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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
June 20,  2013
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

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Update on Church Point Car Park Options

After many years of discussion and planning, an independent report on car park options at Church Point was presented to Pittwater Council and representatives of the Resident Associations at the end of May.
Engineering consultants, Hyder Consulting, were engaged to review seawall and car parking options opposite the Commuter Wharf on McCarrs Creek Road as well as provide broad costings and identify issues.

Three design options were considered:

Option 1:  A plan proposed by Peter Altona and “Church Point Friends”
Option 2:  The previously adopted plan in the Church Point Plan of Management
Option 3:  An upper deck over Option 2 as referred to in the CPPOM

Option 1: costed at $5.45 million, providing 56 parking spaces
Option 2: costed at $5.43 million, providing 60 parking spaces
Option 3: costed at $7.27 million, providing 120 parking spaces

Several issues were raised with Option 1, including:
  1. the closure of McCarrs Creek Road during construction
  2. a right turn from McCarrs Creek Road is prohibited, requiring traffic from Terrey Hills to drive past the entrance, make a U turn and return to enter the car park
  3. vehicles could bank up on McCarrs Creek Road caused by congestion in the parking cell due to narrow entrance and isle width
  4. no disabled parking spaces within the parking cell
  5. whether the design could deliver 56 spaces
  6. the design requires reverse parking, driver side to kerb and passenger side exit onto the access isle (e.g. children) with oncoming traffic from behind
  7. vehicular movements within the car park cell would be more difficult
  8. the sight line along the road approaching Church Point is inadequate compared to Option 2 as the pinch point” at the Waterfront Store still compromises pedestrian safety when crossing from the bus stop
  9. less efficient parking arrangements when considering both vehicular and pedestrian movements
  10. prohibits the construction of an upper deck for additional parking
Pittwater Council asked all Resident Associations to respond with a recommendation within two weeks. Based on Option 2 being cheaper and having fewer issues, the SIRA Committee has voted to recommend this option. However, SIRA has also requested Council to investigate costings for Option 3 as there was no clear mandate from the community for this proposal.

Once the budgets and car park permit prices have been provided, SIRA and WPCA will again be actively involved in negotiation with Council over the cost to the community.

It should be noted that Council is contributing substantially to infrastructure costs in consideration of the public benefit from these works.

Pittwater Council will consider all Resident Associations’ views before deciding which Option will go to tender.

While emotions run high on this particular topic, there has been exhaustive community involvement over the past 10 years including surveys, articles, community forums and discussions.

The SIRA Committee will continue to consult with the community at each relevant stage and aim to achieve the best practical outcome for additional parking and design.

Harold Park BBQ ready to Sizzle

The BBQ in Harold Reserve (next to Carol’s Wharf) is now fully functioning, after a wonderful effort by Sue Dickson and her Parks & Reserves crew.

A new metal plate donated by SIRA is ready to receive your snags, steaks and veggies for the enjoyment of all.

Please remember to clear up after you!

Letters to the Editor

Surely the "independent" report and Pittwater Council are kidding?

The ONLY starting point for sensible debate in local govt. reform is to how we reduce them, and how we best drive the obvious benefits of scale - one GM, one head of Planning, one head of garbage, etc, etc.  

Also, as a well-to-do Pittwater resident it does not offend me to think that my rates might help a struggling family in Cromer.  To use the line about "diverse socio-economic profiles of the Pittwater, Manly and Warringah Council areas" is offensive. 

The only other important issue is to ensure that an expanded council builds us Scotland Is residents a proper car park at Bayview.   It's not as if a 'local' council has helped us with our access issues, so we might as well have a regional council with the muscle and the money to make a difference. 

Let's get real.   It is a national embarrassment that Sydney has 44 local councils, and is the worst system of governance I have ever seen.

Christopher Brown
91 Florence Terrace
Scotland Island

School Holiday Day Care on the Island


Need child care during preschool holidays?

Scotland Island Kindy is open during the winter holidays for casual enrolments.


Please enquire at SIOCS@outlook.com or call 0413 724 113

Opening hours are 7.30am - 5.30pm

Maximum age: 5 years old

Book your place NOW!

Media Release

A new arts paper for Pittwater is on exhibition for comment after the Council meeting this week.

The draft paper, which has been under development over the last six months, forms part of  Pittwater’s Social Plan known as ‘Live, Connect, Participate’ adopted in 2012.

Coordinator Melinda Hewitt said the document had been developed through extensive consultation
with the arts community and local residents.

“We conducted a survey, spoke to local creative people and held the Picnic Perfect event, allowing
residents to talk about their vision for the arts in a relaxed environment,” said Ms Hewitt.

“From these discussions we’ve gained a clearer perspective of the local arts scene including an
understanding of audiences and creative professionals.”

“Overall Pittwater has a creative population and this document informs us of the opportunities and  challenges for artistic development in the area,” she said.

Some of the key findings of the draft arts paper include:
  • Pittwater audiences strongly support the events run in Pittwater, and expressed their wish for a more regular program of arts activities
  • Creative people in Pittwater want more opportunities to present their work
  • Public art has been identified as the top priority in community consultation
  • Community members have highlighted the potential of linking art events with the natural environment; along the lines of the ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ exhibition.
  • Pop-ups and short-term leases are identified as possible ways of showing more arts, retail and recreation.
The draft arts paper will be on public exhibition from Wednesday 5 June until 2 July To view the
plan visit www.pittwater.nsw.gov,au/exhibition.

Copies are available at Council’s customer service centres and libraries, 1 Park Street Mona Vale and 59a Old Barrenjoey Road Avalon.

Comments on the draft paper close on 2 July 2013.

Media contact:  Melinda Hewitt, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1170

Chickens need a home !
I'm moving from the island and would like to give my two chickens (gary and gary) a good home.

I think they are Rhode Island reds.
They lay 1-2 eggs a day but occasionally one of them seems to take a vacation.

They are ready to move anytime, hopefully early July.

044 800 3545

Found at commuter wharf
Grey sweater in dry cleaning bag.

Call Shona: 0401798869

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