Sage Hill Gardens

~Autumn At Sage Hill Farms~

All across the country leaves are falling, changing color, and being admired for their beauty.

Leaves serve a great purpose in your winter gardens. Compost, compost, compost~

When using leaves in your compost bin/pile run them through a shredder or run the lawn mower over the pile a few times to cut the leaves into a finer mass...this promotes faster break down in the compost mix.

Looking for simple ways to bring the outside in during this season?

Don't forget about the wild-things...look outside the flower beds and garden beds, for many, those are either dormant or not looking real perky...getting ready for the winter sleep.

Autumn colored foliage, the maple, sassafras, dogwood, and others, depending on your location, will supply a fabulous arrangement for any spot you need color.

If you have or live near a wooded area with hardwoods...look for hickory nuts, black walnuts, acorns from oaks, and the lovely pine-cones that most everyone has. We have the White-pine, which looks much like a long leaf Christmas tree, produces the most awesome cones...long and slender with some variation in shapes.

Tis The Season

The season is upon us...if we have a business, we are most likely looking for and thinking about ways to market same.

If we are on the shopping end of the season...and who isn't? Then we are looking for good buys, great products, and the perfect gift to compliment that perfect person.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,....and so many other social sites are brimming with hundreds of businesses...large and does one zero in and know the best place to spend our time and our dollars.

Well, from my personal assessment, knowledge gained through years of networking, travels, etc., this is what I've ended up with. Do claim it for your own, try it, then share it...

Pay attention to the connections you make. Ask yourself, why do I need this connection, and what can I contribute to the other side. If, you don't have good feedback on these two no doubt should pass.

Once a connection is offered/accepted, consider it a commitment, keep in touch, ask questions, learn about the person and the business.....then file it away for later needs, share it with others when the need presents an opening.

This is the season to go back over all the special connections we have made over the last year and include as many as possible in our holiday options for shopping.

When we don't utilize the businesses that we connect with...then it makes networking a bit of wasted time and effort...yours and mine.

Looking forward to a Joyful and Eventful- holiday season~

I trust the same for you.

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