John Diving at Porteau Cove, BC Canada...Brrrr!----- Info From These Books Will Help You Radically Improve Your Energy Level!!
Underwater Video Shot at Porteau Cove shows sea anemones, snow crabs, dungeness crabs, the wreck of the Grant Hall

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In my last alert I told you how you can easily cure yourself of allergies by improving your gut flora, the concentration of good bacteria in the gut. I was able to do this in the past few months which to me feels like a miracle after a lifetime of suffering horribly from food and respiratory allergies! Eliminating these allergies made it possible for me to become a commercial diver. You can't scubadive if your sinuses are clogged because you can't equalize the pressure at depth, you'll feel excruciating pain, and you can damage your ears.
For the first time in my life I am now allergy free just by improving the concentration of good bacteria in my gut. I have Dr.McBride to thank for that, while I have her and also Nora Gedgaudas, author of Primal Body/ Primal Mind to thank for teaching me how to optimize my energy level for radically improved health!

In this alert I'll be showing you things I've been learing over the past few months about eliminating insulin resistance and lowering blood sugar which have helped me to radically increase my energy level so as to no longer feel chronically brain fogged, depressed, lethargic and fatigued. You can't be your happiest, live as long as possible, or survive as a commercial diver if you can't conquer these problems- and I'm very glad I did!
Here, I'll show you how you can do the same so together we can stop Codex and Agenda 21! By radically improving our health, together, as a team, we will defeat the New World Order and totally extinguish their genocide agenda! 

At the end of the alert I'll also show you how we can stop UN Agenda 21 and Codex by illustrating what we're doing to torpedo this genocide agenda here in Whatcom County Washington where we've built a special website to educate everyone that you can easily immulate by creating a similar site where you live.

I'd like to thank those of you who made donations to IAHF which made it possible for me to become a  PADI Open Water Certified Scubadiver and to take over my friend's commercial diving business. Marco is training me now so I'll be able to take over his business at the end of July.
Doing this is making it possible for me to keep running IAHF. Ongoing donations will help me get a Dive Kayak, an underwater camera,  two more air cylinders and other gear that I'll need to be able to run this business in Point Roberts marina where I'm doing underwater maintenance on boats. Doing this work makes it possible for me to keep doing my health freedom work despite inflation. Your donations make it possible for me to start this business so I can continue to fight for health freedom. Please donate here, or send your check to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA

I owe thanks to Natasha Campbell McBride MD, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and to Norma Gedgoudas, the nutritionist who wrote Primal Body/ Primal Mind for bringing this information to the forefront. At the end I'll provide links to some video lectures you can watch which will help reinforce the points I'm making here. I hope this information helps you have the best and happiest summer of your life, and hope it helps you live a very long pharma free life! Please forward it to more people and urge them to support IAHF so that we can destroy the New World Order and stop Codex!


How we see the world around us is heavily dependent on how we're doing with our blood sugar, neurotransmitters, and hormones. The good news is that we have immense control over these bodily functions, and through understanding a few simple principles we can radically improve our health and level of energy so as to make this the best summer of our lives!This spring and summer I've not only learned how to cure myself of allergies,(making it possible for me to start a commercial diving business thats helping me to be able to keep running IAHF) but I've also learned a new way to eat which has helped me conquer a low energy level and brain fog so as to have an abundance of energy that I'd like to help you also have via this alert.

We were designed to use fat as our primary energy source, not glucose. Ketones from fat are a vastly superior source of fuel for the body than glucose. Eating a primarily carbohydrate based diet keeps us feeling hungry all the time causing us to be distracted by thoughts of wondering where our next meal is coming from. If our bodies were likened to a wood stove, eating carbs could be likened to standing by the stove all the time constantly throwing in paper and twigs to burn, and drinking alcohol could be likened to tossing in gasoline.
Eating this way forces us to stand by the stove to stoke it all the time much the way we do with our bodies when we make the mistake of overeating carbs, but if you think of eating fat as being analogous to tossing a log on the fire, allowing you to go away from the stove and focus on other things besides eating, you'd be starting to understand how best to have optimal energy and health.

Nothing can influence our neurotransmitters or hormones more than blood sugar. When we have too much due to insulin resistance it torpedos our energy level and makes us tired, lethargic, and brain fogged.

Did you realize that in your bloodstream you have no more than 5 grams of glucose at any given time? Thats about a teaspoon of glucose spread throughout your whole bloodstream. Do you understand what happens when you eat a bagel? Suddenly you're dumping 30 grams of fast acting carbohydrates into the body, about six times as much as your blood can absorb. Do you know what happens then?
A massive amount of insulin is dumped into the body by the pancreas in order to carry that glucose into the cells causing you to have a sudden drop in blood sugar which causes you to go from a temporary feeling of well being and satiety caused by a temporary elevation in serotonin levels to a sudden massive DROP in energy making you feel groggy, lethargic and brain fogged.
Many people have fallen asleep at the wheel and died due to this while countless others get so groggy they just have to lay down and go to sleep. This has caused people to flunk out of school, to get fired from jobs, and to destroy relationships from just not having enough energy!! My mom almost died in a car wreck when she fell asleep at the wheel due to this. They had to use a torch to cut the roof off the car, and the jaws of life to extract her mangled body from the wreckage. She had to be airlifted to the hospital and was in a drug induced coma for a year. Ever hyperventilate while driving just to stay awake? That was from eating too many carbs-- and it could have killed you! 

When you have this sudden drop in blood sugar, your adrenal gland fires off a huge spike of adrenalin which causes the fight or flight syndrome and you feel sudden anxiety.Many fights between spouses have occurred due to this. This has caused divorces. It has caused all kinds of interpersonal mayhem that is totally avoidable!!
To curb the anxiety you reach for more carbs because through them you get a temporary spike in serotonin the feel good neurotransmitter- (only to crash back into depression) and now you're locked into a vicious circle that can cause horrible depression and mood swings as well as lethargy and brain fog. The good news is that its very easy to break out of this self destructive pattern which robs us of energy that we need to be able to enjoy our lives!

The criminal US Department of Agriculture has a seriously misguided Food Pyramid that claims we should be eating 11 servings of grain per day. So people stuff themselves full of fast acting carbs like rice, and wheat bread. Due this dangerous and misguided advice, most Americans are using fast acting carbohydrates as their primary source of fuel, and the toll its taking on our health is gigantic because our bodies weren't designed to burn carbs, we were designed to burn fat as fuel, its far healthier.

If you want solid proof that the USDA's food pyramid is an evil genocidal scam and a lie, just go to an indian reservation where the government trucks in all the food. There you'll find the highest incidence of diabetes, obesity, mental illness, heart disease,cancer and other illness in the whole country. Their you'll find the lowest life expectancy in the whole country and the highest rates of infant mortality, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide.

Many of us have been brainwashed into believing that eating fat and cholesterol is "bad" for us. Supposedly this will "cause heart disease", but the reality is that ingesting sufficient cholesterol is critical for optimal brain function, its not bad for you, its the building block for all the steroidal hormones in the body. The brainwashing is being done by Big Pharma which has a vested interest in CAUSING heart disease because their largest sector of sales lies in (ineffective) statin heart drugs intended to "fight cholesterol" even though its actually GOOD for us!!

Diabetes is not a disease caused by blood sugar, its caused by insulin resistance- our cells become desensitized to insulin trying to bring in the glucose, so they block its entrance, it gets deposited as fat around our midsection, and we wonder why we can't lose weight!(I lost 60 pounds easily once I became aware of these things, you can too!!)

The key to solving these problems is to change the way we eat. Our cave man ancestors did things right. They had no processed foods, and no complex fast acting carbs. They ate only what nature provided, and they thrived and survived! We can eliminate most of our health problems by eliminating most sugar and starch from our diets and by increasing our intake of fat and clean protein.

Sugar is very damaging to the body because it attracts free radicals, unpaired electrons which damage the integrity of our cells, and it also combines with fats to cause glycation via which our cells walls become misshapen and sticky causing the cells to malfunction, causing insulin resistance that causes weight gain, brain fog, lethargy, depression and diabetes.

Eating sugar causes leaky gut syndrome where your small intestine becomes inflamed and compromised, your villi, the hair like structures inside the small intestine which absorb the nutrients from our food so we can utilize them wear away opening up microscopic channels through the walls of the intestine allowing undigested food particles to pass through the gut wall and into the blood where our immune system treats them as invaders. This weakens our immune system causing allergies and other health problems.
Undigested particles from milk and wheat formed into morphine like structures which pass into the brain causing extreme fatigue and lethargy. Leaky gut syndrome causes ADD, ADHD, Depression, Lethargy, Brain Fog, Irritability, and other health problems, but its easily corrected by eliminating sugar and starch, and by ingesting probiotics and by eating fermented foods such as kimchi, saurkraut and others to help build the good bacteria necessary to repair the leaky gut wall.

The problem with non meat protein sources is that they're not complete foods. You get too much starch from beans. Its better to get energy from eating fat from which we get ketones which are a much better source of fuel. You won't get fat from eating fat, and eating cholesterol is good for you, not bad! By eating more fat and protein and less fast acting carbs you can totally transform your health. By eliminating starch and sugar from your diet you allow insulin to act more normally.

When you have blood sugar surges your kidneys dump magnesium which you badly need to feel calm. You also lose critical electrolytes developing imbalances of zinc and copper which can cause ADHD, anxiety, depression and stress. Many carbs also contain antinutrients such as phytates in grains which can cause mineral deficiencies. Substances found in soy can suppress thyroid functioning, making you sluggish.

Government lies foisted off on us via the USDA's "food pyramid" and blatant propaganda and lies have conned you into believing that fat and cholesterol is "bad" for you, but now you know the truth! These lies are being told to keep us sick, so Big Pharma can rake in tons of cash profitting from an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, depression etc and so the New World Order can radically cull our numbers and better control us all by keeping us weak and brainfogged.

With this information you can now have a superabundance of energy, a turbocharged immune system, no more allergies, and your whole life will go much better just as mine is!  To learn more read Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Nathasha Campbell McBride, MD  and watch her video lecture.  Also read Primal Body/ Primal Mind by nutritionist Norma Gedgaudas listen to her archived radio shows. (One of Six is here, the rest you'll find in the margin once you listen to this one.
The shadow government is trying to control you via UN Agenda 21 which is being pushed on people world wide via an NGO organization called ICLEI, and now by a new "rural council" created by Obama which intends to force rural people off their land so we can't be self sufficient and grow food.
A group of tea party patriots here in Whatcom County WA where I live just built this site to expose UN Agenda 21 and to rally everyone here so more will fight back. Please create sites like ours wherever you live anywhere in the US or the world because this is a global threat to all of our health and freedom! If you go to our site, you will find numerous links to videos and other information that will help you understand and oppose this UN genocide agenda! Please take the time to study it and please show it to more people!
If you appreciate this alert, and if you can especially help me get the dive kayak and other gear still needed to help me start the commercial diving business thats going to make it possible for me to keep running IAHF, please make your most generous donation here or by sending a check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA  
Please forward this to more people! Anyone who utilizes the information in this alert can literally transform their life to have a superabundance of energy while eliminating allergies, obesity, diabetes, depression, ADD, etc. I can't think of a better way to start the summer than by digging into this because your whole life will go so much better just like mine!