wade Hayes Facebook Friend's Page

.. Official Fan site page for Wade HAYES on Facebook
...... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wade-Hayes/155553154486

(I have not authored a
MySpace page for Wade)


It's good to hear from all those who support Wade and his music. When you join, the board you'll receive an e-mail requesting a verification that you did indeed sign-up for the board. This is necessary to weed out the spam that is trying to use the forum to post objectionable material.


########## APPEARANCE DETAILS ##########
--- All dates are subject to change >>
--- Make sure to check with the venue before traveling >>

Look for the direct links to a venue on
--- http://wadehayes-woww.com/wadehayestour.html >>
These links will let you locate the venue and also get directions from your specific starting point.



Feb 18 - Thu .. TN, Brentwood .. Judge Beans BarBQ - Third Thursday

A Third Thursday at the Judge's is your chance to hear some of the best country music being performed live in Nashville. Wade always has a stellar band backing him. The music starts around 8 and usually goes until 11.
Feb 18 - Thu .. TN, Brentwood .. Judge Beans BarBQ .. 8 pm
7022 Church St. E


Feb 20 - Sat .. KS, Pittsburg .. Twisters .. 10:30 pm

134 S Highway 69 City, State: Pittsburg, KS Zip: 66762

Telephone: 620-231-8442


June 8 - Tue .. TN, Nashville .. Nashville Navy Show .. Limelight (ticket ordering info in this WOWW!)

Tickets for this year's Nashville Navy Party are on sale now! Jeff Bates, Wade Hayes, Trent Willmon, Jaime Fox, Jim Quick and the Coastline Band, Aly Cutter and David St. Romain are already confirmed. Tickets are $20 and the first 300 people to order online will receive a free t-shirt. We look forward to seeing you at the show!!

Wade and Trent will do acoustic performances; Jeff Bates will have his full band.

Here is the link to purchase tickets:

Please provide guest names and t-shirt sizes when you order your tickets and be sure that your email address on your paypal is correct so they can get in touch with you!


June 11 - Fri .. TN, Nashville .. Wade Hayes Friends Fest .. Copper Kettle
94 Peabody St.


OR if you'd rather MAIL IT in, be sure to include this information:

Your e-mail address (it must be on the list of WOWW! subscribers)___________________

Your name and phone number ________________________________

Your guest's name (if you are bringing one) _______________________

$25 for each person attending (money order preferred)


Sep 18 - Sat .. TX, Tyler .. KE Bushan's Winery & Celebration Center .. Benefit for Parkinson's Disease
Located ten miles South of Tyler, Texas on State Highway 69. Studio 333

Show Type - Full band, 90 min set



.. NOV 18 - 21 .. Cancun, Mexico. Country on the Beach (CHANGE OF DATE)
Thu - Sun

Wade's will be featured there again this year. He and Trent Willmon have been confirmed. Others will be added. Again, it will be a Country on the Beach benefit for the T J Martell Foundation.

There is a discount for early booking. There is a discount for those who went last year. If you went last year, you can claim your past booking discount and your friends can get the early booking discount.


Hotel: http://travelininc.com/BeachPalace.html


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