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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach
April 7, 2014
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia


Invitation to join SIRA Sub-Committees

Love the island? Enthusiastic about our community and interested in participating?
Here’s your chance to get involved.

SIRA Sub-Committees invite members of the community to join and help shape key areas of interest.

These working groups meet to discuss important issues and facilitate debate. The decisions and recommendations are then reported to the SIRA Committee for further consideration and action.

How to get involved:

Each Sub-Committee has a current Charter outlining a specific area of focus. Please read the Charters then email the relevant SIRA Committee Team Leader with your area of interest.

SIRA Charters:

Governance:  Read the Charter here; email Team Leader Bill Gye

Finance, Membership and Insurance: Read the Charter here; email Team Leader Cass Gye

Island Vision: Read Charter here; email Team Leader Shar Jones

Church Point:  Read the Charter here; email Team Leader Bill Gye

Roads and Drainage:  Read the Charter here; email Team Leader Alan Gaines

 Communications & Community Engagement:  Read the Communications Charter here and Community Engagement Charter here; email Team Leaders Hubert van Mierlo and Judy Readman

Parks & Reserves, plus Wharves, Boats & Marine: Read the Parks & Reserves Charter here and Wharves, Boats & Marine Charter here; email Team Leaders Sharon Kinnison and Tim Turpin

Water & Wastewater: Read the Charter here; email Team Leader Judy Readman

Waste Management: Read the Charter here; email Team Leader David Hegarty

Not sure which one to join? Please email SIRA President, with any areas of expertise and interest.

Scotland Island Residents’ Association


Sunday, January 19

Sunday, March 2 AGM

Sunday, March 16 Community Meeting PWC

Sunday, April 6

Sunday, May 4 Community Forum

Sunday, May 18

Sunday, June 29

Sunday, July 27 Community Forum

Sunday, August 10

Sunday, September 21

Sunday, October 19 Community Forum

Sunday, November 2

Sunday, November 30 AGM

Sunday, December 14 (Xmas Meeting)


Regular Meetings as decided

Download PDF file here

Call Out – Artists from all disciplines

Curators Statement & Briefing:
On Islands

Islands conjure many romantic notions of the exotic, treasures lost and found, adventure, romance,
isolation, mystery, opportunity, hardship. They have been the muse of creative thinkers, artists, writers,
musicians, scientists, explorers, rogues and entrepreneurs across the whole history of humanity. For
many, Islands are a place of escape, somewhere that provides time and space for thinking and reflecting that affords anonymity, seclusion, rest or retreat. For others they are a challenge for ingenuity, resolve and tenacity, a testing ground for ideas and innovations. Some view them full of opportunity, for reinvention, exploration or commerce. We all live in/on islands, real or virtual, tiny or large, remote or connected, challenging or idyllic, political or cultural, disciplinary or religious, philosophical or psychological ...

Many of us live across a number of Islands and are adept at moving between them.

Residents adapt to the pace and rhythm of their Islands. They are resourceful, using the limited
resources they have to respond to meeting their needs. Innovation and community collaboration is
necessary for survival and develops rich and diverse cultural structures. We can learn from visiting
islands, sharing experiences and iterating approaches.

As a member of Eramboo's community we invite you to participate in a creative collaboration culminating in a series of exhibitions on the Eramboo site in the second half (October / November) of 2014. We will pair visual artists with poets, writers, composers as creative foils for each other. Pairs will work together to produce either one collaborative work or a pair of complimentary works informed by a collaborative exploration of the concept of Islands.

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Couples Conscious Birth Workshop

Join Nadine for a bonding experience between you, your partner and your expectant baby.

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6 Meter Marine Berth

Temporary 6 metre berth at Quays Mariner available at a reduced rate on a month by month basis.

Contact Wayne on 0438510333

For Sale mage

White Cane lounge suite.
2 seater couch and 2 chairs plus cane coffee table.

Good condition.  $350 ono

Phone Jon 0412 440 719

Free to a Happy Home! cot

Mother Care Cot Bed and Mattress

Suits 6 months to 4 years.
Adjustable mattress height as baby grows into toddlerhood
Adjustable sides

Please contact Nadine on 0402752465

Please note.... baby not included!

You can now join the Scotland Island Residents Association by clicking here. Please print the page and return the completed form to SIRA at this address:

The Treasurer, SIRA, PO Box 70, Church Point 2105.
Please NO CASH.

Contact SIRA at

To join the Western Pittwater Community Association
www.wpca.org.au, contact Michael Wiener at

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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach