Patented use of gravity with “return to center force”

          A proof of concept animation for a patent on Telemark ski bindings that release laterally in a fall, then return to center with a gravity assist has been produced for Ride In Harmony TM.   After a fall and the skier recovers, the foot is raised, and the binding rolls back into place.
          Called a rotational decoupler, this development with numerous designs, can operate like a shoulder or hip joint.  To see how it works for yourself, stand with the arm or leg draped from the shoulder or hip, turn your foot in or out, then relax.  It straightens out. 
            Part of the emerging Holy Grail of Telemark or free heel  skiing, the KAM-HOLDZ TM decoupler goes one step further, rolling back into place with the assist of gravity after recovering from a fall. This “return to center force” allows the skier to resume skiing.

           Dave Durrance, from a legendary skiing family, and



                                Cary Thompson  , founder of Ride In Harmony TM were named co-inventors on patent  #8246071 for telemark ski bindings. Dave assembled a slidable, interchangeable ski and Tele binding for Cary, and came up with several more ideas. “I thought that was going to take the whole season to figure out”, said Cary, “but it took Dave just five minutes”.    
            Dave is a former Olympic coach, and son of seventeen time national champion Dick Durrance, who developed a now famous turn he dubbed the Dipsy Doodle.    Dave has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Denver University, and paints full time now.
            The patent was eventually issued for claims related to the rotational decoupler, and its ability to release sideways in a fall, but the original prototype got the ball rolling.  
            Dave’s ski shop at the time, Durrance Sports, was named “Best Ski Shop in Aspen“, in the 4 Seasons Magazine. 

Trivia: Where was 17 time National (Snow) Ski Champion, Dick Durrance born?




Advanced Technology Center

Dr. Steve Dunnivant, Interim Dean of the Advanced Technology Center, in his office with the agreement to secure the use of the KAM - HOLDZTM animation. This is a proof of concept model that Gulf Coast State College will use it in the promotion of programs and services within the colleges Advanced Technology Center. It is scheduled to open in the Fall, 2013. Ride In Harmony TM   will continue to develop prototypes and partnerships, while fostering relationships on the Gulf Coast.

The Advanced Technology Center is an uber-green 100,000 square foot technology facility seeking public private partnerships.

Trivia Answer: Dick Durrance, the Man On The Medal, lived until age 14, in Tarpon Springs, Florida.


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