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January 2012 - Sage Hill Herb Farm is Ready~

2011 was a challenge in many different areas, we survived them all and are looking forward to whatever 2012 brings our way.

This is really what life is all about, nothing is carved in stone…except the promise from our maker to guide and keep us strong…if we listen and apply.

Not just Tennessee, but all over the world, the weather has been a negative…we have been blessed with a lot of rain, actually much more than was needed. Still a blessing, the ground is wet enough for the long winter needs and frozen enough to kill off all those nasty unwanted molds, and insects.

I’m trying hard to not think about spring planting just yet! It was honestly the first thought I had upon opening my eyes this sad is that? I need to chill and take a mind and body break for at least a month.

We have some new crops to learn about this year, new beds to build, expand some others, and first order is getting the greenhouse in shape for February planting.

As you all know, Sage Hill is a sustainable project - the body of this process is to ‘do no harm’ in the process of fulfilling the needed task. This is really a very simple action that anyone can live by…just take one act at a time and check it for negatives before utilizing-one change a day, and pretty soon you have a healthier, and safer process working…both for self and the earth that you and I are allowed to call home.

There are somewhere in the mix of 7 billion people treading the earth at any given time, spreading toxicity with each step.

The embracing of sustainable, is our only future hope, to think otherwise is signing the death certificate of the human race.

One example….there are close to a trillion plastic bags ending up in land fields every year. These bags take 500 to 1,000 years to biodegrade… Recycle, use returnable. Every little change we make helps.

**Information below is for educational purposes only…not intended to advise on any health condition. Check in with your health care provider prior to starting any new or different regiment of self care.**

This is the season for colds, flu, and other nasty conditions that keep us at less than our best.

These are some of the herbs that will build and support good immune health…the key to staying healthy.

Echinacea and Red clover…detoxifies the blood and renews tissue.
Garlic and Thyme…destroys microorganisms.
Calendula and Aloe Vera…soothes skin irritations.
Dandelion and Nettle…improve elimination.
Ginger and Rosemary…boost the whole body during long periods of illness.
Lemon balm and Lavender…reduces nervous anxiety.

Add these to your daily intake in different ways and know it’s a good thing~

Sage Hill Herb Farm can meet your needs and wants with seasonings, teas, and tisanes.

EatWell-BeWell…it works for my clan~

From our house to yours…may 2012 be a most successful year.

Thank your from our heart for your trust, your patronage, and support.

Bea and Mike Kunz
Sage Hill Herb Farm