Hey Everybody,

I know I've already said it, but I really am blown away by all of the support you guys have shown throughout my PledgeMusic campaign.  You guys have played a huge role in helping me release GO LIVE YOUR LIFE, and I can't thank you enough.  There's still time to pre-order the new album if you haven't already! Click below to pre-order and check out all of the exclusive items we still have available.

For those of you who have joined the PledgeMusic campaign, you'll get a special update very soon with instructions for downloading the digital album.  I've already starting working on some of the exclusive items many of you have ordered...writing out lyrics, signing 8x10 photos, recording cover songs and voice messages, boxing up some hats...all sorts of stuff! 

Also, I'll be updating you soon on the release of the video for "Go Live Your Life."  My dog, Jack, and I had a really good time shooting this one, and again, you helped make it all possible!  

Thank you!