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Forum for South-East Europe, 5-7 April
Our cities need new low-carbon approaches in all spheres. Smart Cities 2016 will gather experts and companies to present the latest development. Here are some of the speakers and exhibitors.
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Via Expo
Smart City Planning - Changing Urbanism
Ar Esa Mohamed - President of International Union of Architects
He will present smart city planning strategies and definitions to revitalise existing cities and develop new ones. Case examples illustrating methodologies to also address the objectives of resilience and impact of climate change will be presented for new town plans, including the capital city Kuala Lumpur urban regeneration and Putrajaya New Administrative Capital planning.
Nuria de Lama, ICT Program Manager, Atos Research & Innovation
Vice-Secretary General, Big Data Value Association
Speed, Scale and Solutions that avoid vendor lock-in: how can cities overcome these challenges?  Nuria de Lama will present one of the most ambitious developments that the European Commission has supported in the last years: FIWARE, the Open Service Platform that is ready to be used by different stakeholders in Europe and that provides a specific offering for Smart Cities.
Smart Finance for Smart Buildings – A comparison of Bulgaria and Poland
Dan Staniaszek, Senior Expert, Buildings Performance Institute Europe
This presentation brings out the latest developments in financing smart buildings in two of the newer EU Member States – Poland and Bulgaria.  Both have legacy issues in terms of building stocks that were constructed with little thought for energy efficiency or amenity for occupants.

Smart Building Automations Solutions from Vilmat and ELKO EP
Interview with Daniela Baykova
Vilmat provides quality services thanks to constant innovation. Tell us about the solutions that you will be presenting at Smart Cities?
Our company has 25 years of experience. The majority of the time we participate in automation projects. We have many attractive solutions for public buildings related to resource management and comfort. In recent years, more and more homes have a need of such a product. People are focusing on issues related to security and reduction of energy consumption in their homes. Therefore, this year we would like to present our solutions for Smart Homes.
You will participate along with your Czech partner ELKO EP. What are the advantages of their products?
Elko EP have a long history and extensive experience. INels is a subsidiary specializing in the production of solutions for home automation. It has a large development center, a highly modern production and a large representation on the international market. Their main advantages are related to the quality of their products. To read the full interview, click  here.
Virtual Observatory for Energy, Environment and Climate for the Municipalities
Interview with Liyana Adjarova
Mrs. Adjarova, the Energy Agency of Plovdiv is an exhibitor at Smart Cities. What will you present at the event?
We will promote the integration of innovative technologies for urban energy management and monitoring and will demonstrate its software features. We will show for the first time in public a Virtual Observatory for energy, environment and climate for the municipalities. Our aim is also to introduce our services and consultations offered by the Laboratory for research and testing of solid biofuels, compost and biodegradable waste. We will offer intriguing materials for experts and the wide public on the topics of energy consumption and production and the impact our energy behavior has on climate and environment.
What possibilities does the new program period for 2014-2020 offer in the area of sustainable development and what programmes can companies apply for? What consulting services do you offer?
During the new programming period, the Energy Agency of Plovdiv will support the Bulgarian municipalities, businesses and SMEs in the development and implementation of their projects for the national funding programmes. To read the full interview, click  here.
Regional Chamber of Commerce Nis is an interest-based organization which protects members' long-term interests with full responsibility and provides non-financial business services. All activities conducted at the RCC Nis are dedicated to the support of economy in the region
Vojvodina ICT Cluster – VOICT provides a single point of contact with the best companies in Serbia, with the total workforce of 2,000+ experienced IT professionals working in our member companies. We build long-term relationships based on trust and quality, bringing expertise, experience and passion for excellence to each and every project.  

Internet ogledalo is the first magazine in Serbia devoted to the IT sector. The target audience includes domestic and regional IT managers from the state, public and private companies. (BuildingSpace as it would be in English) is the leading Romanian website for architecture and building professionals searching for suppliers and products. It’s about bringing people together to share ideas and inspiration.
5 -6 April
Annual Conference of the Municipal Energy Efficiency Network EcoEnergy
Organizer: EcoEnergy  for more info click here
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