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Wonderful Forest-Green FAC Carnelian Beads
Heavy Red Orange Coral Beads - 14mm
Large Purple Coral Beads - 14mm
Glamorous 3-Tone Amber Nugget Beads
Aqua Blue Diamond Rhinestones - 10mm
Red, Green & Purple Diamond Rhinestone
Large Sky-Blue Aquamaine
Unusual Watermelon Tourmaline Nuggets Rondell Beads
Splendid Indian Agate Tube
Slinky Long Green Carnelian Teardrop
Gleaming Multi-FAC Silver Crystal
3 Steel Chains - 19-inches long
Royal Blue & Gold Lapis Heshi Discs - 12mm
Long Barrel Deep-Blue & Gold Lapis
94 Sinful Red Turquoise Rondell Slab Beads
178 Tiny Intimate Carnelian Heishi

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Amazing Rainbow Calsilica Beads

See our new section of the latest summer beads: Rainbow Calsilica. Calsilica's mysterious eye-catching, vivid and varied colors, capture the imagination of jewelry designers. Each of these new stones is unique in its configuration of color. Because of this, many gem dealers speculate whether it occurs naturally or is manmade.

Some say rainbow calsilica is imported from Mexico in slabs. However, the plastic-like material with randomly colored bands - is pulverized carbonate rock, artificially colored with pigments and then stabilized with a polymer.

The stone’s dramatic variation in color with its short history attracts attention everywhere. Lots of bright colors are great in summer jewelry, bringing bundles of energy to the wearer. This beautiful material deserves at least the same respect as much-more expensive natural gemstones.

Some are striped with incredible multi-colors and others have black & white zebra stripes. Every single calsilica bead is different!

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