To all those who’ve lived up here for a while, you know there are Bills games, and then there’s those two weeks a year we face the evil empire… it’s a Pats game week! The week a few of your friends and coworkers make a super bowl joke or two (really original…), or maybe you get talked into a silly side bet about the outcome of the game. We’re sure there’s plenty of you in the group who’ve had to wear a Pats jersey as a result of the loses the past 10 years… but that all changed last season.

We’ve seen many a crazy day at the Harp, but the Pats win last year stood out as one of the best. Check the video:

Obviously the game is on TV locally, but we’re planting a flag firmly in enemy territory and going to make sure that Shout echoes throughout downtown Boston all Sunday afternoon. So come on out and join the herd at the Harp to cheer on our Bills! Kickoff is at 1pm.

Not that you need to be any more pumped up, but in case you do, check out this week’s Bills Rap:

Shirt update:

We sold out quickly on Mens M, L, XL and XXL shirts last week. We’ve placed an order and should have them back in stock in a couple weeks. We still have the following sizes: Mens Small; Women’s S, M, L, XL. Shirts are $15 each, and will be available pregame at the Harp this week.

Hot dog of the week: Sahlens (though there’s a few Zweigle’s from last week’s supply that might make it onto the grill)

Thanks all for your continued support of the group. It’s been great seeing the group grow this year and are pumped so many people come out each week. It seems every time Shout plays the bar gets louder!


P.S. We’ve been asked by the Patriots to inquire if anyone has an open bed for Saturday and Sunday nights in Buffalo this weekend. Tom Brady needs a place for his parents to stay. Accomodations for Tom's goat are a plus.