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Happy Valentines Day

Heart To Heart.

February brings a tiny amount of stirring in the earth’s soil, and of course, your location will dictate what is doable in the garden project.

Be aware that the hardiest seeds will germinate slowly in cold soil, and if it is wet they will rot… patience is a must in this case.

A few things can be sown in frames or under cloches… put cloches in place about 2 weeks before sowing; this will heat up the soil considerably.

Brussels sprouts, broad beans, peas, and carrots may be sown in frames; turnips and radishes under cloches.

In a heated greenhouse we can sow tomatoes, cauliflower, celery, bush beans, and eggplant.

Herbs are so care free to grow, direct planting after the last frost date for most and you are good to go.

Perennials of course are winter hardy and will begin to come alive on their own, in their own time. Rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage are the basic four.

There may be some winter damage to the perennials and it is very important to wait until the spring warmth to trim away any broken stems, etc. Removing them now will allow rain, ice, and snow to seep into the open areas and as a result the whole plant can suffer and often will die.

Remember too, that all herbs need full sun, at least 6 hours (and 8 is better) each day to flourish…so no need to think of herb planting until the warm days of spring are with us.

February is however a great time to start inside container gardens.

Easy on the eyes

If you have growing mediums left over from last year, such as potting soil, etc., starting any plants now inside will give you a jump ahead on pretty pots for early spring. I’m actually working on a few myself.

Happy gardening to you!

The Sage Hill Farms family~