FDA Gag Order Placed on Those Arrested in Raid on Rawesome... Eugenicist FDA Commish Hamburg........Ruling Elite Gearing Up to Exterminate 9 out of 10 of Us
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I want you to totally tune out all the bleak and depressing images above, have 'em in your mind, but don't dwell on them to the exclusion of the very helpful and hopeful information I'm striving to provide you with which can really help you feel happy despite the shitstorm swirling around us all right now.
Hope energizes people, while fear paralyzes people. My goal with this e-alert is not to paralyze anyone with fear, but to help us all have hope despite some of the grim things swirling around us right now on the health freedom front and beyond.
Something very positive that gives me a superabundance of fear dispelling hope is what I get out of being a Chapter leader in the Weston A. Price Foundation through which I've been learning a lot about nutrient dense foods, how to prepare them, and how to turbocharge my health through them.
Things I've learned through Weston Price Foundation have enabled me to lose 65 lbs and to reverse a prediabetic condition (insulin resistance). I've learned how to heal myself of gut dysbiosis (leaky gut syndrome) which enabled me to cure myself of life long allergies and that in turn has helped eliminate depression caused by histamine which is secreted in response to allergens in the body.
I've learned how to successfully address blood sugar issues that were torpedoing my energy level causing brain fog and depression. I've learned to reverse glycation so that my cell membranes are properly pliable so they're not armor plated which stops insulin from bringing in the glucose that we all need for energy.
By improving my gut flora and eliminating the proliferation of candida albicans, I'm strengthened my enterocyte cells and the microvilli attached to them which absorb the nutrients from all food and supplements ingested, so I've found a way to turbocharge every cell in my body for optimal functioning. You can easily learn to do this too! I want to teach you!
In the chaotic times we're living in, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to fine tune our heatlh. The ability to think clearly in an emergency could save your life, and if we were to lose access to supplements, it would be a very good thing to know as much as you could about how to optimize your health with just food alone.
I'm not saying we will lose our access to supplements, and I'm certainly doing all in my power to fight the FDA so that we don't, I'm just saying that when it comes to our health, it pays to know as many ways as possible to help ourselves. I've gotten so much out of learning to make lactofermented foods such as kimchi, and beverages such as kombucha, that I urge you to follow suit by getting active in the Weston Price Foundation if you're not already a member. Price's book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration is a timeless classic. The more people who read it and understand its messge, the better off we'll all be as the New World Order genocide machine goes into hyperdrive and moves against us.
Joining your local Chapter of Weston Price, or starting a new one if theres not one near you will give you something very postive and joyous to focus your energies on, you'll connect with an instant group of very healthy friends via the effort, and that, in turn, will help you to cope better psychologically with some of the rather heavy information in the rest of this alert and in many of the other alerts IAHF sends out.
As I've said, my goal is not to paralyze anyone with fear, my goal is to inspire and empower people, and to help everyone around me be as strong and as healthy as possible so we can best address the ponderous issues discussed below.
I want to thank those of you who helped me start my commercial diving business (Salish Sea Barnacle Busters)  because the income I'm earning from it is helping me continue running IAHF. I even wrote and recorded an advertising jingle for this new venture, and anyone sending a $25 donation to me via paypal will be sent a wav file so you can listen to it!
For a $50. donation I'll send you this wav file of my advertising jingle plus complete info on how to cure yourself of allergies, gut dysbiosis (leaky gut syndrome), how to optimize the health of your enterocyte cells (and all your cells) and how to address blood sugar issues so you can finally lose weight, and eliminate brain fog and depression the way I did. I must emphasize that by reversing glycation, you can achieve optimal health, because all of your cells will operate as smoothly as possible and this will help you to cope better with all the stress we're now being subjected to! 
I've always loved working around boats, and doing this underwater maintenance is good for my head. We all must seek out such activities, especially now.
I never thought things would get so low and so bleak in America that I'd be reduced to having to scrape barnacles, underwater, off the keels and propellers of boats just to put food in my mouth, yet these are the depths things have descended to in this country under the Obamination, that golf playing communist lout who splits for vacation in Martha's Vinyard the same day the stock market went into free fall because his obvious intention is to destroy this once great nation.
With gold going as high as $1900/ oz we can expect Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to announce some kind of additional so called "stimulus" on friday at the Jackson Hole Federal Reserve meeting on Friday.
Hold onto your hats folks. If this serial killer pushes for a third "qualitative easing" its all over. If you haven't been stockpiling food and gearing up for the coming total crash of the US dollar you're getting a very late start.
Is the great experiment in personal freedom and liberty called America about to be over come the 2012 election? Will the collectivist, eugenicist lout  be swept back into power despite tanking poll numbers, and the bleakest downward spiral of an economy the world has ever seen and ever growing unemployment? Will FDA Commissioner Hamburg's reign of terror continue to escalate in the aftermath of the raid on Rawesome Food Buyers Club and will we next have to contend with armed troops ripping up our backyard gardens? Do you know about Obama's newly formed "Rural Council"?
Is the chameleon shyster known as Obama really nothing but a smokescreen for powerful corporate/globalist interests that seek to run roughshod over America, forcing farmers off their land to exploit the resources that lay underneath it as the Rockefellers seek to herd us all into urban gulags where we can e more easily controlled? Please go to the hypertext link below and learn the truth... if you voted for this man, you will be shocked at his evil duplicity:
Will we even MAKE IT to the supposed "election"? Right now we've got pseudoconservative, pseudo Christian Bilderberg, Pharma tool, and collectivist extraordinaire Rick Perry outpolling all other Republican candidates, while the media does everything humanly possible to keep marginalizing Ron Paul, the only candidate who has ever defended our access to dietary supplements, the only candidate who is pushing to end the Federal Reserve and to restore our Constitution.
A group of pro Obamination, pro Eugenics union thugs led by SEIU (Service Employees International Union), anarchists and communists are hard at work right now attempting to counter the pro Constitution Tea Party by organizing and planning "Days of Rage"rioting intended to paralyze Wall Street and State Capitals in all 50 States on September 17th----- and I believe---- to install the (pro- union) Obamination as "Dictator For Life".Their plan envisions mortgage and student loan strikes and bank boycotts intended crash the banks and to collapse the economy.
I believe their actions, combined with fallout from our downward spiralling economy, could trigger martial law and the rounding up and execution of anyone who professes any belief in the Constitution, the Lord, access to dietary supplements, access to alternative medicine, access to firearms and living as long as you can. In other words- we could be witnessing the build up to the time when those who oppose the Obamination and his satanic New World Order handlers could be bundled off to concentration camps or executed en masse. Texe Marrs documentary video "Gulag USA" covers this threat in great detail.
1. Join Weston Price Foundation if you're not already a member- its free to join their local chapters, but if you want to get their very imformative quarterly journal there is a membership fee to join the Foundation proper.

2. Oppose the FDA's NDI Guidance Document which threatens to destroy our access to dieatary supplements. Go here, very easy to fight this!!

3. Learn how to optimize your cellular health by reversing glycation. Learn how to optimize the health of your enterocyte cells (the cells that line the walls of your small intestines). When your enterocytes are healthy, the microvilli which absorb all nutrients from your food and supplements can properly do their job, and THAT in turn can make ALL your cells optimally healthy! By learning to do this you can reverse life long allergies, eliminate depression, and a host of other medical problems.

By learning to do this along with learning how to successfully address blood sugar issues you can effortlessly lose weight (I lost 65 pounds, and kept myself from becoming diabetic. I also cured myself of horrible allergies and depression! I need your ongoing help to keep IAHF going, and you need me for information like this. Lets work together to help each other in these dark times. Together, we CAN overcome the forces of darkness which seek to grind the life out of us.
For a $25. donation I'll email you a wave file of the "Salish Sea Barnacle Busters" advertising jingle. It came to me spontaneously at 3 am while soaking in epsome salts in the bathtub and I sang it into my girlffriends magic jack which converted it to a wav file that she emailed me. Listening to it will put a smile on your face! Listening to it will make you laugh out loud!

For $50. or more (more please if you can afford to send more) I'll send you a detailed report on how you can reverse gut dysbiosis (leaky gut syndrome) so as to optimally be able to absorb the food you eat and the supplements you ingest. This helped me overcome life long allergies and depression.
I'll also teach you my blood sugar secrets, how to ditch hypoglycemia and all the moodswings that come from faulty blood sugar once and for all!  Your donations will help me pay for the websites connected to IAHF (3 of them) and to constantly expand our reach so that more people will help us fight back. Your donations will help me get to DC on an emergency basis as needed in the coming year to fight the FDA.

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