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 Exhibition & Conference for SEE: 11-13 March 2015, Bulgaria
If you are looking for distributors, agents or employees in Bulgaria you can take  advantage of our free service 'Exhibitors are looking for Distributors / Collaborators'.
Joining the Exhibition, you will receive client module access which will provide you the opportunity to post easily your message. It will be uploaded on the event website in the section ‘Companies are looking for distributors / collaborators’.
A special section in the e-catalogue 'Exhibitors looking for business partners in SEE' provides information about the Balkan countries in which the Exhibitor is looking for partners.
  Organizer: +359 32/512 900
  Parallel Events:
   EE & RE
Cleantech is a new business sector which takes on the social, economic and ecological challenges of the 21st century by utilising and continually improving clean technologies. Cleantech encompasses technologies, processes, goods and services designed to reduce impact on the environment and to enable the sustainable use of natural resources and systems. Cleantech can be applied to all sectors of commerce and industry and through the entire value chain.
Cleantech includes the following segments: Air and Environment, Energy Efficiency, Energy Production, Energy Transportation and Storage, Mobility, Recycling and Waste, Site Remediation, Water and Wastewater, etc.
Tehnica Instalatiilor” is a specialized magazine, having a free of charge distribution nationally, with 11 issues/year and a circulation of 15.000 samples.
It offers complete information from sanitary, gases, heating, climatization, refrigeration, electricity, automation, safety buildings techniques, fire protection and work protection techniques.
Quarterly Smart Grids Polska is published since March 2012. It is the first magazine in Poland, which moving themes of smart grids (electricity, gas, water, heat). Magazine was based on The magazin includes the following topics: smart grid, smart metering, ICT systems, smart lighting, smart cities, energy efficiency, distributed generation, electric vehicle etc. Distribution channels: sales of subscriptions or individual copies, direct mail, trade fairs, conferences and training.
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